First Things First—A Pink Front Door!

As we shared the news with our children that we were planning to move a second time in 2020 (eek!), our 5-year-old immediately requested a pink front door. I was surprised, but I thought it was so cute since she’s obviously still missing our previous home. I promised her right away that yes, we could paint the door pink at our new home. Around this time. BEHR® Paint reached out and asked if I’d be interested in helping introduce the new BEHR® Color Trends 2021 Palette (pictured below). The timing was perfect, so I said yes and I chose to feature Seaside Villa S190-1 from the new palette on our front door. It’s a lovely light pink that is both energizing and calming. 

I love that at just 5 years old she already has decorating ideas. It really melts my heart! And to be completely honest, I was still missing our previous home as well. So the pink front door appealed to me as a way to bring something old and familiar into our new space! It ended up being the first DIY project we did the week we moved in!

A few of my other top picks from the palette were Maple Glaze and Canyon Duskthese earthy desert tones are definitely going to be a BIG trend in 2021! I’ll talk more about my paint trend predictions later on in the post! Oh … and something fun—Keely’s bedroom is actually painted this exact same shade of subtle, warm pink.

Here’s a before photo of our front door:

As soon as I saw these double doors, I envisioned them pink with holiday wreaths (my brain is VERY fixated on the holidays this year—I think it’s a 2020 thing!).

I’m so thrilled with how the color turned out. Our entry is so much more welcoming now. And MOST importantly, my 5-year-old approves. Painting instructions: We followed these exact steps to paint this door. Before you take on a hard drying paint project (cabinets or doors especially), be sure to read that post. The prep steps of sanding and deglossing, combined with using hard drying paint instead of latex paint make the door much more durable and it doesn’t dry with that sticky feel.

Here are the products we used: BEHR Cabinet and Trim Enamel, Krud Kutter Degreaser, Liquid Sandpaper/Deglosser, a fine grit sandpaper, shellac primer and brush/roller set and painting tape. We used the BEHR Cabinet and Trim Enamel because it’s a hard drying paint that can withstand daily use.

Paint trends. I love this subject!

As I was going through the new BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette, I was most drawn to the earthy tones like Sierra, Saffron Strands and Maple Glaze, as well as the earthy red Kalahari Sunset. All of the colors within the palette are so complimentary and would be great to work with in future projects! I have been seeing more and more tonal rooms, especially those with painted ceilings, and I am so drawn to them! I’ve even been toying with the idea of doing a moody toned room in our new home. I definitely believe that trends are cyclical and after nearly a decade of white paint dominated rooms I’m seeing a heavy comeback for deep colored rooms. It’s exciting!!

The beautiful thing is it’s not too much commitment if you change your mind. So I love the idea of going all-in with color. In my case, probably still a lot of pink. I think I can safely say at this point that pink is almost a neutral to me—and I will always love it!

Important question: Which color is YOUR favorite from the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette??

Since I know so many of you will be curious, yes, we are planning to paint the exterior brick eventually as well. It’s on our to-do list and we have an appointment booked for later on this fall. So I will for sure share that update with you when we get to that point. And yes, we are going to paint our home a shade of white (AGAIN) because really, truly it just feels like home. I promise I’ll use some experimental color elsewhere in the home, but a fresh white exterior is my absolute favorite!

In the meantime, these Seaside Villa doors truly are making it feel more like home! I picked up these two little lavender trees from The Home Depot just the other day and they add so much joy to the entryway. They are also a natural way to repel mosquitoes, which are a big part of living in the South.

I’m so happy our first project was something easy and instantly gratifying like this. If you’re on the fence about painting your front door, I highly recommend it!!! It’s a weekend project that you can easily complete in just a few sessions and it brings so much joy to your entry, you’ll smile every time you come home! XX. Elsie

P.S- If you’re going in-store to shop here’s a list of all the paint codes, thanks to BEHR for sponsoring this post! 

Seaside Villa S190-1, Maple Glaze PPU3-16, and Canyon Dusk S2104, Sierra N240-4, Saffron Strands PPU6-2, and Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25. 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • The pink door looks awesome! I wish that there were more progress shots. This post makes this process look so easy and clean. I need to repaint my front door so I would love to see the real life messier steps so I know what I am actually getting myself in to. Maybe this post was more about the paint sponsor but I was excited to see the steps.

