Faux Gold Bookends

Faux Gold Bookends! Click through for the full tutorial!Hi it's Sarah Sherman Samuel here again from Smitten Studio & A Sunny Afternoon with a gilded bookend DIY. I have been coveting this vintage pen & pencil holder which inspired this inexpensive project that came to my mind when I was once again perusing the aisles of my local hardware store. I was able to pull together all of the supplies there for this functional and sculptural piece.

Bookend DIY (click through for full tutorial)Supplies needed for 2 Bookends: Two 2' PVC pipe with 1.25" diameter // Two 2' PVC pipe with 1" diameter // Mitre Box & Saw // 400 grit sandpaper // electric drill // gold spray paint // 20(ish) – #4-40 Machine Screws 3/4" long + matching nuts.Bookend DIY (click through for full tutorial)Step 1: Using the Mitre box and Saw (or if you are lucky and have an electric reciprocating saw, you might save yourself a blister or two) cut the 1" PVC pipe to make 3 pieces that measure 1", 4", & 5.25". Cut the 1.25" PVC pipe into 4 pieces that measure 1.25', 2.5", 4.5" & 6" (image 1).

Step 2: Sand the pieces of pipe down to remove any rough pieces of plastic that were left from the saw as well as to prep it for paint (The pvc is really smooth and if you don't sand it all over the paint won't really stick).   

Step 3. Spray paint all the pieces (image 2).

Step 3: Drill holes 1/4" from the bottom of each pipe wherever you want to make a connection with another pipe. (image 3).

Step 4: Thread the machine screw through the drilled hole from the inside of one pipe (image 4) and out into another. Secure the connection by screwing on the nut on the inside of the sec on pipe. 

Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all of the pieces are used.Bookend DIY (click through for full tutorial)Bookend DIY (click through for full tutorial)Voila, enjoy your new bookends! They'd make pretty cool candle holders as well.  xo Sarah

 Credits // Author and Photography: Sarah Sherman Samuel 

  • Totally cute for the kitchen cookbooks that I just keep hidden in a drawer. This would be the perfect way to showcase them!


  • So creative! It looks beautiful- I would never think it’s DIY based on the pictures. Love it.

  • I do not have an addictive personality. Well………….I didn’t have an addictive personality till I started following you girls!! I swear, I think I have to make everything you show! lol Great ideas and such fun! BTW, I am probably old enough to be your grandmother. This whole blog thing is the best tech *invention* yet. A great way to stay connected and up on the world! Thanks so much!

  • That looks so awesome…
    I though they were just those pencil and bit and pieces holders that you can buy from Office Works that look just like that but painted gold?
    Thats what I’m going to do anyway but thanks for the idea!!

  • Love these, I dint have the materials to make unfortunately, I need a nice bookend!

  • What a great idea! It looks so good! xx


  • So cute and creative. I love this. Gives it just the right amount of chic-ness with still some lived in vintage vibe. Perfection.

  • Obsessed!! So pretty! Great idea.

    xo Denise

  • I love these! Very pretty bookends. I’d even love them around the house as a vase! If I could seal the bottom somehow…..

  • Those are great! I’m obsessing over gold these days and those bookends would really liven up any living room.


  • These are so super cute. I love that once they are painted you can’t tell that they were ever PVC!

  • PVC pipe glue would simplify the project further, but use it in a well ventilated space. Ready set cement in the pipes half way would provide enough weight to hold heavy books as well. Awesome project, can’t wait to try it.

  • love love love these!! book storage is a problem in my home and I’m constantly looking for fun ways to display them!



  • these look absolutely fantastic sarah!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • You can also get a simple pipe cutter at Home Depot that spins around the pipe for quick and easy cuts. Search for “tubing cutter”, they are around $15.

    Now I want to try this with brass tubing!

  • These look so chic and 20’s – I LOVE THEM! Thanks for another great post > http://www.electricsoiree.com

  • These remind me soooo much of my old pencil/pen organiser when I was a kid! Anyone else know the ones I mean?! But naturally this is a much more glam and gold version!! :p Lovely work!

  • Very nice! It looks like the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland (which is where I am from)!!

  • So classic yet stylish!


  • This is amazing, never would have thought to do such a creative experiment with tubes! xx


  • That is really so creative and Ilike it. Nice idea. Till now I use something other a big one. because I have maaany books and a heavy too. Sis you try it with a more, heavyer and a bigger books. Thanx for info and have a nice day.


  • These are such awesome gold accents. I’m not sure if I’m handy enough to make them though! haha


  • I’m a musician, so of course the first thing I think is “Pipe organ!” 🙂

  • Oh my gosh!! These are too cute!!! Love this idea!!!
    Thanks as always!!


  • oh, the many things you can create with PVC pipe! i love this idea – gold anything is a hit.


  • I love these! Gold is my favorite. I’m bookmarking these, though i may need a handy-person to help me out as I’m not so great with tools.

    x Haley



  • This is such a lovely idea! And I personally am totally addicted to gold! I think many things in the world look better when they are gold 😀

    Lots of love!

  • Check the clearance at your fave Target — Nate Berkus has something very similar only they’re squares!

  • So sweet! Such a lovely piece! And the gold is a marvelous touch! Thanks for sharing!


  • I adore these – so chic and unexpected! If they were painted green, they’d look like little tiny Emerald Cities. 🙂

  • Oh my gosh I just love this! I need to make some myself!

  • I love golden accents in a home. These are perfect!!

    Samantha // samanthaheather.blogspot.com

  • I love it, this is such a great idea!
    I’ve been totally obsessed with gold lately!

    Thanks for sharing!
    xo sarah.

  • Good heavens, these are lovely! Elegant but very simple. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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