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Hand Stamped ToteI am of the opinion you can never have too many tote bags. I use them for hauling groceries, carrying books from the library or just as a purse. They are so versatile! Here's how I made this hand-stamped quote bag: DIY Tote Bag1. Supplies: blank tote bag, leather strips (mine were 1"x23"), scissors or a seam ripper, letter stamps, and fabric paint. 2. Remove the existing straps with a seam ripper or pair of scissors. Sew the cut leather strips onto the outside with a sewing machine. 3. Choose a favorite quote—mine is a quote from Marilyn Monroe. Write it out so you have a reference.  Brush the paint onto the stamps and begin stamping your quote. I ended up using smaller stamps than I originally intended since my quote was pretty long. 4. Let the paint dry and you're all done!  Hand Stamped Quote Tote BagFavorite Quote ToteHappy stamping!  xo. Katie

  • it’s a lovely bag. It may be my next project. Great inspiration

  • Gorgeous. I love that you added leather straps – just makes it look so much more quirky. x

  • Anything which is made by self will give a great pleasure. The lines quoted on the bag are really true. Life should not be boring 🙂 These kind of printed bags with quotes are of a great demand. Promotional products

  • I love this quote too. I shared your DIY in my blog. www.imperfectjoy.com

    Thanks for the inspiring words and ideas!!

  • Such a great idea! also awesome as a gift for your best friends!


  • that’s a great idea, might try this one day!:-) x

  • This is gorgeous, such a good idea and I bet it didn’t break the bank! Amazing 🙂 xx

  • I’m a recent follower of your blog! Love all your posts so much especially all your DIY’s!

  • Love the stamping idea. I used to make quote tote bags and T-shirts some years ago, but never thought of using stamps. Now I feel inspired to make a tote bag or maybe two… hm, I probably already own one too many (but tote bags are ultimate bag love).

  • You can buy blank tote bags on Etsy. I print them and sell them on Etsy: this is my Etsy shop
    NinaLevett.etsy.com. This is where I bought the blank tote bags: suppliesemho.etsy.com and fongfong98.etsy.com.

  • This is lovely, a great daily reminder bag.


  • Such a lovely quote, thank you for sharing it (it already made it into my top 3)! Also, the bag looks great.

  • Wauw it’s a lovely bag. It may be my next project. Great inspiration 🙂
    Have a nice day ❤

  • love!!

    new lookand place por the weekend here



  • This is such a cute idea! Love the quote and how you used the leather straps.


  • cute bag, the quote is fun I love that it’s not perfectly straight. The leather strap make it more substantial 🙂


  • I love your creativity, but this is not a Marilyn Monroe quote. She never actually said this.

  • Dear, you are so ingenious! It’s so special that and it’s the only one of the world.

  • Lovely tote, and glad you do not have on it that Marilyn said this, because she didn’t. Very cool idea.

  • I am definitely going to try this out for a birthday gift. Thanks for sharing this DIY, Katie! 🙂

  • love this idea. i too am of the opinion that one can never own too many totes. a great quote too 🙂

    xo http://www.frombottletobotox.com

  • Amazing! I have done something like that-actually it was handwriting. The best thing is that you have the ability to write eanyything you want-anything that has a special meaning for you.. 🙂


  • I really want to try this. Looks like a great idea!
    Katie xx

  • This looks so fun and easy! Great post. 🙂


  • Omg it looks so cute, but its a good thing she didn’t put Marilyn’s name on this because Marilyn never said that.

    The link below is a great article on clearing up popular misquotes in regards to Marilyn 😉


  • Very cute but I’d never use leather. I’d love to see a vegan version! (And still cute!)

  • Hi there! Just so you are aware, this is not a verifiable Marilyn Monroe quote. It is more likely something that was falsely attributed to her at one time, and just keeps making the rounds on the Internet with her name attached, as there is no documented source of her ever saying these words. I adore your blog, and this is a cute project as usual – but there is a massive amount of Monroe-misinformation out there, so just wanted to clarify.

    Here’s a credible source for clarification on real vs. fake Marilyn quotes:


  • I agree with you that never too many tote bags. I also use them very often when I go shopping or to carry things to work. I love the idea with a quote. I also like drawing on bags with Uni Posca pens.


