Five Places I want to go in 2015

Places I want to go-CharlestonI don't know about you, but lately I've been feeling the urge to travel more. I really want to make it a priority to take more time off in 2015 to see more of this beautiful world that we live in. There are SO many places that I have never been to! Just for fun I thought I'd share the top five places I'd love to travel to this year.

1. Charleston, South Carolina. I really don't know that much about Charleston, but my sister just surprised me by booking us a sister trip there for my 29th birthday later this month, and I could not be more stoked! It looks absolutely charming. I can't wait to eat some great food and take some photos of this new-to-me city.

Places I want to visit-New Orleans2. New Orleans, Louisiana. Every few years I go through a thing where I want to see New Orleans. It's such an eclectic, delicious looking place. I love French food (especially pastries), I love old buildings, I love good bars… I think this town might be just perfect, right? I've never been, but I really, really want to make 2015 the year I finally make it happen.

Places I want to go-Washington DC3. Washington D.C. My nation's capital. Trey has a few cousins who live there, and we'd love to see them this year. In addition, I've never been to this city, so I'd LOVE to play tourist at some of the monuments and museums. 

Places I want to go-Dallas4. Dallas, Texas. Trey is originally from Texas and lots of his family on his father's side still live there (many of them in Dallas). So this is another visit-family-and-see-the-city type trip we'd like to take. Truthfully, I've never gotten to explore Dallas much outside of the airport and the Texas state fair, so it could be really fun to spend a long weekend there.

Places I want to go-Chile5. Chile! The last place on my list is a little more exotic, I mean, I had to include at least one international spot. Trey and I have been kicking around the idea of visiting Chile. Neither of us have been anywhere in South America before, and for some reason Chile keeps coming up. 

Will I really get to visit all five destinations this year? I don't know. Maybe. I'm at least going to try to be open to whatever comes my way. 

What about you? Any travel dreams brewing in your mind? Also, if any of you live in any of the cities I mentioned and want to give us recommendations, I will take them—so feel free! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photos: Charleston left/right, New Orleans left/right, Washington DC left/right, Dallas left/right, Chile left/right. I tried to find all the original sources for these beautiful photos, but if I've missed one or linked one incorrectly, please let us know!

  • Oh my god! I am from Chile (I live in Florida now though) and just seeing it on the list made me so happy haha! I wanna go to all these places too, a beautiful mess tour? Ha! I’m ready

  • Love these places! We just came back from Charleston, its a beautiful city. You must visit Middleton Place, its a beautiful plantation, and eat at McCradys, a great restaurant with chef Sean Brock. We are hoping to head to New Orleans this year, and maybe Texas if we have some extra vacation days.

    Thanks for all the ideas and the few moments of day dreaming during this gloomy thursday 🙂

  • Charleston is amazing! It’s beautiful to just wander around in, and the city has some of the best food and coffee /ever/. Xiao Bao Biscuit is the most beautifully designed restaurant. Their menu changes daily and offers gorgeous takes on Asian dishes–they even take time off every year to travel to different places in Asia to get inspired. Hominy Grill is adorable and offers all the Southern classics–great for brunch. Some of the best coffee I’ve ever had was a cortado from Black Tap–they do the basics beautifully, but they also have fun homemade syrups. Wildflour Bakery and Sweet Radish have delicious treats (I found out later that the latter one is gluten free, but it was so good that I didn’t even realize it 😉
    A walk on the shore of one of the surrounding islands is a must. Edgar Allen Poe used to live in Sullivan’s Island, and there’s a cute bar named after him there.


  • My jaw just dropped with the last one! yay!! Come over here! You’ll LOVE it. I mean, I’m from Chile and I love it so I’m biased but STILL. If you need info (or want to grab a cup of tea!), just e-mail me ohmygod I’m so happy 😀

  • Just HAVE FUN! And enjoy the museums in DC! If you or Trey have any kind of interest in aviation, don’t miss the airplane museum at Dulles airport. It’s so cool. The Enola Gay is there! I nerded HARD.

  • i love that Charleston is your #1.
    That’s where i live and your first picture, i’m pretty sure, is off of Cumberland Road, literally a block from my office.
    Lots of fun things to do and enjoy!
    Definitely check out all of the Plantations, your picture of Cypress Gardens is on point, so many beautiful things to do there! Take a day to explore downtown charleston (and wear comfortable shoes, a lot of our sidewalks are made up of bricks/slabs of rock).

  • Charleston is definitely on my list, too! My dear friend from art school lives there now and I keep hearing about this city, as of late. Happy to connect you with her if you go…her husband is an historical architecture professor there and they are the best tour guides in every city they’ve lived in! DC is one of my favorite places and I’d love to spend more time there. It’s a bit far from Portland, OR though. Enjoy your travels!! Lovely list.

  • Charleston is awesome…..for a great morning at the beach make sure you get to Foley beach and have breakfast at the Lost Dog. Foley is a quieter beach than others in Charleston so you most likely will have the beach to yourself!

  • These are great! I’d love to see more of America. I’m really keen to go to Spain and Tunisia (I’m a blogger in Germany).

  • Yes!! Chile is similarly on my list. It just looks… so dreamy. Mountains, coastal beach towns, neat architecture = Good call.

    Ps. I know it isn’t likely but… Book signing in Canada someday? Pretty please 🙂

  • Amazing!
    I’m going to Washington on november this year. Washington, NY, Orlando and Vegas 🙂
    This will be my international travel this year.
    But I’m also planning to visit some spots here in Brazil, there are so many beautiful beachs that I don’t know!

