Fashion Mixology: 8 Outfits from 8 Pieces

Fashion mixologyWe're so excited to share a new round of Fashion Mixology with you today! The concept is simply this… We take 8 pieces of clothing and make 8 different looks with those pieces. Shoes and accessories don't count. The goal of this feature is to inspire confidence and ideas to stretch your wardrobe farther! Here are links to Round One + Round Two as well. Here goes nothing… 

Wardrobe mixology ONEFor this first look I wore a bomber jacket over a lace maxi dress. This is my favorite way to make a special dress feel more casual! 
Wardrobe mixology TWODon't be afraid to tie your top. This is one 90s trend that I don't mind one bit! 
Wardrobe mixology THREENext, try mixing up a mini dress with a cardigan and cute cluth. This is one of my favorite casual spring stylings! 
Wardrobe mixology FOURDress up a simple vintage dress with a D.I.Y. Bow Tie
Wardrobe mixology FIVEThe second way I love wearing my high waisted jeans is with a pretty top, tucked in. Layers of necklaces add fun details to this look.  
Wardrobe mixology SIXThe second way I love wearing my little vintage dress is with colorful tights and a skinny belt! 
Wardrobe mixology SEVENTry layering a lace top over a dress and adding a belt for a cozy vintage styling! 
Wardrobe mixology EIGHTAnother fun way to wear a sleeveless maxi dress in the winter is with a top layered under it. I like this look because it's easy to wear and casual. Hooray for eight new looks! 

Clothing Details: Bomber Jacket/Target, Maxi Dress/Lulu's, Polka Dot and Lace Tops/Threadsence, High Waisted Jeans/J.Brand from Anthropologie, Brown Belt/UO, Yellow and Plaid Dress/Vintage, Orange Tights/TopShop, Shoes-Looks 1,2,3,5/Jeffrey Campbell c/o ModCloth, Looks 4,7 c/o Lotta From Stockholm, Looks 6,8/Vintage. 

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  • What a great post. I love to read and learn about mixology and how to use the pieces in your wardrobe over and over again. Love this inspiration!

  • Love to see these mixes. It’s so fun to play with clothes like this, you really come up with something different or something you didn’t think of before.

  • I have a teenage daughter and I think I’ll get her to check out your site. She’d love some of the “looks” you’ve developed. She is also quite an independent thinker.
    Thank you


  • What an awesome way to really maximize essential pieces of your wardrobe. I would love to do something like this on my blog [giving credit to you of course:)] Love the blog!

    Peace & love,

    Angel Renee’

  • I love all the looks but I have to congratulate you on the tied top 80’s look. You pulled it off elegantly ! You’ve inspired me to try the same 🙂

  • I like #5 the best! I can’t say I’d wear most of these though..most people are conservative where I live and they would probably ask me to change. But I love the color and the mixing of prints..I love being daring-no matter what people say!

  • I love all the mixes! It saves a lot of money when you can get creative with a certain number of pieces and mix them in different ways!

  • Hi Elsie, Mrs H and I just love your style, you are truly an inspiration, I am wearing you modcloth locket in my post today, I hope you get time to pop over and meet me and Mrs H, lots of love from New Zealand, Mrs C x

  • Lovely outfits!
    I like how you alternated items to make a gorgeous and unique collection!


  • I love that lace top paired with the jeans! I could probably feel comfortable in that!

    Maria xx

  • I love your mixology feature! I’ve missed it. Look 3 and 8 are ones I do the most. I didn’t even think to layer necklaces so thanks for the idear!

  • Also, I’m pretty sure those jeans are amazing and don’t make you look “fat”! That’s silly. you look amazingly curvy and gorgeous 🙂

  • I love the dress with the belt! I am all about belts, boots, and scarves! Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  • i love look 3!!!! sooo cute! the lace top is gorgeous too!!!! LoVe your blog


  • I love this feature. Sometimes when I wear tops over dresses I feel frumpy. I don’t know why. It looks so cute on other people. xo, rv

  • Polka dots, lace, and vintage dresses! All of these outfits are getting me so excited for spring! You look fabulous in each one of them! Excited for the next mixology

  • I’m always SO inspired by your pattern mixing. Also, can I honestly say I think you’re the prettiest girl ever? 🙂

  • Thank you for introducing me to the idea of wearing sweaters/blouses over dresses to mix up the look! I’ve become a huge fan of that look, and am definitely bookmarking this post– great fashion inspiration~*

  • I love this idea. I have a tendency to wear the same pieces in the same way every time. I need to mix it up a little.

