Filmm – Our New App!

We are beyond excited as we launch our new video effects and filters app today! Filmm is currently available for iOS and lets you add light leaks, dust, grain, and other film-like effects to your video clips. The app also has lots of filters as well as adjustment tools so you can edit clips before sharing on social media (this app is perfect for IG Stories, among other things). We’ve been sharing a LOT of clips and other information on @filmmapp, so follow there if you want more updates. Our team has been hard at work on this app along with our fellow founder, Zoe Sugg, for about a year now and we are just pinching ourselves today as we launch! We have so much more planned for Filmm and we cannot wait to see what you create!

Q: Why did you decide to work with Zoe Sugg and who else is behind the Filmm app?

A: Elsie and I have been big fans of Zoe and her brand, Zoella, for years. We love what she’s created and the positivity she chooses to spread with her platform. We connected with her through Instagram (no surprise there, right? ha) and we became very interested in working on an app. Together we landed on wanting to create a video app, as that felt like the perfect fit between all our combined talents and experiences thus far in our careers. Zoey and her team are a joy to work with and have brought so much to the project. We are immensely proud to work alongside another strong, talented female founder.

Additionally, we have to say how proud and thankful we are for our entire team. We work with a small group of very talented developers and our business team to make big projects like this come to life. I think the best thing I’ve ever done in business is find others who are much smarter and more talented than me to work with. I am especially proud of Trey George for the vision and leadership he brings to our app companies. #proudwife


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Q: How much does the app cost?

A: It’s free to download and comes with 17 filters and effects (we like to call them filmms), adjustment tools which includes curves, and a story splitter. We have other Filmm packs with more filters and effects available for purchase, or you can subscribe to get everything for one price. We plan to add more packs and other features to the app often, so the subscription is easily the best deal. But I’m not trying to hard sell you—that’s exactly why we have multiple options so you can decide what you want and will use.

Q: Will Filmm be available for Android?

A: Yes, eventually. Developing an app is a long and costly project, so we wanted to make sure that there was interest in Filmm before we developed it on two different platforms (developing for Android means it’s a completely different app; it’s not the same code simply added to both app stores). So as long as it seems there is interest in Filmm, we plan to get started on developing the Android version right away. Android is a bit harder to develop, as there are SO many different devices compared to Apple, so it may take us some time, but we are on it. 🙂

Q: What makes Filmm different than editing videos in A Color Story?

A: This is a question we have gotten a few times, since our A Color Story app has the ability to edit videos. The main point of difference are Filmm’s moving effects. You may notice if you add an A Color Story effect to your video, it will stay in place. In Filmm, the effects move with the video and create a more realistic look! At launch, Filmm is a video effects + filters app, but we are planning on adding some MAJOR features in the future (adding multiple clips, music, etc!), which will make it stand out from A Color Story even more. Once you download the app you will see how different the two are.


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If you do download Filmm and like the app, it seriously means a LOT if you leave us a review. And if you have any other questions or things you want to know more about Filmm, let us know in the comments. Thank you! xo. Emma + Elsie and the Filmm team

  • Hey! I just downloaded your app and all of the effects and filters look incredible! I was just wondering if under the same video, am I able to use multiple filters? Like one filter for 5 seconds, and switch to another after that, and so on?

  • I edited my whole video from filmm app it’s super convenient but at last when i got the last page to save the video it gives me error after loading plz tell me how to download the video after editing from filmmm app

  • Hi There, is there a way to overlap a photo & video to give a double exposure effect?

  • Uhm, hey! Is there any chance to insert text from the videos we’re editing? Thank you!

  • Hey I want to login into my account but from a different Apple ID. However I can no longer access Filmm+ which I already paid for. There’s no account system yet. What should I do ?

  • Hi, loving the app so far! Wondering if there’s a way to remove the “filmm” and counter on the side of the videos?

    • Hi Stephen! If you make a purchase within the app, it will give you the option to remove it 🙂

  • What does it mean if the app says “ERROR. The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.”?? I am so frustrated because I have had to restart a project 3 times because this keeps happening all of a sudden.

  • Hello Hello!
    I am loving the filmm app and really anything that you lovely ladies make. I was wondering what the time threshold for the app is? How long of videos can the app edit?

  • Good morning, I’ve used your app many times and love it but my last video I’m getting a message “this operation cNt be completed error 0”
    When I try to save the video to my phone. How can I fix that and not lose the video? I’m scared to use the app again and have the same thing happen over and over when I want to save

  • I purchased a filter (VHS) and I was already charged but I still can’t use the filter. It’s been 5 days since I made the payment.

