Fashion Mixology: 8 Outfits from 8 Pieces

Fashion mixologyHi friends! It's time for a brand new round of Fashion Mixology styled by Emma! The concept is simply this… We take 8 pieces of clothing and make 8 different looks with those pieces. Shoes and accessories don't count. The goal of this feature is to inspire confidence and ideas to stretch your wardrobe farther!  

ONEWho doesn't love a statement piece that's super easy to wear? This printed maxi skirt goes a long way when paired with other neutral pieces. 
TWOHave you tried a belt over an untucked top? We love this easy styling! 
THREEIn the winter we love finding new ways to wear our sleeveless dresses. One of our favorites is by layering a top underneath and wearing it with warm tights. It's like an instant long sleeve dress!  
FOURWearing a dress as a top (or a skirt) is a secret we love for stretching cute dresses farther! You wouldn't have guessed it's a dress under there, would you?  
FIVERain boots and cute tights make any outfit instantly casual! This is the perfect styling for a rainy shopping day with friends.  
SIXTry layering your blouses under fitted sweaters with jeans. We love this super easy outfit!  
SEVENOne styling trick we love is adding one quirky detail to an outfit. These stripe socks with flats make us smile! 
EIGHTDon't forget that you can wear a long skirt as a dress. Just fold the elastic band under (inside) and add a cute belt!  

We hope you've enjoyed these 8 styling ideas! If you want to read more Fashion Mixology click here: 123 Have a great day! Emma + Elsie

Outfit Details (each item worn is only listed the first time it appears): Look 1- Top c/o ModCloth, Skirt/ModCloth (no longer available), Shoes/Jessica Simpson Collection, Sunnies/H&M Look 2- Top/Threadsence, Skirt/American Apparel, Headband/Our design-coming soon! Shoes c/o Spotted Moth, Look 3- Dress c/o ModCloth, Clogs c/o Lotta From Stockholm, Look 4- Dress c/o ModCloth, Clogs c/o Lotta From Stockholm, Clutch/Red Velvet, Look 5- Boots/Hunter, Tights/TopShop, Hat c/o American Apparel, Look 6- Sweater c/o Ruche, Jeans/Jessica Simpson Collection, Satchel c/o ModCloth, Look 7- Socks/J.Crew, Shoes c/o ModCloth, Look 8- Scarf/DIY here. XO! 

  • Love layers. Look one is my fav! Black and white maxi… amazing! Five is fun 🙂

  • Great post!
    Love the last outfit. Cute skirt/dress and nice combination with the scarf!

    xx Sari

  • The Red Velvet chevron clutch is such a great statement bag!

    The Dreamer x

  • so glad to have discovered your blog! it’s lovely! and i am dying to check out your nutella cookie recipe i see below! keep up the awesome job. i am feeling simply visually fulfilled today 🙂

  • Lovely outfits and great tips! I’m going on a trip this spring and I just might try doing a post similar to this. 🙂

  • Love how so many of your style posts include your Hunter wellies! I love my hunter’s and think i’m going to try mixing them up with tights and a dress rather than jeans this weekend as i’m almost positive it’s going to rain 😀 x


  • I really like the high heels in the first picture. I like the maxi skirt but I feel like the blouse is a bit much. Very cool article. liking the looks a lot.

  • When I saw Emma in #6 I thought she looked so much prettier than I have ever seen her in past fashion posts. Then I saw #8 and I thought the same thing. Good one Emma. Such simplicity suits you, In my humble opinion.

  • Love these posts! Thanks for these useful fashion tips. I’ve never thought to wear a long skirt as a dress but I’m keen to try it!

  • I love Emma’s styling. She is just darling. xo, rv

  • Every single one of these is so pretty! Gaaah! Gorgeous outfits!

    Much love, Vivi

  • “Have you tried a belt over an untucked top?”
    HAHA. Your ideas are so new and inspiring!

  • these fashion mixology posts are starting to be my new favorites! i love all these ideas and the fact that it inspires so many new options with my neverending love of clothes.

  • Lovely lovely outfits! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Great looks you look so pretty Emma.

    My favourite is number 2 can’t wait for the RVA headband

    Nicolette xo

  • LOVE THIS POST! It is so super creative…the styling and photography is amazing!

    you are so talented!