    Good plans!
    Travel is always a good investment.

    xo, Deborah

  • Oh, how nice that you’re off on a sisterly weekend! Great stuff! Chile is on my list of places to visit: my 8 year old son was just talking about Patagonia last night (we’re eager to go see glaciers!)….

  • If you go to New Orleans you and Joy from Jot The Baker should a collaboration!!

  • Awesome list! I was so surprised and excited to see Chile on the list. I’ve lived hear for the last 6+ years and really love it. It is such a great place to visit too, with lots of diversity in environments-city, snow, desert, lakes, etc and lots of fun wineries to visit. Don’t even know where to start with recommendations. And the exchange rate is super favorable for tourists right now. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you need help planning;-)!

  • I love that DC is on your list! I’m from here and it’s such a beautiful city. Definitely add Georgetown and Dupont Circle to your list of neighborhoods to visit. Baked+Wired is my favorite coffee shop and if you want to see DC at it’s prettiest, visit during the cherry blossoms! The time changes every year but it’s around the end of March/beginning of April.

    Xo! Julien

  • You totally need to visit Washington DC! It’s such a beautiful yet diverse city. I lived there for a year in 2009/2010 to work as an Au Pair and I truly had the time of my life! My most favorite areas of the city were Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and Georgetown and I really did enjoy occasional trips to the Eastern Market :).
    xx Belinda

    I go a few times every year. There are so many amazing places. But priority has to be Poogan’s Porch for brunch. The story of that place is adorable to begin with (they tell about the history on their website) but the food is insane. So good.
    You also need to go to Husk for dinner and/or drinks, 82 Queen has the best dinner, Toast Cafe, Hominy Grill, then make sure to go to the market, the battery, hit rainbow row, maybe even a carriage tour (i’ve always wanted to do the haunted one).
    It’s just an awesome place. You’ll love it

  • Fun list! Enjoy D.C. — I live in Virginia, but I take trips up to go to concerts at the 9:30 Club at least once a year, so catch a show there if you can, and then go get a boozy milkshake at BackBar, just around the corner.

    I don’t know that I’ll get to travel much this year, but if I do, it will have to be within the U.S. So I’d love to hit up Austin, Nashville, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Charleston (one of my internet BFFs lives there, and the food trucks are supposed to be amazing!).

  • I just moved to Dallas in September! My husband and I ADORE this city. So much to do, see, shop for, and of course eat. 😉 Absolutely worth a long weekend of exploration, especially with family!

  • We’re visiting my husband Matthew’s old stomping grounds near D.C. later this year. It’s been so fun but so challenging to narrow down our list of museums. We could probably wander the Smithsonians for days but we only have two in the city. Right now, I’m leaning toward the National Zoo, American History, and the Air and Space.

  • Travel is a big thing for me, so much so that we scrimped and saved and traveled for almost 11 months straight last year. It really puts life into perspective!

    We went to Chile and LOVED it. Santiago is a really cool (and only getting cooler) city, and the mountains and clean lakes are really reminiscent of British Columbia. I think you guys would love it.

  • NOLA — Cafe DuMonde — beignets, every day, all day. And pralines. Have mercy, so good.

    DC — all the museums, they are fantastic and you can spend a whole day and still not see it all, its fantastic.

    Happy (and safe!) Travels!

  • Hi!
    All looks like amazing places.
    I´m from Argentina, and last year i visited Torres del Paine in Chile. Is a delicious experience! I wish you can visit South American and the Patagonia. You won’t believe what your eyes will see.

  • These are some great places! My friend is getting married in Charleston next October, so I’m excited to venture south of Canada to pay her a visit 🙂

    julie // northern rustication

  • I’m from the DC area, and if you go, you MUST go to 2 Amy’s! Love that you pictured it here! It’s the most authentic Italian (Neapolitan) pizza I’ve had outside of Italy. Cheers to yummy adventures!

  • It’s great you’ve got these places in mind – with a list, you can make things happen!! Dallas is so awesome, definitely go to a fancy steakhouse while you are there just to observe the crowd. New Orleans has been on my list forever too! If you make it this year, share your experience?

    🙂 Jill
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  • i’m from dallas and lived there for 19 years. i would never live there again, but it’s a super fun place to visit! if you guys end up making a trip down there, post on here so i can send you a bunch of good restaurant/bar tips and museum ideas!!

  • Well as chance would have it, my bf and I are taking a road trip to the US this year! (we’re a perfect blend of British and French and we live in Yorkshire at the moment) We’ll even be rushing through Missouri on our way from Nashville to Iowa City (a friend of mine lives there) and I was wondering if you might recommend some cool places in your home state. So excited already!! xx

    Oh and we’ll be spending 3 days in New Orleans, CANNOT WAIT!!

  • My husband and I did a trip around the South last year and went to both Charleston and New Orleans. Charleston is THE BEST, you will loooove it. I definitely want to go back!!! Good food, such a charming city, and lots of beautiful spots to check out within driving distance.

  • If you’re going to come to Texas, you definitely need to come to Fort Worth too! I love living here!

  • Great list!!! Charleston and New Orleans are top on my list too! I’ve been to DC many times and I really love that city! This year on my list, is Asheville, NC…i’ve heard such great things and really have been wanting to go there for years!!

  • All fantastic places to visit! Cannot wait to read about your upcoming adventures after your visits and your thoughts and experiences (even though you will have a great time at all of those locations). 🙂

  • I love this list, and I love that you mixed in an exotic place too! I recently moved from Louisiana to Austin, TX and although I always loved New Orleans my love for it has grown since I moved. I miss it so much (i lived in Baton Rouge, only 1 hr away so it made for a great weekend trip destination). I’ve been there dozens of times but it the type of place where you always find something new to explore.

