Finally Got a Romper

Emma ChapmanEmma Chapman    Emma Chapman  Yes, I waited until the very end of summer to buy a romper. I know. Why even bother at this point? I just kept seeing these all summer and wondering if I could find one that fit right. And I think part of me just lacked the confidence to try a few on, even though I thought it was a cute trend. 

I am often late getting into a trend. But hey, better late than never. Also, do you think I can wear this romper with tights? Is that weird or cool? I have a feeling in just a few weeks I'll be really needing to know. 🙂

Kingship goodsI'm pretty sure I was on my second or third cup of coffee when we snapped these photos. Someone needs to cut me off—I'm just too addicted. 

Outfit: romper/ShopSosie, under shirt/F21, necklace c/o Modcloth, shoes c/o Libby Story, coffe mug/Kinship Goods. 

Emma Chapman   Emma Chapman Despite my summer attire at work lately, we've been gearing up for fall. I've been working on lots of autumn-appropriate recipes and blog content, we are working on three different e-courses that will all launch before the holidays (I think you're gonna love them!), and we're preparing to launch our first offering of physical products. It's a big time of change and transition, which is both scary and exciting.

What about you? Are you going through changes at work or in your personal life this season? xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Looks fab!

    I JUST put my review in to my manager and included in it is my request to go down to 32 hours a week so I can work on my small business. EEK!!!

  • Would be SO CUTE with black tights and ankle boots! So, to answer your question, it would cool. Also, it’s good to see that I’m not the only person who takes outfit photos in the office, haha 🙂

  • I should grab a romper! It looks great on you!
    I’ve just I finished your Blog Life e-course (thank you, by the way, it the most useful thing I ever read!) and I’m giving a new twist to my old blog. It’s just for fun now, but I want to start blogging more seriously than before. So, yeah, I’m pretty busy and in a time of change and transition, too. Also, I finally plucked up courage and I started leaving comments here and there on this blog after years of silent reading.

    Have a great weekend, Emma! xxx

  • I’ve been looking for the perfect romper for YEARS! Not even joking. They never fit me right. They’re either too boxy in the shorts part, they don’t sit right on my waist, or they make me look 4 months pregnant (which I am not!!). The struggle has been real. If anyone knows of a great black romper, let me know!

    Yours is cute, Emma! Love how feminine it is! I’m dreaming of a beautiful oxblood one for fall with a nice cream jacket or sweater! That would be perfect!!

    Neha //

  • I love rompers! They are so cute and comfortable. I bought one earlier this summer and I’m so glad I did. I wear it all the time 🙂 I plan to wear mine with tights when cooler weather comes around. I think it’s an adorable look.

  • Love that romper! I think you can wear them with tights…would be super cute. Yes going thru lots of changes in all parts of my life…really exciting because new doors are opening…new adventures lying ahead! =D


  • Hi Emma, how are you! Greetings from Brazil, really love your blog. I am writing this comment to ask two things:

    1. I’m trying to buy the e-course for bloggers, but the page is not working.

    2. course I can do the translation of texts? I mean, the stuff is online where I can translate it on google or even in a material that does not allow it?

    I do not know if I could be clear with my language 🙂

  • Awe, the romper is adorable and I think you pull it off great 🙂 As far as changes go, oh yes. Big changes here. Moving to Sedona, Arizona with my daughter in just a couple weeks. The words scared, excited, and adventure pop into mind all at once. I’m excited for the new changes at ABM! You guys will do great! 🙂


    Laurali Star

  • I have been wanting to buy a romper for a long time, but I have been to scared to try own on. I have a long waist so I am afraid that I won’t find one that will fit right. I guess you were in the same boat! Maybe I will try one next year haha. Overalls look pretty adorable with tights so maybe tights could work with rompers as well. They are kind of similar in style! I would love to see how you could transition it to a fall piece. Have a lovely day!

    Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

  • It probably helps if your 6 ft tall. Ha! I agree, it’s an intimidating thing to wear, which is why it took me so long to get one even though I think they are cute.

    I’m marking this down as, dared to wear. 🙂


  • I actually just accepted a position for a job in Kansas! I’m packing up my whole life on Georgia to move to the Midwest for a new job and finally be in the same place as my boyfriend. We’ve been in a long distance situation for over a year now. I relate so much to the scary/exciting/busy transistion. So so proud of you guys! Thanks for always being brave enough to go after what you want. You’ve inspired me for sure!!

  • Do you guys all share shoes? I think it’s Sarah? That did her bedroom reveal earlier this week with your shoes on! If so, that is awesome! Double the shoe collection without the cost!

    I think your romper will be adorable with black tights and a sweater. Very fun!

  • There must be something in the air – fall always inspires a healthy dose of life transition. I’m back working from home and we’re about to turn a spare room into my first ever, grown up office. Your office tours are helping! Glad to hear others are gearing up too 🙂

  • oh my god i love rompers and it took me so long to commit to one. this is exactly how i felt when i FINALLY got one. it can be so hard to find the right one that fits bottom and top. yours looks great!

  • I just bought one a couple of weekes ago as well! Couldn’t find the courage! I also didn’t kniw whether it would fit my figure!!and now i love it! Hihihi

  • Loving that romper! I’m not entirely convinced rompers are just a summer item. I feel they also can work for spring and fall given the right accessories. I’ve been wanting to don a romper/jumpsuit forever, but just haven’t found the right one for my body yet. This one is lovely and I love how you’ve accessorized! xoxo

  • I’m totally with Midge, Dark tights and booties, plus adorable scarf and you’re absolutely rocking this into fall. Helps that it’s a deep teal as the base. If you make it work, you should do an update blog on taking summer favorites into autumn.

