Fashion Mixology: 8 Outfits from 8 Pieces

Fashion MixologyHey guys, guess what? It's time for another round of Fashion Mixology! If you haven't read our mixology posts before, the concept is this: We take 8 pieces of clothing and make 8 different looks with those pieces. Shoes and accessories don't count. The goal of this feature is to inspire confidence and ideas to stretch your wardrobe farther! It can be easy to wear items the same way every time, so we try to find ways to spice up our wardrobe. For this edition we partnered with ShopSosie, who sent us four of the beautiful pieces featured!Fashion Mixology 1-2Look One/ This time of year I love finding ways to add a shirt or thin jacket to an outfit. As hot as it is outside it can get super cold inside restaurants or movie theaters; making this added layer a summer staple. Look Two/ I love all the pretty sorbets and jewel toned colors of this season! Don't be afraid to mix color palettes. Fashion Mixology 3-4Look Three/ I love love this cute trench style dress. Pairing it with bright statement shoes gives it a pop of color and a little more interest, even this is the simple styling. Look Four/ Adding on a layer of lace can give a dress a more laid back feel while staying feminine and fresh.Fashion Mixology 5-6Look Five/ Try tying a small knot in your front shirt tails. This is one 90s trend that I am so glad I tried again. 🙂 Look Six/ Trying wearing a fitted pencil skirt as a sleeveless top. This may not work with every skirt but I love finding completely new ways to wear an item of clothing. Add a belt if you want a more defined waistline. Fashion Mixology 7-8Look Seven/ This is how I plan to transition my trench dress and mint jeans into the upcoming autumn season. My trench dress can pull double duty as a faux jacket. And by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral you can keep wearing your favorite pastel pieces on into the fall. Look Eight/ Don't be a afraid of a little matchy matchy. Ha! I was surprised by how much my blouse matched my sandals. I, apparently, really like this color. 🙂 Didn't get enough? Check out all our past Mixology's in our archives.

Outfit details: Mint Dress (look 1+2), Trench Dress (look 3+7), Mint Jeans (look 2,6,7), Jewel Tone Blouse (look 2+8), Chambray Blouse (look 1+7)/thrifted, Brown Sandals (look 1) c/o ModCloth, Brown purse (look 1)/ Steve Madden, Nude Wedges (look 2+4) c/o BC Footwear, Red Platforms (look 3) c/o ModCloth, Nude Hat (look 4)/H&M, Gold Fringe Necklace (look 4) c/o Francesca's, Lace Cardigan (look 4)/UO, B&W Sheer Blouse (look 5)/TopShop, Turquoise Ring (look 5)/vintage, Silver Hasbeens (look 5+7) c/o Olivine, White Pencil Skirt (look 5, 6, 8)/UO, Gold Belt (look 6)/thrifted, Golden Double Necklace (look 6) c/o Junam, Black and Gold Necklace (look 8) c/o House of Harlow 1960.

  • I absolutely love the splash of colour you mix with your pieces great work P.S Love your blog 🙂

  • I love knotting my button downs at the waist! In future mixology posts, It would be nice to see each piece individually before seeing them all put together… just a suggestion 🙂

  • I was wondering if you could share with us your design and creation process.

  • wow this made me realize how simple it is to switch up your wardrobe…especially when i have well over 8 items in my closet

  • Excellent mixology, you’ve made a great effort to put these looks together and great styling!

  • I always liked the trench coat. Be it the dresses or the actual coat; long or short. I like lace but I fear I’m much too picky about the lace design. XD

  • i really love 1, 5, 6 and 8!
    so cool

  • I love outfit number four, that lacey cardigan is gorgeous, so perfect for summer xx

  • These outfits are PERFECT! i love the blouse in picture 2! So cute!

  • I need to look thru my closet and see what pieces I can do this with.

  • Mint is one of my favorite trends this season! That red blouse is beautiful too. I love all the mix and matched looks!


  • All so different but so cute! Love it!

  • Love the color choices. I love inventing new ways to wear something.