  • Beautiful list! I have been to Charleston, DC, and Dallas and can vouch for them all being wonderful and unique places. Charleston is charming. DC is fascinating. Dallas is vibrant. Have an awesome year of traveling!

    I am hoping to go to New Orleans, St. Louis, Cardiff, London, and Reykjavik this year.

  • Dallas is wonderful!! I would recommend going to a Rangers game (if you go in the summer/fall). The atmosphere is so fun and you can never beat a good time at the ball park. A good restaurant that my husband and I love is called Tillmans Roadhouse. Its an awesome little steak place. They are well known for their table side s’mores, but I personally LOVE their tater tots.

  • Hey Emma!

    I live about 2 hours west of New Orleans in Lafayette, LA. We love taking day trips. We usually follow the same plan – 1. beignets at Cafe du Monde, 2. French Market, Royal street strolling, 3. lunch at a new place (gosh there are so many!), 4. drive over to Magazine street (lots of cute shops), 5. dessert at Sucre (on Magazine).

    The old houses on St. Charles street are amazing! Looking forward to a post if you go!


  • I live in New Orleans and it really is so much more than the hype. If you’re going to do a trip i would recommend coming either around easter when the weather is still decent or come and enjoy a weekend at Jazzfest. (late april & early May). Also make sure you visit the garden district, french quarter, and marigny.

  • GIRL. Come to New Orleans! The best food you’ll ever eat, amazing music, the friendliest people, so many weird corners of the city, AND the best opportunities for pictures… crazily painted houses everywhere, live oak trees strung with lights, street art everywhere you go… I have about 1 million suggestions if y’all come down!

  • The only place I’ve been on your list is Charleston. My husband and I went for our honeymoon back in March. I really enjoyed it, but wish I had more exploring time.
    We went to a seafood place downtown called “Pearlz”. It was very yummy (if you like seafood).
    I hope he and I can go back soon!

  • I live in Dallas and it is the most magical city in the USA. I’m a little bias I know but there is something for everybody here! Great food places, museums, parks, sights, bars, everything! I am volunteering myself to be your sights recommender! The Bishop Arts district is just south of Downtown Dallas it has the cutest shops and restaurants. My Favorite is Emporium Pie (Try the buttermilk pie, ugh it hurts its so good), Joy Macaroons, Oddfellows (the best brunch spot but always so busy), Hunky’s burgers, and Eno’s Pizza. Also you’ll enjoy Klyde Warren Park, in downtown, theres beautiful buildings and fun sights to see.
    My husband and I are planning a trip to NOLA the end of March! So excited for the food, music, and clubs!
    Have Fun!

  • If you’re ever in town (chile) please do call. I’d love to help. My country really is beautiful!!!

  • Yes! Charleston is definitely up there on my list. That is so nice of your sister, I’m a bit jealous haha. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Everyone has to visit NOLA. At least once… kinda like Vegas. You go. You live it up. And you’re good for the rest of your life. HA!!!

  • Ok, now I want to go to every place on your list as well! Those pictures make them look so amazing. This year I really want to gain more experiences and travel and make some awesome memories; thanks for the suggestions!

  • I have really thought of going to South Carolina, but it is very beautiful ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • I went to Chile about 10 years ago, including a trip to Torres del Paine (the mountain photo). It was AMAZING. You should definitely go.

  • I’m from Argentina..!! Now i’m living in Chicago..!! I recommend you from my country visit Mendoza City (is near Chile). Also “Cataratas del Iguazu” in Province of Misiones, “Parque Nacional los Glaciares” in Province of Santa Cruz, “Valle de la Luna” in Province of San Juan, “Ruinas of San Ignacio Miní” in Province of Misiones. “Bariloche” in Province of Rio Negro, “Salinas Grandes ” in Province of Salta and Jujuy. That is a great page for you guys

    I Hope you like it my country..!!

  • Charleston is amazing! I had the chance to live there for a few years when my husband was in the Navy and now we are doing everything we can to be able to move back there! There is so much to see and do. There are ao many restaurants in Charleston. You really can’t go wrong wherever you choose to eat. Make sure you go to brunch somewhere while you are there. Toast is a great place for brunch. There are lots of plantations and cypress gardens is also beautiful. Make sure to stop and see the Angel Oak Tree while you are there. You guys will love Charleston!!

  • Charleston is an awesome city. We live just 1 1/2 aways away and I have only been twice, this year I hope to plan an anniversary trip there. SO many amazing places to eat.

    Three top places I want to go
    New Orleans
    Miami been all over FL but never seemed to make it there

    I lived 11 years in Northern California and Never really got to explore San Francisco as much as I wanted so I would like a do over Hahaha.

    Have fun in Charleston….. I love to visit old cemetaries and the little coffee shops. My Chef I work for worked at a few well known places in both Charleston and in New Orleans So makes me want to explore both those cities just for the food alone.

  • Oh, you will love Charleston! I’m from there and it is really such a great place. I suggest going to Kaminskys for pastries and drinks. Oh! Also Market Street Sweets. You can watch them make pralines and they’ll sample them out to you. SO SO SO good! Really, you might as well just plan on gaining a bunch of weight because Charleston is a great place for DELISHIOUS food! 🙂

  • I think you should come to Norway (contry). Im sure you would love cities like Bergen and places like Lofoten. Promise me you will check(google, pictures) them out!

