Faux Fur + Flannel Blanket DIY

Faux Fur + Flannel Blanket DIYMallory created this extra cozy faux fur and flannel blanket for Emma's living room. We're in love with the result. It's super warm and cozy. Here's how you can make your own: 

To make this blanket we got two yards of white faux fur that was 58” wide. The backing we chose is buffalo check flannel, because it’s extra warm and cozy. But it was only 44” wide, so we doubled the yardage to 4. Make sure you hold the fur up on top of the backing to make sure it won’t show through. When you get home re-cut the top and bottom edges straight, because fabric store cutters aren’t always perfectionists. The fur seems a little daunting to cut and sew, but there are a few tips to keep the mess to a minimum.

First, you want to trim the fur off the outside 1/2” all the way around to make your seam allowance less bulky and much easier to sew. Second, keep a spray bottle of water or non-toxic cleaner nearby to spray the fur you cut off.  This will keep the fur from flying around the room when you clean it up. To make the back piece the same width as the fur I cut off two yards of the flannel and seamed the two halves down the middle. Then I trimmed it to the size of the fur, keeping the seam centered. With the fuzzy side of the fur and the good side of the seamed back facing each other, I sewed the two pieces together all the way around leaving an 8” gap on one side. Trim the corners of the seam allowance, getting close to the stitching without cutting into it. Then reach inside the gap and turn the blanket right side out. Make sure the corners are pushed all the way out, then hand sew the hole closed by hand.Faux Fur + Flannel Blanket DIY We hope you have a cozy day! xoxo. 

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