  • The pink door is so pretty! have you considered leaving the brick trim around the door unpainted? i haven’t seen the rest of the exterior, so maybe it would not make sense, but it is a really nice detail!

  • I love this simple update! Have you/are you planning on sharing the exterior of your new home? Maybe in the brick painting post. If I remember correctly you mentioned maybe on the pod that it’s a different style than you are normally drawn to. I know you still have spaces in you old house to share so I have one small request, can you specify if the space is in your old home vs your new?

  • omg it looks so good!! I love how it’s pink but not like smack you in the face pink! it’s so welcoming and fun! gah i’m saving this as inspiration for my future home ?

  • I was hesitant to paint our door a lighter pink shade due to the brick color. However. Despite the brick color getting painted white, I think the pink looks good against the redder brick too. Ours is a gray red etc brick.

    How do you feel about stenciled porches? Or even painted cement.

  • I love the pink! It’s going to look SO GOOD when that brick goes white!

    I also love that sweatshirt – where did you find it?!

  • Love the pink door!
    But I wish there was a photo without the warm color filter so we can see the true colors. I didn’t even know the door was pink when I saw it in your story because it was a warm photo, I assumed it was white!

    • Hi! Yes we found them from “At Home”.

      Thanks so much for reading!

      • There is no doubt in my mind that pink is a neutral! It would be interesting to see you challenge yourself to do a second boldly colored room perhaps? I think I recall from the podcast that you’re considering it for the movie room. Perhaps a bathroom? Monochrome bathrooms can be interesting, especially if you mix in texture with matching tile, or by playing with gradations of lighter and darker. But you’d have to pick a splashy color, pink or white wouldn’t count! Although an entirely pink powder room would be cute…

        The door does look lovely. It is nice to read about your first change to the house. Looking forward to seeing what’s next. 🙂

  • I was flummoxed when I realized many of my friends were not allowed any input whatsoever when their family made big house changes as kids/teens! My parents always gave us an input and now that I look back I realize how much that helped me feel empowered to make decisions and feel included and that every family member counts! My parents even went with my idea for frosty peach as our house color and salmon/terracotta colored cement driveway! This was back when most homes were all pale brown or blue. We even saw others change their driveway colors after we did ours. It brought color into the neighborhood and warmth to our street. All that to say, I LOVE that Nova and eventually Goldie are included in planning and have input even if it’s not what you ultimately go with! It will be something they remember too, and be grateful for. <3

    • Yes totally! I see it both ways. There are a LOT of things our kids do not care about with decor (most things) so when they have an opinion, especially something as sweet as this one, I try to make it happen!

  • My house is the same red brick. I can’t afford to turn it white, do you have any posts about how to update the rest of the house around this kind of brick? Love your style.

    • Hi! We don’t have a specific post on that, but my advice is to focus on the things you CAN control. Make your front door cozy, get a new mat and maybe some plants or flowers. Find spots on your exterior that you can improve now. It’s super important to accept the things you can’t change, but embrace and celebrate the things you can! :))

  • I love these tables to give your trees some height! Where are they from? Are you worried about them falling over in wind/a storm? 🙂

    • Hi they are from At Home. Yes, I am pretty sure they could blow over in a storm- it’s actually storming at our house now, so I’ll find out soon! 🙂 haha

      • Later this Fall? I can’t believe painting the exterior wasn’t something in the works already – I’d be chomping at the bit?! What color did you choose vs Marshmallow? xoxo

  • Curious – are the doors wood or fiberglass? I’m considering painting our fiberglass front and back doors (they’re white standard Home Depot doors and have gotten pretty scuffed in a decade) but I’m concerned about the paint adhering to fiberglass.

  • Beautiful door! I would love to see progress pictures in addition to the final product. Is this something you would consider for future posts?

    • Hi! Yes definitely! I can do that on a future post. It’s a very simple DIY process though, so don’t be intimidated! XX

  • It will be pretty when the house is white. I also remember my parents getting my input on a new house when I was 5, letting me pick carpet (hideous) and wall paint for my room. Even though it was ugly, to my 5 year old heart it was precious and it gave me the sense that my parents saw me as a person and not just a little kid. Nova is blessed

    • It’s so special!!!

      Yes when I was little our mom let us pick our wall colors even though our house came with orange and green shag carpets from the 70s. :))

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