  • Our plans are to visit more of the remote places in Alaska (I live in Anchorage) and see wildlife. I love your list and have enjoyed Dallas, New Orleans (go during Madi Gras, try a beniot) and DC.

  • I hope you get to go to DC! It’s my favorite US city. It’s picture perfect at the end of April/early May when the cherry trees bloom, but fun really any time of year. All the museums (and zoo!) are fantastic (and free!) Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown are essential neighborhoods to visit!! Xx

  • All of these places are on my list too! I’m excited for pics from yours and Elsie’s SC trip later on this year!

    One thing I always struggle with when picking travel destinations is whether I want to go somewhere new, or whether I should go back to a place that has captured my heart. It’s such a toss up!

    xx Kathryn

  • I’m going to both Charleston and D.C. this year, too.
    I’m from Dallas – you should check out Bishops Arts District while you’re here (shopping, dining – don’t miss Emporium Pie – so yummy). The arts district downtown is very modern – even if you don’t see a show it’s nice to visit for the architecture. McKinney Avenue trolley – free and takes you from downtown to uptown (bars, more good food, etc). And, you could even check out Fort Worth while you’re down here – the stockyards, Billy Bob’s, and Joe T. Garcia’s are a few of my fave spots. However, I wouldn’t suggest coming to Dallas in the summer – the heat is pretty miserable!

  • Charleston is the best! For two years, I lived relatively close and made a few weekend trips. I could wax lyrical about a thousand ideas if you want them…! There is a rooftop bar at the Market Pavilion hotel – it’s beautiful, great service, very special. Kitchen 208 on King Street has amazing sandwiches, I took my bf to Husk for his birthday (incredible Southern food), make sure you walk through the battery and do a house tour. Definitely recommend a carriage tour too. About an hour and a half north of Charleston are the Cypress Gardens, scenes from the Notebook were filmed there and it is INCREDIBLE! You’re going to have an amazing time and I will happily give you more tips!

  • I agree with the Dallas comments about Tillman’s and the Bishop Arts District. Tillman’s is a “roadhouse” with lots of interesting dishes, including everything-made-in-house tableside s’mores. (Drool!!) Sometimes I’ll go there JUST for dessert. What I love about Dallas are all the little areas within the big city.

    -Bishop Arts District: Fun boutiques and great bars and restaurants. (Emporium Pies, Hattie’s, Tillman’s Roadhouse, Eno’s Pizza, 303 Bar and Grill, to name a few.)
    -Trinity Grove: Another up-and-coming restaurant district (with areas featuring murals by Shepard Fairey!). Pretty much can’t go wrong over here.
    -Downtown: Klyde Warren Park (a park that goes over a highway and features small restaurants, outdoor games, etc.), PEROT MUSEUM (that gets all caps! You could spend DAYS here. The building itself is an architectural beauty, and contains 5 floors of nature and science, some hands-on!), George W. Bush Presidential Library (this is close to SMU and definitely worth a visit!).
    -Knox Henderson: So. Many. Restaurant choices. Victor Tango’s is a favorite (shared apps, great cocktails). Also Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar.

    -SMOKE: This is next door to the Belmont Hotel, which is also fun to go to for drinks at night with a view of downtown. But at Smoke, get the blueberry ricotta pancakes and have your life changed forever.
    -Bolsa, La Duni, Breadwinners, Oddfellows

    Other shoutouts: 6th floor museum (where Kennedy was shot), Ginger Man pub (great for craft beers), Hypnotic Donuts.

    I think I’ve overloaded you with enough info. Haha!

  • Dallas is amazing! I currently live in Austin. My boyfriend goes to college in Dallas and whenever I visit he takes me to a new place every time! At night time the city just glows!

  • Ugh. One more. The (first ever!!!!) original frozen margarita at Mariano’s Hacienda Ranch in Dallas. And the original El Fenix. And while we’re on the topic of Mexican food, Mr. Mesero. Haha, okay NOW I’m done.

  • We spent two days in DC this summer. I was so in love I wanted to move there on the spot! You gotta go to King Street! It’s beautiful down there. The houses are crazy adorable.

  • Living in Germany the places on your list are far from mine (shame because I’d love to visit Charleston and New Orleans). I’m planning a trip to Amsterdam/NL instead as the city’s one option for my M.A. studies and I’ve never been there!

  • We will be going to Maui soon! So excited to be there for our 2nd time. It’s been so cold here in Michigan. We are looking forward to some warm temps! Enjoy your time with your sister in Charleston!

  • how wonderful to have the means to travel wherever you want, whenever you want!! for most of us commoners – this would be 5 separate trips over 5 separate years… ha ha…. travel it up, girl! you kids are livin’ the dream <3

  • You will LOVE Charleston. It’s so quaint and the food is fantastic! My husband and I are actually going for a quick overnight trip this weekend. We love brunch at Poogan’s Porch – go for the shrimp and grits and you HAVE to have a bloody mary. Or pick up a bottle of Charleston Mix while you are there. It’s the only bloody mary mix I will use! There’s also a spot called McCrady’s – their bar is fantastic. So cozy and beautiful. Have a blast!

  • You will LOVE Charleston. It’s so quaint and the food is fantastic! My husband and I are actually going for a quick overnight trip this weekend. We love brunch at Poogan’s Porch – go for the shrimp and grits and you HAVE to have a bloody mary. Or pick up a bottle of Charleston Mix while you are there. It’s the only bloody mary mix I will use! There’s also a spot called McCrady’s – their bar is fantastic. So cozy and beautiful. Have a blast!

  • I really wish to travel more this year as well! I really wish to see England.