  • I’m not really a commenter on a popular blog kinda girl buuuuuuut, just wanted to say that I’m loving your personal blogs! SO real, so encouraging… totally get the no need for comments too. Also, Emma- you recently posted about time priorities and how to use hours in the day and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. It was so great (doesn’t even describe it) to read about someone else who thinks the same way I have been lately.

    Rock on, sisters! xo

  • Bellissima…!!! Scatti perfetti…!!!


  • Looks Five and Six are my absolute favorite. Totally smoking! I would wear both of those looks and know I was the cat’s pajamas.

  • The 1st one! I love it
    xoxo luisella

  • Love it – so creative! x

    Kate {Modette}

  • I need to grab some pieces from my wardrobe and do this exercise. I love the idea behind it and it makes me think of free people’s dressing room series…which I LOVE! Very inspiring…kinda like shopping in your own closet..who doesn’t love that?!

  • I love this! I might try to do something like this in the future, looks like it would be so much fun! Love the one with the black and white shirt!

  • I love these sooo much! It’s so fun trying different combinations and even wearing certain items in unexpected ways! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • nice blog xx :))

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  • I LOVE when you guys do these Fashion Mixology pieces. They always give me such great inspirations. I love the way that you made the skirt the top. Great idea!


  • Oh what a great idea… it helps me so much… I just needed to figure out how to mix better my clothes or what to buy without so much money. Thanks 🙂

  • You both have such lovely fair skin, and you are obviously very comfortable in it. I am also of the fair-skinned persuasion, however I live in a college town where the M.O. is to fake bake the living crap out of your skin until you look like a piece of luggage. I have no desire to look like that, but I still have a hard time feeling confident in my fair skin, so I cover it up most of the time- jeans year round, long skirts, etc. Is there any sort of trick to feeing comfortable in fair skin? Did you have a breakthrough moment? It seems like every time I work up my courage and tell myself I look cute, some d-bag makes a comment about how pale my legs are and I feel completely unattractive. Anyone have any advice?

  • LOVE this! I hadn’t seen any of your fashion mixology posts before! Wonderful! I’m always trying to make sure that when I buy a new item I’ll be able to wear it with a variety of my wardrobe. Fabulous!

  • Love all these looks!
    But my favorite is number four!
    It’s so sweet and girly. So lovely~

  • Love all the looks – so pretty 🙂

  • I love these sooo much! It’s so fun trying different combinations and even wearing certain items in unexpected ways! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I’ve been working on down sizing my closet…doing more with less. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • These are so gorgeous! Two and four are my favourites. 🙂

  • Love the striped top! I remember watching an old eighties vid of a lady who did this with six pieces – she made dozens of outfits. It was fantastic, and the styles were hilarious! Anyway, love the post!

  • LOVE the shirt in look 2 and 10!!! so cute love the mint skinny jeans too!!

  • Love love love mixology outfit #6!!! & I really love the eye-popping bright red of the shirt in outfits 2/8!!


  • I adore that last look, and I love knotting my shirts at the waist! Great remix 🙂

  • Three, five, and eight are definitely my favourites! And those mint jeans are starting to grow on me a bit.

    Also loving the lace cardigan you’ve got!

  • Love the trench dress!

  • A skirt worn as a top!? ‘Kay I’m off digging in my closet to find a skirt that will work for this as soon as I’ve pushed send! Love these mixology posts you guys do.


  • These are so lovely! I am in love with the outfits that Emma puts together. They are so careful and beautiful. Love that black&white blouse. Favorite.


  • Love this!
    I’m doing this same thing on my blog this week, on Sunday I chose 4 pieces and am posting a new look (with these 4 items) every day this week! That’s 4 items for 7 outfits! 🙂


  • That trench dress is fantastic!


  • I love these posts. The trench dress is awesome!!

    Pleat dress www.Miss

  • What great outfits! I love that you can save money and still look totally fresh each day. And I just did a post on my blog with all of my finds while thrifting, take a look on my blog if you can!

  • I absolutely love the mint green dress. I’m always looking for ways to re-wear pieces, because I always feel like I re-wear an outfit 5 times.

  • Love the trench dress. So different but super versatile.


  • I love the mint dress with the lace over it! So flirty and fun!

    xoxo Sarah

  • This is awesome! I can see even more outfit possibilities with these amazing pieces.

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