  • I totally bought the shirt version of that Kin Ship Goods mug for my mister last Christmas 😉 But now I just steal it to wear myself! 🙂

  • if anyone can pull any fashion statement off, it would be you- so whip out those tights GF!! This romper looks SO cute on you! I’ve been “if-y” about rompers too, the few that I have tried just never looked right, I guess I just need to keep trying to find the right ones…i love the look of rompers!
    thanks for the motivation 🙂

  • Hey better late than never right?! It really suits you. By the way, your work space is insanely clean….come on…did you tidy up before the photos were taken? ;o)

    Lovely lighthearted post, as usual.

    Have a great end of the week.


  • Ditto Alice! I loved the Blog Life Course. I hope future courses will have a feature to allow ‘students’ to connect. I would have loved to chat with everyone while I was working my way through it. :o)


  • you look great! and yes on tights!! with flat riding boots in the same color as the tights (black is easiest and makes your legs look 2 miles long). and maybe try a turtleneck under it? that’s my solution to making everything transition to the colder weather – put a black turtleneck under it! haha.

  • Looking forward to what’s coming up for you! I recently started reading ABM after hearing you all on Elise’s podcast, and I’m loving the colorful & fun posts.

    I am in a big season of change right now- just ended my day job to focus on my photography business full time- eek! Here’s to new adventures!

  • You look absolutely radiant in that romper! Changes coming up for me too. A very exciting time with work related ventures. Scary, but thrilling at the same time. I am so excited for Autumn as well, and can’t wait to see what recipes you share!

  • Yes on tights 🙂 I’m pretty modest, so I wear tights with all of my rompers, and yes, I said “all” because I have four of them…

  • Love the romper and the curtain! 🙂 I just ordered a long sleeved romper for fall. Fingers crossed it looks decent on me.

  • Why did you wait so long to get a romper? It look gorgeous on you! I would definitely try a pair of tights with a romper. I love getting a solid coloured romper and pairing it with fun tights. Mustard yellow and cranberry are great autumn shades 🙂


  • i don’t know what it is but you seem to “sparkle” in those pics… that makes the outfit even cuter 🙂 i’m sure you can wear it with tights as well. it’ll work with the right combo and a smile like this 😉

    (so excited for all the new stuff you guys have planned!)

  • The romper looks beautiful on you! And its color is so pretty! Personally, I would definitely wear it through the colder months too! With dark red tights, brown ankle boots and a nice, long cardigan for a more bohemian look! So, I suggest you experiment with it a little bit! I think you have great style and can totally make this work!

  • Thank you for making the posts expanded again! So much easier to read.
    Love the romper, especially because it has sleeves and it’s not too short. Most of the ones I usually bump into, look like they ride up in the front. Not cute.
    Yours is perfect!

  • you look great, I like the design of that one so much more practical than some of the crazy ones I have been seeing out, seriously some women are brave, I mean they look super cool but you know they have to get naked to use the restroom. ?

  • In the last year, my husband has gotten a new job, I’ve gotten two promotions, we’ve moved, gotten married and adopted a dog. ALL THE CHANGES HAVE/ARE HAPPENING.

    I am excited for your ch-ch-changes!

  • Such a cute romper! I’m grateful for my rompers in those mornings when I’m running late and don’t know what to wear. It’s basically an all-in-one outfit that you don’t really need to think about. I love how yours have the ruffle along the hem!

    xx Jilli

  • Hi, i am curious to know, did you count like one..two..three and click when taking photo(s) ? because your smile and gesture looked so relax in every picture here. 🙂

  • Super cute!! I love rompers! Just made one for myself should have the post on it up on my blog soon. Check it out.

    the little lion girl

  • Before this I didn’t even know what a romper was! But hey, English is not my first language 🙂

    Personally, I think it’s too short for the office but you are lucky to be the boss! So I think it would look great with tights. Also, I LOVE your shoes. So, so pretty.

  • I love the romper! It looks great on you! 🙂

    It’s nice to try new ensembles, right? I don’t normally wear sleeveless tops without a cardigan to work because I am really conscious about my flabby arms but I finally took a chance. I wore a sheer flamingo printed top to work the other day and matched it with a pink skirt (goes with the flamingos!) and I loved how it looked on me. It feels really nice to put an effort into looking your best everyday. You could check out the look if here if you’re interested. 🙂

    xo Trisha

  • This romper is super cute! I’ve been searching for the perfect one for my body/lifestyle for a while, and still haven’t found one. I think rompers take a little more time to find the one that works than some other trends. 🙂

  • 1. I LOVEEE your mug.
    2. Can you please do a post about how you curl your hair! I have super flat hair that is semi thin and pin straight. Your hair reminds me of mine (I don’t mean that as an insult, I hope you don’t take it that way, haha!) and I’d love to know how you have such beautiful curls all the time!

  • Hello Emma !
    You look great in this outfit.
    I have a quick question for you : where did you get your chair from ? I am looking for one like this and would be very very happy if you could help
    Thank’s a lot
    Enjoy your day

  • I just got unexpectedly promoted to a new job within my apartment. It’s a bit overwhelming trying to take on a new task with no training while still needing to train anyone to take over my old position. It’s gonna be a good thing eventually. Maybe I need to buy myself a new outfit to make me feel better.

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