filming for the local news…





hi there! emma and filmed for the local KY3 news today. We took a few snapshots just for fun. The story is about the dress line. It was fun! I'll post a link later if it becomes available. Love, elsie 

  • here’s the written article! just came across in my news feed. 🙂,0,4034138.story

  • so great! can’t wait to see it. that really is a picture perfect snapshot of emma. and if i just could wear a fringe like you do…

  • Ahhh so cute!! 🙂
    Emma’s dress is amazing! You both look so lovely
    congrats girls xxx

  • I am so in love with Emma’s dress it is totally and absolutely a show stopper. Congratulations on the local press. You are making great strides to be successful in your endeavors

  • How exciting! Of course you both look lovely. I’m sure it was awesome!

  • How exciting for you guys! Make sure and share the link, i can’t wait to see it!

  • Adorable! You are such an inspiration. Wish I were a Springfield local so I could watch the segment. Definitely post if there’s a link available!

  • Hooray for being on the news! When does it air? I watch KY3 most mornings, but lately I’ve been switching over to TBS to watch a little early morning Saved by the Bell. I don’t want to miss your segment…


  • hi! i think the story will air at 5 & 6 pm tonight. if not then, then 10pm. they weren’t %100 sure when we filmed this morning. XO!

    thanks for the kind words!!!!! elsie

  • Whoooaaa Miss Superstar! So proud of you!! 😀

  • That is a stunning picture of emma! I love her outfit. And congrats on this amazing opportunity

  • Congratulations! You are both so pretty! The cute bow on Emma’s dress is lovely!

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    Kisses :*

  • I really adore your hair! The color is gorgeous. I realize these aren’t colored photos but I have noticed your hair color before. Such a pretty red 🙂

  • How exciting! Can’t wait to see what you said:)

  • That is so exciting for your shop and dress line! Wow, congrats!


  • Congrats!! That is so cool! Do you know when they’re going to air the story? I definitely want to watch it. x

  • you two are just too cute! congrats on the segment and on the success of the dress line!

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