  • Great list! I’ve never traveled to any of these places but they look amazing and are on my list as well. I think I’m very interested in the history of Charleston and New Orleans, as well as all the amazing scenery Chile has.

  • Charleston is a beautiful city. Add Butcher & Bee to your list of eateries – it’s incredible! They source local ingredients & their menu is ever changing. Great place to grab lunch. It’s a little off the beaten path but well worth it.

  • Too amazing! I want to go everywhere on that list! Have to say, it’d be so cool to just stumble upon y’all (added for the “Texas Charm” effect) when you come to Dallas! I love living here- it’s so fun! Hope you enjoy.

  • Hi, April! Just in case you check back here… I live in DC and thought a few tips might be helpful! Admittedly, I am not a fan of zoos in general, but even putting that aside, a lot of folks are disappointed in the National Zoo. Although it has been undergoing renovations, it is NOT like San Diego or some of the other impressive zoos around the country. It is not really a place to see animals (and I mean that literally – you might not see a lot of animals).

    If museums are your cup of tea, American History is a classic, although Air and Space is actually rather dated (think 1970s, really). The National Museum of the American Indian is very interesting (and if you want to eat lunch on the Mall, it is the only spot of any interest), the Newseum is always fantastic (not free, but SO worth the price of admission), and the National Portrait Gallery is stunning.

    I know that it sounds so cliche, yet I cannot help but talk about the monuments. There is nothing like seeing them in person. Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, the Vietnam War, the Korean War (too often overlooked, but incredibly powerful), and the amazing WWII memorial. And don’t forget about FDR! You actually walk through his monument (he did not want anything larger than he was), and it is very moving.

    One thing that a lot of people don’t realize? You can visit the offices of House Members and Senators. (Have you heard of Flat Stanley? I took the Flat Stanley of one of my niece’s to her Representative’s office and took pictures in his chair and with his staff. A big hit.) And with a bit of planning, you can get a tour of the Capitol.

    Enough rambling. I just always want visitors to our beautiful capital to leave inspired!

    Cheers to a great visit!

  • Yay! Dallas!

    I’m from the Dallas – Fort Worth area and you should definitely check out the Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts and lower Greenville area. Stop by Emporium Pies and Pecan Lodge for some yummy barbeque!

  • If you go to South America, you really should go to PERU! It is such a beautiful country with so much to see and do! Lima, Cusco, Iquitos, the Amazon… seriously… the best. Also, I lived in Rio de Janeiro for a year and loved it. Traveling to Brazil is quite expensive compared to other places in South America, but Rio is worth it!

  • I’m going to Dallas next month! We’ve been traveling more lately and I LOVE it.

    I spent some time in DC in November, and I would definitely recommend visiting the Holocaust Museum and the Korean War Memorial — though all of the museums and memorials are incredible. I love that city!

    Always, Anita

  • I love all of those cities! Chile is the only one on the list I haven’t been too and it looks amazing!

    “Magnolia’s” is a precious restaurant in Charleston that you should visit.

    When you go to Dallas, theres a candy shop called “Dude, Sweet” that has the most ridiculous marshmallows! And “Oddfellows” is always a big hit with their red velvet pancakes 🙂

  • I am lucky enough to travel a lot, I am originally from Canada, I’ve lived in the States for a while and my husband and I have been ,iving in Belgium for the past five years…. In the last years, we visited more than 30 countries. Traveling is a true gift, it opens our eyes on diversity! Charleston was part of our honeymoon trip 9 years ago, and I am keeping amazing memories from it! On my travel list this year, Latvia, Tuscany, London, Burgundy and maybe a few more!

  • Check out the Bishop Arts district in Dallas, so many cool restaurants and the wonderful Bishop Cider. Also you can find the best breakfast in DC at Market Lunch in Eastern Market! Just make sure to get there early, a lot of breakfast items sell out its soooooo good 🙂

  • You need to visit South America, Argentina.

    Specially south of my country: Villa La Angostura and San Martin de los Andes.

    Beautiful places with mountains and magical lakes!

  • I’m a Canadian who recently visited Washington and loved it! It was such a fantastic city! My favourite moment was taking a cab to the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise. There was literally no one there except for a few joggers and it was really moving with the light pouring in and the cool marble floors. It was fun to chill on the steps and watch the sunrise. Also, rent a bike! Their bike share program is amazing and really saves your legs when walking the national mall.

  • You are gonna love NOLA – its soooo much fun and the food. OMG. A must is Chef Paul’s (K-Paul’s) and Acme Oyster Bar – if you can’t get in there head across the street to Felix Oyster Bar and have some bbq oysters. Actually you’ll just eat your way from one end to the other.. beignets at the Cafe DuMond. And the square. Sweet.

    And DC omg. never gets old. The history blows me away each and every time.

  • I never gave Charleston a second thought until I started following the photographer Olivia Rae James…she’s based there and she makes it look so dreamy!
    My husband and I went to Argentina last spring (yes, different from Chile…but similar). We loved it! We went to Bariloche (a mountain/lakeside town in northern Patagonia) and Buenos Aires. I would highly recommend it! And we stayed in the most amazing luxury AirBnB cabin in Bariloche…it was insane! (Look for Nuno’s properties).

  • You MUST eat at Good Stuff if you go to DC to get a burger and the best milkshake of your life! You won’t regret it!

  • Yay! M&I are visiting Dallas, Tx twice in the next month! what!

    We have a trip for NO set in May.

