Five Apps I’m Loving Lately

I always love seeing what other apps people are using and I’ve gotten a few really great recommendations over the past year, so I thought I’d share a few that I’m loving (and using) lately.


Moment will track how much time you are spending on your phone daily. It runs in the background (so don’t turn it off or it can’t track) and I’m sometimes flat out shocked by the results. I will say I do use my phone a lot for work. But I also can see a big difference in Moment when I’m making an effort to limit my time on Instagram (the biggest time suck for me because I’m not much of a gamer). I personally love tracking things, like steps I take in a day, but it has to be EASY so this app makes that possible. If you’re looking to limit your screen time more, download this app and get ready for the daily guilt trip. Ha.

Think Dirty

Elsie has talked about this app before that I use pretty often when I’m shopping, so I wanted to include it here. If you’ve never heard of Think Dirty, it might be a different app than you might guess. It’s basically a database that will assign a score to beauty or cleaning products based on how dirty (toxic) they are. I love that you can simple scan barcodes to get a score, I seriously do this in aisles of stores sometimes when I’m shopping. Of course, it does add more time, so it’s not something you may be able to use on every single product, all the time. But I like having a quick way to assess purchases.

My Flo

This app tracks your cycle. I downloaded it because as a busy lady who runs businesses and travels pretty frequently, I seem to lose track of my period more often than I care to admit. And it sucks to be boarding a plane and realize, you didn’t pack something you really need now … so now I track my cycle with My Flo. I could see this also being useful if you are wanting to track ovulation times. And I also like that the app offers some (general) tips and advice for different things throughout your cycle. You can also invite your partner so they will know when things are happening too. Bottom line, periods suck but our bodies as women are pretty dang amazing, so I totally recommend tracking your cycle and getting more in tune with your body.


I use Audible to listen to books. I pretty much use this app every day either while I’m walking, doing tasks like laundry, and I always have a book going when I’m driving to Nashville by myself (for work + Nova snuggles). I love that you just “buy” the books through Amazon (it’s a credit system). And I don’t really know if this is how you’re “supposed” to do it, but Trey and I share an account and often listen to books the other just finished.


I just started using this in the last month, so I’ll probably have an even longer review later this year (or I guess early next year since the year is already flying by). This is a foreign language app, which I am using to brush up/learn a little Spanish. I say brush up because I did take it in high school as well as college, but I for sure do not speak Spanish and considering how much I studied it I know very little. But I’d like to know more, so I’m trying this app out. I like how easy it was to get started (I hate apps that are hard to use or super confusing).

Co — Star

Bonus recommendation! (Since I said five and now I’m listing a sixth one …) This app will tell you all about your horoscopes/star charts. I am by no means an expert on that, but it was really fun to read through everything as it was surprisingly in depth. You can also invite friends and it will tell you how compatible you are, which is really fun! A friend of mine told me to download it and add her but then it said we weren’t that compatible. Ha! But it’s still a pretty fun app if you enjoy this kind of thing (and don’t lie, you do, we all do).

What apps are you using lately? xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman.
  • Your local library likely has several FREE audiobook apps! OverDrive, Hoopla, RBDigital, and Cloudlibrary are just a few. Most of these apps even allow you to suggest ebook or eaudiobooks for purchase. Many libraries also have free language learning software or apps available too. It’ll save you so much money!

  • Hey Emma! I am just wondering you tried duolingo or babel to learn languages, and if so, how do they compare to busUu for you? Any pros and cons (or if you’ve only used busuu, what do you like and dislike about it?)

  • ‘Thanks for sharing! I am definitely going to try Think Dirty since I’m trying to use more cleaner and chemical free products.
    Buena suerte con la applicaccion para el español. (Good luck with the Spanish App) If i may say the best way to learn or practice a language is to watch it on TV, try watching a movie with English subtitles. It helps. 😉

  • I’m trying to find a journal app! Preferably a free one. I hate paying for apps no offense ☺️

  • I’ve never heard of Moment before. Sounds like an app I need. I tend to get sucked into scrolling my Twitter timeline for hours! Thank you for recommending this. Also, your phone wallpaper is so cute & funny!

    xoxo Dara

  • Hey Emma! Thank you for this useful post! I recently downloaded InGred, because Elsie recommended it in one of ABM’s stories. Do you think Think Dirty is more useful?
    Also, is Moment only available for iOs?
    Have a great day,

  • Apple iOS 12 (available now) has a built-in feature called Screen Time that allows you to track your usage, as well as set time limits for certain classes of apps (like Social Media)! I downloaded the update yesterday and I’m intrigued to see how it effects my usage.

    Also hello fellow librarian April!

  • I love duolingo for really straightforward language lessons (they also have a few harder to find languages on there!) For making beautiful stories and such, Unfold is awesome! Thank you for sharing Think Dirty I always spend so long googling and this will help!

  • It’s funny how so many women kinda forget where they’re at in their cycle. I guess that makes me lucky to always know where I’m at (although taking a pill everyday and being super regular helps in that regard). As for apps I use regularly I would say apple podcast is number one (I listen to true crime podcasts mainly). Then there’s some typical stuff like gmail, google calendar and the starbucks app to order my coffee in advance (ain’t nobody got time to wait in line!). Spotify for music, credit karma, and all my shopping apps like Amazon, Kijijij (the Canadian Creg’s list) and Etsy. Those are definitely my most used I would say.

  • I think I will try the Busuu app too. I used to take Spanish in high school and I think it’s a shame that I don’t remember too much anymore. Therefore, this might be ideal! Thanks.

  • Thanks for keeping the blog going when so many are dying!!

    currently using most:
    My Fitness Pal
    Podcast Republic
    Garmin Connect
    Rain Rain

  • I heard that Procter & Gamble bought think dirty and it makes me concerned that they would introduce bias in their ratings?? Oh and it’s funny that you recommend My Flo because that’s the only one I haven’t even heard of! I’m very interested in tracking apps ever since I’ve been pursuing NFP and FAM for the last 6 years. I use Glow because I love that they have sister apps for pregnancy and babies (like tracking feedings etc), but I’ve heard good things about Kindara too.

  • Please tell me why my beautiful mess app won’t work now on my iPhone 8 with the new iOS update? I just bought the phone and it won’t access my photos anymore. ????

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