    I think you would like my Valentine inspired video…



  • You ladies are the reason I started wearing shirts over dresses…and what a life changing discovery! It’s always the most unlikely combinations that get the most compliments.

    mary rose

  • my favs are six so casual mall outfit..& 3 for a date great pieces

  • Outfit number six is totally my style. I love these looks and Emma makes a fantastic model! The shoes in look 2 are great also!

  • I love these ideas!!!! Thank sooo much for sharing!!!!


  • I’m pretty much in love with the graphic maxi skirt. I think the maxi will be my go-to easy look for spring

  • I’ve been trying to do this for almost a year, and I’ve been documenting the results. I’ve done the dress as skirt thing (yay layers!) but not the other way around, hmmm.

  • So many great ideas here. I love the maxi skirt in picture one. And I also love it as a dress!!! What a brilliant idea.

  • I love these posts and all the different layering ideas! keep ’em comin!

  • I think that this is my favorite Mixology thus far. I love how different black and white and neutrals can go. These looks are all so unique and different. It’s amazing to think they’re made with only eight separates.

  • Oh, Elsie! I am SO in love with your DIYs, your photos, your recipes, your decorating skills, your wedding, your outfits, your photographs, your tips…
    I am IN LOVE with this blog, thank you SO SO much. Count on me because I will always come here to see the great things you share with us ♥

    PS: I am totally going to do the pinhole camera.

  • I love number six! I’m a sucker for yellow, stripes, and sweaters!


  • That black pleated skirt looks EXACTLY like the one I bought from Jason Wu for Target on Sunday!

  • I really must try doing something like this with my clothing 🙂 thanks for being so inspiring, ladies!

  • Cute ideas.. I have so many signature pieces that get thrown around a variety of outfits

  • I love combination four: the mix of horizontal stripes on the shirt and chevron on the clutch! And the subtle vertical lines of the accordion skirt! Very well put together, I’m going digging in my closet for contrasting stripes!

  • Thanks for sharing these styling ideas!!!

  • The first look is so GREAT! Eeek. I love that high bun and Emma is rocking that striped dress! Love it. Time to go get dressed…


  • This is my favorite mixology yet! I love how Emma selected many similar colors and patterns to layer together – ingenious!

    <3 christen

  • I looove this part of your blog. Extra inspiring! I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to wear my clothes too. The best part is: yours are always so colourful and playful. Thanks to you, I am officially in love with colourful stockings. Have no luck in finding them for myself yet, though. Thanks for the lovely post ♥ Can’t wait to read more lovely ideas 😉

  • I LOVE the last outfit! I never thought about pairing a striped scarf with more stripes like that, but it looks awesome!


  • Gorgeous! I am tied between 3 and 5 as to which is my favorite, layering is kind of an obsession for me and I love turning my skirts into dresses when I need a quick new way to wear something! Thanks ladies!

  • I’m loving all the black + white stripes!!! They are my favorite right now! I have a few stripe pieces picked out. Thanks for all the ideas.

  • Thank you!!!! This is very inspiring. It makes me want to go change clothes right now.

  • I love #8! Emma is so pretty! I also love the black and whites thrown together with little pops of color from accessories.
    Gonna try this with my closet!


  • I love these posts! I think I’m gonna have to try this with pieces in my closet…thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • These outfits are great !!!! The other day searching for something interesting to do found a block of silkpainting :
    There you can find how to make silk scarves!!! I tried it and it works and combined with your ideas i’m sure that I will be able to have a complete personalized outfit… I like the outfits…and now I have even more ideas in order to improve my habilities. Kisses and thanks for the odeas…will follow you !!!!

  • Those shoes that Emma is wearing in the second picture are soooo amazing, and I love the yellow and white stripe sweater….great pics, thanks for sharing!

    xx Ashleigh

  • Love the bold black and white! Thanks for sending a little style inspiration my way. Boy do I need it! It may be time to put away the sweats and give myself a SPICY MAMA makeover 😉

  • I love this. I am so guilty of layering different pieces with sundresses when it’s chillier out, but this makes me feel more confident in my choices.

    And bonus: I’ve always wanted to wear some skirts as dresses and never had the confidence to do it in public. Thanks for the booster.


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