Fashion Mixology: 8 Outfits From 8 Pieces

Fashion MixologyWe're excited to see Katie's Mixology today! If you haven't read our mixology posts before, the concept is this: We take 8 pieces of clothing and make 8 different looks with those pieces. Shoes and accessories don't count. The goal of this feature is to inspire confidence and ideas to stretch your wardrobe farther! It can be easy to wear items the same way every time, so we try to find ways to spice up our wardrobe. For this edition we teamed up with with Ruche. Katie received four beautiful items that she mixed in with pieces from her own closet. Let's see how she styled everything:Fashion mixology via A Beautiful MessLook One// My favorite way to warm up an outfit during the chillier months is to throw an oversized sweater over a skirt or dress. It looks cute and keeps you warm.

Look Two// This is a great look for date night. I tied a button up shirt over a high-waisted sparkle skirt and threw in a pattered clutch to make it more playful. Adorable fashion mixology via A Beautiful MessLook Three// A great way to stretch your wardrobe is to layer a dress over another dress. Here, the striped dress is layered under the jumper dress. Add a bright pair of tights for a nice little burst of color.

Look Four// This is a great look for a party or gathering with friends. The sequined shirt really dresses up the skirt, and the polka dots keep it fun. Lovely fashion mixology via A Beautiful messLook Five// A belted shirt over a dress is another way to add interest to an outfit. I like to dress up quite a bit, so this is right up my alley.

Look Six// Here the pencil skirt is pulled up as a dress with an oversized sweater layered over it. You could also wear a blazer over the skirt to show off more of the dress. I love the heart tights and aqua satchel to dress this look down and make it more casual. Adorable fashion mixologyLook Seven// This outfit would be great for a coffee date with a girlfriend. The hat and tights make the shirt and skirt work even on chilly days.

Look Eight// A comfy dress layered over jeans with booties is my go-to for shopping days. I like to stay casual while I shop-til-I-drop.

Outfit details: Polka dot skirt (looks 1, 4, & 7), ModCloth. Striped dress (looks 3, 5, & 8). Sweater (looks 1 & 6), Gap. Jumper Dress, Urban Outfitters. Button up shirt (looks 1, 2, & 7). Pencil Skirt (looks 2 & 6). Sequin shirt (looks 4 & 5). Clutch, Red Velvet. Yellow & Blue satchels (looks 1 & 6), c/o ModCloth. Black bag (look 5), Dillards. Brown bag (look 8), Adele Shop. Red clogs (look 1), Lotta. Booties (looks 7 & 8), Minnetonka. Lace up boots (look 3), Minnetonka. White heels (look 6), Swedish Hasbeens. Brown Oxfords (looks 2 & 5), Elf. Maroon Wedges (Look 4), Jeffrey Campbell. Glasses, BonLook. Felt Hat (look 3), Marshalls. Knit Hat (look 7), thrifted. Hair Scarf (look 2), vintage.

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