  • Wow so many possibilities!! Lovely and very inspirational!! =)

    (New blog needing some love and support:

  • AHH! I love how fun these outfits are. Some of them never even occurred to me before. Your ideas are so cute and creative. 🙂 I am definitely looking forward to trying the first and seventh look 🙂

  • I bet you hear this all the time..but I love your style! So quirky 🙂
    Valentina de Pertis

  • I’ve been tying tons of my button-up tops lately! Such a cute look with jeans and skirts!

  • I love your sheer polka-dot top, I have been on the hunt for one for a while now! I was inspired when I saw someone wearing one under a bulky wool sweater.


  • I am so much in love with those jeffrey campbells ♥ every time you wear them in one of your outfit posts I swoon over them!

  • i love look number five, it’s casual and classy at the same time. I often do number 6: i love colour too much 😉

  • Loved all the looks, I’d probably wear every single one of them! Though the lil dress with cardigan, lil dress with coloured tights and the bowtie with a dress are my fave… *seriously just saying 3 there was hard o.O maybe I should’ve just said I loved them all and left it at that haha*

    Great post and fashion sense!

  • love all the outfits, especially the one with the lace top OVER the dress, lovelovelove!! xx Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  • great looks. i especially love look number 6.

  • Everything looks so fabulous! I love the cute dress with belt and cardigan as well as the bow tie on a cute dress!


  • I love this, and each outfit is so unique. I hate thinking if I reuse a piece of an outfit people will think “Didn’t she just wear that” but these are an amazing mix!.

  • 2, 5 and 7 are my favourites, i love these posts!!


  • I love just about anything with a polka dot or chevron pattern. Beautiful!

  • I love high waisted jeans! Win. Win. Win.
    All great looks!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Savannah Marie

  • Love the looks! That mini dress is darling!

  • all the outfits look great but my favorite are the first one and the sixth one =)

  • i´m sorry, but i think these trousers make you look “fat”(ter) and short.

    better stick to your cute dresses, gal!


  • The plaid dress is adorable! Some lovely ideas that I can’t wait to try. Thank you. x

  • My eyes always go to the purple stockings! What a sweet-as-can-be series of photos… fun fun.

  • Thankyou, i love the bow idea and i love highwaist flair jeans, it’s hard to find the fit one for me.

  • You have such a fantastic sense of style. I love to see all your looks.

  • Whatever. Those jeans make you look hot, hot, hot!

    I can understand critiquing someone’s style on their blog, but going after their (perfectly adorable) body? Real classy, troll.

  • I love the flared jeans! I have a pair that I am always way to scared to wear! Thanks for all the great fashion ideas!!

  • These are fun and clever. Love what you did with that already awesome mini dress. I also love the wedge heels you wear in most of these.

  • I am loving jumpers over dresses at the minute, a great alternative to cardigans and much warmer! Even lovlier if the dress has a little collar, my other current obessesion! going to be doing some blogging about it soon on Sallytangle.

    Love all these!!!

    Sal xxx

  • Look #3 is my fav, but lose the clutch. I love mixing prints, but not like that!

    And to counter anna’s comment, I think the jeans make you look sexy curvy!

  • Amazing how each look is completely different.

    A jewelry blog.

  • I’m also a big fan of knotting/tying my tops! 🙂

  • The colorful tights outfit is adorable! I love it!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • This is so fun! I love when you have a big smile. My fave look is the first one. I love a good bomber jacket matched with something a little feminine.


  • Super cute ideas!!! I LOVE your style ♥ I’m so ready for Spring outfits. It’s been so warm here lately!

  • i read your blog every day and love it! i think you look like zoey deschanel meets minnie driver. 🙂

  • Oooh, each look is so adorable! I saw your Instagram of this and was just itching to see all the outfits in greater detail!

    Now Spring just needs to hurry it up and get here… 😉

  • Ah, I’m in such desperate need of a bomber jacket! Love all these looks.

    x Michelle |

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