Felt Succulent Window Box DIY

Plush succulent boxesI’m really excited to share today’s post! You guys know I’ve been totally obsessed with creating a Palm Springs themed, kid-friendly guest room, right? No? Oh, OK… well here’s a little recap!

First I shared a DIY for gold foil cactus wallpaper. It came out pretty magical and got the room off to a great start. Then Laura helped me create some large scale plush cacti. They’re so cute! And today I’m back again to share an idea for garden boxes that we created for the bunk beds.

I wanted to fill the room with kid versions of grown up things. These boxes add so much to the room and are a fun plushie play on my plant obsession.

Laura and I tag teamed this tutorial.

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
green felt (in various shades)
brown felt
wire and wire snippers
fabric scissors
-glue or hot glue gun
peel and stick velcro
-window boxes
-pillow stuffing

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)To make some ric-rac cactus-type plants, fold a section of your green felt in half and cut out squiggly, curvy shapes that are about 14″ long (folding the felt before you cut will give you two pattern pieces exactly the same). Cut about 8-10 of these per plant. Place a wire between the two pattern pieces and use fabric glue to glue around the edges, trapping the wire between the layers (the metal you see in the photo above is just pins holding the matching pairs in place before adding the wire). Having the wire allows you to move and bend the cactus arms as you please once it’s planted in your box.

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)Stack 8-10 of your arms on top of each other (lining up all the bases together), and glue the bottom inch of each plant arm to the one on either side. Use another piece of felt to wrap and secure the bottom of your bundle together and glue the felt in place.

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)For the more ball-shaped cactus, cut several different sized circles of felt fabric. Keep in mind that your finished cactus will be a little smaller than half your circle diameter, so cut them accordingly. Use embroidery thread to hand sew around the perimeter of the circle, stuff the middle with pillow stuffing, and then pull the thread tight and knot to create your ball. Use more thread to thread up through the middle of the cactus, down the side, and back up through the middle again to create the sections of the cactus. Add some thread knots for needles or make a flower to decorate the top!

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)
Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)For the last style of succulent, it’s all about layering petals. This will give you more of an agave or echeveria look depending on what color green you use and if your leaf is elongated like an agave or short with the rounded edge of an echeveria. Fold your fabric (so you get double the pieces per cut) and cut three sizes of leaves with the smallest around 2″ and largest around 5-6″. Starting with the smallest, place a small amount of glue at the base and pinch together until dry. Keep adding leaves to your first original leaf, staggering the leaf placement as you go, until you work your way up in size and your plant takes shape!

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)When you are finished, glue some fabric strips over the base of your plant to make a smoother area for the velcro. Add some velcro strips to the bottom of your plant.

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)Cut pieces of cardboard that are the exact size of the interior of your window box.

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)Trace the cardboard onto some brown felt, cut the felt, and attach to the cardboard with a hot glue gun. Mark with a marker where you want to “plant” your ric-rac cactus, and use an X-Acto knife to cut out a hole just big enough for the cactus end to fit into snugly.

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)To keep the brown felt board from sinking further into the window box, cut a long strip of cardboard that takes up most of the depth of the window box and zigzag it back and forth in the box. Once you place the felt board on top, it will sit right on top of the cardboard underneath.

Felt Succulent Window Box DIY (click through for tutorial)Attach the velcro strips to all your plants and their opposing sides to the brown cardboard. Now your window box is ready to hang!

Felt bead mother of pearl DIYTo make the mother of pearl succulent sections, I used paper covered floral wire, super glue and green felt balls in two sizes. I found mine on Etsy at this shop.

Felt bead mother of pearl DIY To make each strand, I just put super glue on one ball and squeezed them together for about 60 seconds each until they were dry. (Go ahead and insert as many ball jokes as you want here… I can’t stop you.)

Last, I twisted 3-4 wires together and added them to the window boxes.

Plush succulent boxes The results are SO pretty and really add a LOT to my room. They’re the first thing you see when you walk into the room!

Plush succulent boxes Plush succulent boxes Plush succulent boxes Plush succulent boxes Plush succulent boxes Now, you can make these for any planter! It doesn’t have to be a window box. Get creative and figure out a way you can incorporate some plush plants into your kiddo room! xx- Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • This DIY is amazing! I’m planning to give my daughter a Bolivian inspired bedroom (llamas, flamingo, cati, …). This DIY will do perfectly. Can’t wait to try it!!! 😀

  • I love this!! I never thought to do anything like this but it looks fab!

  • What a fantastic idea, no guesses what my daughter wants to do this weekend. Thank you for such an indepth guide on creating the window box, I appreciate the time it must have taken to write the guide and produce the photos.

  • Wow, I love this! What a fun idea and it looks awesome. I can see the kids taking the plants out of the box and “replanting” them over and over. Great project!

  • This is so ridiculously cool. Man I wish I was your niece! (or some other child who might be visiting you and get to stay in this room!)

  • Hi Elsie! This is such a cute idea. Since you seem to have such a green thumb, do you think you could do a blog post on tips to care for live succulents/cacti/plants in general? Thanks!

    PS I love your home update posts. Very cool to see the progression of the remodeling!

  • Love the mother of pearls

  • Awww what a great idea! I love succulents AND plushies, so I find these really cute! <3

  • Thank you for sharing kid ideas on your blog. I don’t have any myself, but I have 7 nieces & nephews who already have everything they could ever want, and yet you all manage to give me great ideas for gifts I can make that they will love!

  • O gosh!!! How pretty! I want it for my room as well! Just one question: how do you manage to wash the “plants” once they are dusty?



  • I can totally see them in other rooms as well! Just depends on your style! But didn’t mean to imply they are only for kiddos, just friendly to kiddos. :))
    xx- Elsie

  • Super cut! Plants I won’t be able to kill!

  • Very cute indeed 🙂

    (I don’t know if you are aware of this, but yesterday I couldn’t access ABM for a good… four hours? at all. Internal Server Error!)

  • These are too cute to handle! They’d make for really pretty decor anywhere too not just for kids!


  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea of felt succulents. They are perfect for my (non existing) green thumb 🙂

    These photos make you wishing for your childhood again <3


  • This is so so cute for a child’s room! I especially love the succulent with the little felt balls, it looks so cool!

  • I love the idea of these felt succulent plants! I am going to have to try this, thanks for the great DIY. 🙂

  • I mean what’s better than ‘almost never die succulents?’ Never die felt succulents! …cute as can be~

  • I am not exaggerating when I say this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see the whole room!


  • Who says they are only for kiddo rooms?
    Totally want to make these, since all my plants seem to be dying.

  • Those are adorable. They’re kid-friendly and cat-friendly and they won’t die. You guys are the best.

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