    Chile sounds so much fun. We are already set for London, but saving up for SA sounds fun. 🙂

  • I used to work for Carnival Cruise Lines and docked in New Orleans, FABULOUS spot to get stationed;) I LOVED Stanley’s breakfast spot in Jackson Square. The eggs benny with cornmeal crusted oysters = a meal I still dream about. Also my sis lives in Dallas, and it is HUGE if you can go to the outlying communities, DENTON is ADORABLE with fun vintage shops, an amazing thrifty bookstore (I sent like 3 flatrate boxes of BOOKS home to Hawaii, lol) and overall cute small town vibe! Happy Traveling, you’ve made me want to make a list now!

  • I really wanna see New Orleans as well! Looks absolutely stunning and a bit out-of-this-world 😀 Americans should really take advantage of the states and visit as many as possible. I come from a tiny country you can travel across in about 3 days! Maybe someday I get to travel across US as well ^^
    And hopefully, you get to see my charming country! Slovenia is always pretty 🙂

  • Wow, I’m from chile and I have been a reader of your blog longtime!, I was surprised to see that chile make it in to your top 5, it is definitely a beautiful country!
    If you would like to come visit, I recommend planning a long trip, as there is plenty to see, we have from deserts, glaciers and mountains, to beautifully cold magical ancient forests!

  • These are all of my list, except Dallas, which my husband and I have titled The Most Boring City Ever. This may be totally unfair because we go to visit his brothers, who only believe in going to work and going to their favorite bar after work. The only thing they ever suggest to do is go to the mall- not a favorite traveling activity of mine. So, all this to say, if you go to Dallas, please do a travel post of your favorite spots so that I can have something to look forward to the next time we go! The one thing we have done and enjoyed is visiting NASA.

  • Nice! I’ve made the same goal with my husband for this year, and already booked my first trip of the year. It’s a big one. we are going to Turkey for15 days! I’m beyond excited. I live in Brazil and i visited Chile two times. one of them was in my honeymoon. I could totally live in Santiago. I’m pretty sure you will love it! xoxo

  • New Orleans is my favorite place on earth and Charleston is a close second. The architecture, the food, the history…they’re DIVINE. You can’t go wrong with either.

  • One of my dearest friends lives in Chile, close to the city, and she loves it there! The photos she takes are breathtaking! You must go!

  • My friend who lived in New Orleans swears the best weekend to go is Halloween. He said the weather is still warm and it’s the least rainy month of the year. It still a wild party- but it doesn’t get the crowds like Mardi Gras or the big music festival weekends get. Happy travels!

  • Make South America your priority! I’am from Colombia and I couldn’t say enough!

  • I live in Dallas and it’s really up and coming! Bishop Arts in Oak Cliff, Trinity Groves and Deep Ellum are all great!

  • I highly suggest you visit DC when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. It’s like walking in the most beautiful dream world. Also, skip 2 Amys and head right to Matchbox Pizza! It can’t be beat (I mean, that’s obviously an opinion, but trust me!). Most DC museums are free (yay!) and amazing because they’re run by the Smithsonian, but some of the pay-to-enter ones are pretty good, too. I personally love the Newseum!

  • All of these places look like so much fun to visit. New Orleans and Chile have definitely been on my list of places that I want to visit for years, but I never thought that I’d want to take a trip to Charleston, North Carolina; your pictures of Charleston make it look like such a cute and picturesque place to visit.


  • woooow! I’ve been following you guys for like 4 years and and this is my first comment! come to Chile!!! it’s amazing, I mean at the north we have the Atacama desert, salt flats, beautiful beaches and valleys, and at the south we have woods and lakes and sites like the photos in your post, and of course, the Andes! but in general South America is a magical place, you should really REALLY come!
    I hope you accomplish all this travel goals for this year!!! 🙂
    (of course, I’m from Chile hahahaha sorry for my english if I had any mistake)

  • Yay for traveling! What is that cool place/pic in the Chile section? That looks so interesting and enticing 🙂

    My hubby used to live in New Orleans & just got back from a quick trip. Cafe Du Monde for sure – the original beignets & great coffee. Also, keep your phone whipped out, they’ll be great options for street photography 🙂

    Charleston has always been on my list, can’t wait to see photos.


    The desert of Atacama, the Elqui Valley, Santiago, the lakes of south, the long pacific coast (Valparaíso imperdible), the snow in the mountain, the tower of Paine… The whole country is attractive!

  • yea New Orleans! WHERE YAT? so much fun, so much food, so much culture. hollar if you need some recommendations from a local!


  • Chili is a big one on my list. It has so many different options. Caves, vineyards, mountains, ocean. I’ve also had this dream to cycle across the United States one day, as I think there would be something so intense about seeing, smelling, and feeling everything in a way you’d never be able to experience in a car. This won’t be for a few years at least, though, as my husband and I will need to be able to take off for 3-4 months to do this in one shot.

    Last year we went to New York, Paris, London, and Colorado. This year we plan to do an anniversary trip to Mexico. Somewhere warm. So fun to think about it!

  • Oh man! I want to go to New Orleans SO BAD. I’ve been obsessed with going there since I was a kid, and now I am dating a guy from Houston. Every time we are in Houston, I’m just like, “WE ARE SO CLOSE!!! LET’S JUST GO!”

    One of these days, I’m going to make it happen. Maybe I will in 2015!

  • Nice list! I actually want to go to New Orleans as well. Dallas is on the to do list. And so is Savannah Georgia. My “exotic” location is Portugal. I can’t wait to go.

