.faux photos & team lovely.

hihihi. here are some peeks at new stuff for the update tomorrow morning. first of all, the new kit! i am just going to share one little element of it. it’s a “10 things I Love About You” kit and it includes these adorable journaling spots made from instant photos! These look exactly like real photos, but they are actually reproductions with a matte finish so they are easy to write on with any pen! We switched to a new print shop this past week and are soooo happy with the new paper selection we have to choose from. Pretty lush.


The color story for this kit is a TON of black and white with splashes of yellow, pea green and aqua. This kit really makes me want to scrapbook. I can’t wait to show you my sample book.

TEAM-LOVELY-5 (sooo cute when you write on them) 

IMG_3641  IMG_3642excited!


Team-lovely i started a brand new series of paintings that will be a huge & very fun project… here’s the idea. i am going to make 100 pretty girl paintings. each one will be unique and adorable. some are inspired by real life people and some are completely fictional (secrets). each comes unnamed with a Team Lovely certificate. It will be a fun collectors series. Miss Erin and I are going to keep track of where each Team Lovely girl gets shipped off to and mark the globe with 100 little hearts as we go! I’m excited!! More details soon, but the girls pictured above will all be available at 10 AM CST tomorrow for the update. 

Things are really exciting and inspired here this week. Magic is in the air. XOXO. elsie

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