  • The App keeps crashing when I try to apply a filter (the Dust filter) on my video compilation. And all my progress gets deleted. Is there a specific amount of videos you can use it on at once?

  • I second the Android question – any more advancements on this? It’s so my vibe!

  • I lost all my filters that I purchased. I can’t seem to restore them back? Could u let me know how I can sort it out?


  • Hello! I was just wonder why when I have no internet or service I can’t use all the filters even though I have the + version! Thanks!

    • Hi! An android version is in the works, it just takes longer to develop.

  • Did you delete the A Beautiful Mess app from the iTunes App Store? I tried to show a friend the app and we can’t find it. Also my app has now quit working and since we can’t find in the App Store I don’t want to delete it and not be able to download it again. It was my favorite photo app ever.

  • I’m super excited for this! Could someone tell me, is the A Beautiful Mess app no longer available? I’ve searched in Google Play and the Apple App Store and cant find it anywhere! ????

  • Do you have a favorite app for turning Live Photos into videos that are long enough to be posted to Instagram? I know how to turn a Live Photo into a boomerang for insta stories, but I’m more wanting to post them to my feed. I’ve tried using Lively for this purpose but it’s a bit clunky.

  • Hi!
    I’ve seen a couple of the ‘Filmms’ on @Zoella’s Instagram and can’t wait for the Android version to come out!
    I wanted to know if the app allows me to attach clips together and make it whole (kind of like a music video) and, if i could write text too?
    Thanks a bunch 🙂 xx


  • Hi!
    I’ve seen a couple of the ‘Filmms’ on @Zoella’s Instagram and can’t wait for the Android version to come out!
    I wanted to know if the app allows me to attach clips together and make it whole (kind of like a music video) and, if i could write text (suppose, lyrics) too?
    Thanks a bunch 🙂 xx

  • Did the original A Beautiful Mess app go away? I got a new phone and can’t find the app! It was my favorite and used it a ton!

    • I’m sorry! We are no longer updating the ABM app (it’s over 6 years old). If you have anymore questions, you can contact our app support here:

      We have a newer app called A Design Kit (it’s free) that’s similar (with more features) if you want to check that out!

  • Hello! I just wanted to say that I love your app! ???????? I was also wondering if your subscription comes with the option to pay monthly, rather than all at once? That would really help me!

  • I am obsessed with how good the app looks… but I’m really bummed that its not on android yet….will it release for android too… and if yes then when? can’t waittt xx

    • Hi! Yes it will. We don’t have a release date yet, but keep following @filmmapp on IG for updates! xx

  • I purchased the VHS filter and when I try and use it, it just keeps downloading over and over again, what can I do?

  • So proud of you! Can’t wait to use the app.

  • oh man, I can’t wait for the Android version- it looks so good!

  • It’s taking my videos an incredibly long time to download from the Filmm app. Is that normal??

    • No, that’s not normal. Could you please email with our support team here:

      The form will have you list what device and operating system you are on and this will help us a lot in figuring out what may be the issue. Thanks!

  • You’ve done a great job.???? Can’t wait for you to do it for Android. ????

  • I’m confused, it says that there’s a filmmapp+ version that’s a subscription. If I’m just downloading the free app on the iTunes Store how can I pay the $19.99 fee to get the membership?

  • This app is amazing!!! I just uploaded a crash course on youtube to teach users how to make the perfect video!

  • I have A Color Story app for Android, but can’t figure out how to edit videos. Can you help?


    • Hi Marta! This feature isn’t available for Android yet ????

  • It looks amazing and I couldn’t be happier for all of you! When I saw on Instagram that you and Zoe had been working on an app I freaked out! Can’t wait for it to be available for Android!

  • Oh wow, this is awesome! I love A Color Story so I bet I’ll love this too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’ve searched several times for this app in the app store and it doesn’t come up. 🙁

  • I love your photo filters and am sure I would also enjoy the video filters but have found figuring it out IMovie to be frustrating ( or my patience level low ????????‍♀️), Suggestions? Thank you! Anita

    • Thanks for the photo filter love. 🙂 I may not understand the question but you do not need iMovie for this app. You simply download from the iOS App Store (it’s free) and once you are in the app and give it permission to access your camera roll you can edit any videos you have on your phone with the filters and effects (or trim, or use the tools, there’s a lot in there with your initial download).

      If you still have troubles you can always reach out to support as well:

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