  • DC is so fun and full of lots of free things to do, which makes it even more wonderful. I love Good Stuff Eatery (the best burgers ever), National Botanic Gardens (especially delightful at Christmas), FDR Memorial (unique and gorgeous in the spring when the cherry and magnolia trees are blooming), American History Museum (Julia Child’s kitchen set), the Hirshhorn (amazing modern art and free entry), so many more.
    Even though DC is home for me, I recently did a Segway tour with City Segway and had the best time. A fun, ridiculous way to see a huge chunk of the city and zip around the city between the spots. You do get stared at quite a bit though by fellow tourists, but it’s definitely worth it! I love signing up for Living Social for not only my local city, but the cities I plan to visit to get deals on the touristy things I already want to do (half-price Segway tour!).

  • Great list! I was in washington this summer and I absolutely loved it, there are some good restaurants and attractions out there! I would recommend you going to the Newseum, it is a journalism museum and so cool to see! Chile is also a wonderful place to go (I guess). For me, I hope someday I make it to Bali, it must be gorgeous! I hope you can go everywhere you want! With love,

  • Excited to see Dallas on this list (I’m a transplant)! Should you go, make sure to check out: Bishop Arts District (Wild Detectives Bookstore, Emporium Pie Company, Dude Sweet Chocolate), Lower Greenville (Mudsmith Coffee), Deep Ellum (Monkey King Noodle), and Uptown (Magnolia movie theatre, if you want to catch a movie; Crooked Tree Cafe for coffee). There’s also an awesome veg Indian buffet in East Dallas. For bars, try Cedar Social on Southside or Parliament in Uptown.

    And wear stretchy pants…because this city is all about eating. 🙂

  • Oh, I’ve just put more traveling on my lifelist! This year I’m going to Iceland in May and New York in september (I live in Sweden), we’ll probably take the boat to Finland with friends and their kids. Also Barcelona, Spain we really want to go there but we’ll, we aint made out of money 😉 I want to go on a roadtrip in Texas, visit Southamerica and lots and lots more… In my 5-yearplan I want to do a longer trip like 2-3 months with my family. My daughter told me yesterday she want to go to China and England so we’ll see what happends 🙂 Chile and New Orleans I’d like to visit as well

  • My travel plans for 2015: ROMA with my parents and brother, haven’t travelled with them for 15 years, so i just can’t wait!! and IRELAND(6th time, just in love with the country and people)and finally ICELAND wanted to go for a very looong time so i’m really excited. For those last two i’m going with my best travel buddy…and 2016 will be USA for 3 months! I’ll probably pass by springfield!

  • I love seeing other travel wish lists <3 I live in New Orleans, grew up in a rural area right outside, and moved here for my job. There's definitely no where like it!

    For Food:

    1. Mr. Bs: A fancy restaurant for a special evening, but oh so laid back. I hate fancy restaurants that I feel like I can't joke and have fun in. You MUST get the famous BBQ shrimp from there.
    2. Red Gravy: Favorite Brunch Spot before hitting downtown spots. Creole Italian cuisine.
    3. Creole Creamery: A local ice cream shop that is housed in a famous pre-Katrina New Orleans bakery.


    1. Avenue Pub: A quaint little pub on St. Charles with a TON of beer selections. And as a plus you can ride down St. Charles and look at all the fancy houses.
    2. Pat Os: Piano Bar that everyone sings along to...need I say more. It's my fav when I'm a lil tipsy and want to sing my heart out.
    3. Frenchman Street: Filled with bars with local bands playing nightly, and they have an art market that is open at night where local artisans sell their goods.


    1. Magazine Street is chock full of the best antique shops.
    2. The French Market, and of course you'll have to stop for beignets on the way.

    And if you want some nature time while you visit, the Jean Lafitte National Park is only about a 30 min drive, and it has some amazing hiking trails. There is nothing quite like the wetlands of Louisiana, and I'd highly recommend some sort of time in the swamps whether it's a swamp tour or a nice hike.

    Hope this helps!

  • You should totally come to South America. Have you thought of Argentina? We have glaciers in the south(Patagonia), and we have very desertic climate in the north(like Jujuy), not to mention the Iguazu falls. Very different places to visit with very different scenarios. I think either Argentina or Chile would be really exciting! (Let me know if you come to Buenos Aires, I can show you really cool places in my city and you’ll get to see the place as a local! :))

  • Charleston looks so gorgeous! I’ve never been but am hoping to get there someday 🙂

    -Holly, Six Resolutions

  • 2 Amy’s is the best! I used to live down the street while I was in law school and it took so much restraint not to eat there all the time. Be sure to leave a lot of time because they are always packed! There’s also a really good Mexican place next door. Yum!

  • I’m going to DC this year for the first time! Chile is definitely on my list as well. New Orleans was such an interesting city. Great list!

  • I was in Chile last year (Santiago, Valparaiso, the Atacama Desert, and some northern coastal towns) for about 3 weeks and it was absolutely amazing! Definitely one of the coolest places I have ever been 🙂

  • I’ve lived in Dallas for the past 15 years-ish, and I’m proud of the awesome transformations its undergone in the past few years. What we lack in outdoorsey fun we make up for in food! Check out Oddfellows for brunch or a coffee break, Il Cane Rosso is some AMAZING pizza. Deep Ellum is great for drinks and some live music, Bishops Arts and Trinity Groves are amazing emerging areas of great restaurants and bars. We even have some great breweries – Deep Ellum Brew Co, 4 Corners, Community and Revolver (a bit of a drive).

    Have fun on your trips!

  • Ah, I live in downtown Charleston!! I love it here so much, it has the small city vibe but around 3/4 of the buildings were built in the 1800s (my house was built in 1791!)

