Felt Flower Wreath

Felt flower wreath for doorThings finally cooled down in Southern California (yay!), and we’re ready to handle a wreath on our front door. Since it doesn’t feel like summer every day anymore, I wanted to keep moving forward with the autumnal decorating. Since I already had a dried flower wreath hanging inside, I wanted to make a felt flower wreath to hang on the outside. 

I love working with felt, so I’m happy to share how to make this floral felt wreath with you!

Felt flower wreathSupplies:
-felt flower and leaf template
-felt fabric in various colors (at least 1 yard in various colors is more than enough)
40″ 16 gauge steel wire
glue gun and glue sticks

Felt flower wreathStep One: Bend your wire into a circle, and overlap the ends together. To close the circle, twist and bend the ends of the wire together. 

DSC_3740 copy
Felt flower wreathStep Two: Cut out about 75-85 felt leaves. Add a dollop of glue to one end of the leaf, and attach that to the circular frame by wrapping the base of the leaf (with the dollop of glue) around the wire. Continue to glue each leaf on the frame, slightly overlapping the bases of the leaves on top of each other. Fill the entire circular frame with the wool felt leaves. 

Felt flower wreathStep Three: To make the center of the flower, cut a 1″ x 6″ strip of felt and make small cuts throughout the entire length. Add a dollop of glue at one end, roll the strip, and add another bit of glue to the other end to secure the center.  

Felt flower wreathFelt flower wreathStep Four: Cut out your flower petals and add a dollop of glue to the base of each flower to attach it to the flower center. Continue around until the entire flower center is covered with petals. For my wreath, I made nine flowers; you can certainly make more or less. It’s totally up to you how many flowers you want on your wreath.  

Felt flower wreathFelt flower wreathStep Five: Decide on the placement of your flowers on the wreath. Add some glue to the base of the flower (the bottom of the flower center), and attach each flower to your wreath.  

Felt flower wreathNow that you know how to make this one, you can make another next month for Christmas. Maybe you just want to do all white flowers and green leaves on the wreath, or you can go for the green and red color scheme. I think it would be cute to make felt flowers to use to adorn a present instead of a bow, or you can make some small felt flowers and attach them to some headbands as gifts for some little ones in your life (or for yourself). You can really do so many things with felt! –Rubyellen 

Credits // Author and Photography: Rubyellen Bratcher. Photos edited with Valentine from The Signature Collection

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