  • I love this! Here in San Francisco they charge you for bags now. It is better to bring your own when you go shopping. Every store charges you 10 cents for a bag.

  • Love this, especially with the leather straps! Nice touch! I will have to put this on my project to do list! Thanks for sharing, Katie!


  • What a cool idea! I was just curious though,do you think the text would ever fade (after so many washes) or do you think it’d be pretty permanent? Thanks.

  • You read my mind sometimes! I was just thinking about needing a new tote! Now I can have fun when I get it! Great post!

  • I LOVE this idea. My sister and I just restyled a few tote bags with paint. http://thismemorablelife.blogspot.com/2012/12/last-minute-gift-idea-color-blocked.html

    Thanks for the inspiration. Your blog can always make me smile. 🙂 -Katie

  • I love this idea! Where did you get the leather straps?


  • Uoh! Ok… I want to do one like that 😀


  • Such a fabulous DIY lovelies and quite simple too – I will definitly have to attempt making one of these.

    Eda x

  • Oh, I love this! I’ve been wanting to get more into tote bags for the grocery store rather than the 1 million plastic bags the grocery store things you need to carry your groceries! Love!

  • It so PRETTY. Like everything you make! Have you tried screen printing tote bags? It comes out amazingly nice. See here: http://tyskertosa.blogspot.de/2012/11/maker-party-with-jewel.html

  • This is absolutely adorable! Love the replacement with leather straps.

    In other news, we are hosting a handbag sale over at my store, check it: www.girlsnestbestfriend.com

  • This is a brilliant idea! And you’re right, you can’t have too many tote bags.

  • I’ve been thinking about decorating a tote bag for a while now but hadn’t thought about replacing the straps! The leather straps make it look like it’s a designer handbag. Love it!

  • I love this! And couldn’t agree more on never having too many totes. I have them everywhere!

  • I love the bag and the quote. I don’t think I’d heard that one before but it fits me perfectly. I think it would be awesome on a t-shirt.

  • I love all your DIY ideas… I’m thinking T-shirts & tank tops would also work for this. You are the best!

  • Cute! I am so not a DIY-er, but this seems simple enough for even me to handle. 😉


  • That is great and I like articles like that. Nice day.


  • Lovely! Tote bags are my favorite thing to make! Where did you get the leather straps? I have had a difficult time finding ones that I like, but yours look great.

  • Wow! Just switching out the bag’s straps makes a HUGE difference. Putting this on my to do list!

  • So love this! I sew, and have been wanting to make a tote bag {they are fairly simple to make} but wasn’t inspired– this would be a perfect project & I love the look!!


  • This is such a cool way to personalise a tote bag. It makes a wonderful gift too!

    Fang Ting

  • I love DIY projects like this where you can take something boring and plain and make it unique and fashionable. I’ve heard this quote many times, and seeing it on a bag is a nice reminder to be yourself!


  • Totes + stamping + words = LOVE LOVE LOVE! And I never would have thought to change out the handles… it makes it look so much more sophisticated. Great idea!

  • I love it! I want to make one!! My mom has like 9 sewing machines! I think I’m going to steal one! =)


  • That nis so cool! I will create one for myself. I already have an inspiring quote in mind.

  • I absolutely love the stamped bag trend and a quote on a bag is so cute!

  • Haha, silly me, I looked at the first picture and went ‘that bag had to be pretty expensive’, so kudos for the great DIY. Btw you are absolutely right about the totes – one can never have too many 🙂

  • This is great! I feel like I’m always so picky about what quotes are on things so this way I can just pick my own!


  • This is such a fun idea!! It came out looking so clean cut and definitely not like a homemade craft. I’ll definitely be trying this!! They sell stuff like that for $50 on websites. Now I can make it myself and exactly the way I want it :] Thanks!


  • I really like the quote. 😀 I agree on you with the “you can never have to many tot bags” haha!


  • Hi There! Just curious, where is the quote from?


  • oh my word! I LOVE this quote!
    Also a fan of tote bags….already have quite the collection 😉

  • Very cute!! I’m going to be making a tote bag like this with a bleach pen soon – love this idea as well though!

    xx Ashleigh


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