    I agree with a previous commenter, Black Tap has the best lavender latte. Kudu is also a wonderful choice for morning coffee. The same reader also mentioned Xiao Bao Biscuit, but just as a heads up they’re closed until further notice since the owners have been on a “sabbatical” in Asia.

    I know you both love Urban Outfitters, and the one here is located on King Street and was built in an old opera house, definitely worth stopping in. There’s also this really cool pineapple fountain right off of the water, it’s in the more touristy part of town, so the tour guides will send you in the right direction. The open air Market is a must, but beware as some streets will reek of horse pee with all of the horse carriage tours, ha!

    Food Recs: Edmund’s Oast (the pickled shrimp is to die for), Butcher & Bee (late night b/w 11 pm – 3am, I recommend the Buffalo Fries), Taco Boy, Fast & French, Glazed Donut Shop (their selection changes daily, but get the Purple Goat if they have it)

    Bar Recs: The Royal American (get the rum punch!), The Rarebit (they have the best Moscow Mule I’ve ever tasted), Warehouse, Bay Street Biergarten

    Shopping Recs: House of Sage, Exchange Factor (vintage), JLinSnider (she currently has a pop-up shop in a place called King Dusko, also on King St)

    Avoid: Hyman’s, carriage tours (the treatment of the horses by certain companies is controversial)

    Charleston City Paper ( is also an excellent resource for local events happening when you visit. I hope you two enjoy your vacation, maybe I’ll see you meandering the streets 😉

  • Charleston is fantastic. It’s mine and my husband ‘s favorite city. We visit often – the history is wonderful! The Bed & Breakfast’s in the historic district is the way to go. And if you have time come visit my hometown, Savannah – just a short drive south – another great city filled with yummy eats and history.

  • I’ve been dreaming of an adventure to New Orleans for years now and I’m finally making the trip next week! Can’t wait to be eating all sorts of delicious treats and listening to lovely live music!

  • Love this!! I want to go to Chile SO bad! Also Croatia is at the top of my list. But for U.S. I really want to see the Grand Canyon and Boston!

  • These past few years my trips have been to places I’ve already lived, visiting family and old friends. This year, I’m taking three months to visit Italy and farm-hop (WWOOFing) and being a tourist in the big cities. I’m beyond thrilled.

  • I’d love to visit all of these places! We’re planning on going to Florida again sometime this year, and I’m trying to convince my parents to take a road trip up to Charleston! I’ve always wanted to go.
    Chile looks amazing too – it’s somewhere I’ve always had on my list of must visit places. That and Peru. 🙂
    Have a great day!
    xo April Everyday

  • ahh, such lovely places! there are so many cities in the us i want to visit, you just made my list longer! and i’ve caught the travel bug as well, i’ve *planned a bunch of trips this year (london, nyc, stockholm, traveling through eastern europe), and i really really hope that they all go through!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I was excited to see Dallas on your list! I’m from Dallas and now live in Austin. Dallas gets a bad rep for being pretentious and “plastic,” but there are lots of great neighborhoods that feel very authentic and fresh, that take a bit longer to discover. Check out Henderson (just east of 75) and Lower Greenville for my favorite bars and restaurants. Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff is also fantastic. There are some great spots in Deep Ellum and Lakewood as well. Just stay away from Uptown and Downtown, for different reasons. Let me know if you want specific restaurant / activities recs, I’d be happy to send them over!

  • As a Chilean, I totally recommend visiting the south of Chile! Is so beautiful!

    I’m preparing a post of Huilo Huilo for my blog! The last year I had the opportunity to visit this place and I fall in love with it. I think I will publish the post this week or maybe the next one, I just have to translate it to english 😛

    Also I can give you tips if you like 😉

  • I just moved to New Orleans this past August and absolutely LOVE it!! If you need a tour guide, I’ll be here!

  • Definitely visit hyman’s restaurant while you’re in Charleston! They have the best fried green tomatoes. It’s a must and it’s cool to see which celebrity’s sat at your table!

  • Visit New Orleans as fast as you can. There is NO other city like it and I know, I’m a military wife who’s lived all over the country and in Europe. However, I am a native NOLA girl. New Orleans was the greatest city to grow up in.
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  • I love both Charleston and DC. My best friend lives in DC and so I’ve gotten to go a lot more recently. Eastern Market is a lot of fun and my all time favorite pizza place anywhere is We, the Pizza on Capitol Hill.

  • I live in Dallas, and while the size of the city can be rather overwhelming, there are many really fun pockets that feel more small town.

    I love Bishop Arts in Oak Cliff, I’d highly suggest Emporium Pies or Hunky’s and there is fun shopping too.

    Greenville Avenue is covered in cute bars like the Vagabond or Libertine, plus there is a Buffalo Exchange(!!!) and Mudsmith Coffee is lovely also.

    Trinity Groves is a fun area too, it’s newly developed and changing all the time as business are still moving in and making the area their own.

    Have a great time traveling this year! An I hope you tell us all about your adventures!

  • Great list! My hubby and I just booked a trip to New Zealand for March and I am going to New Orleans in April for a girl’s trip to celebrate us all turning 30 this year. South America is so on my bucket list for the next big trip too, with Portland and Seattle as the more reasonable local destinations. Travel makes my heart happy!

  • My best friend went to study in New Orleans for 6 months – since then I’m dying to go!
    If you find a stray blogger hiding in your suitcase, please look the other way. I’ll be very grateful.

  • This is an excellent travel list. All of these places are new to me except DC – since I grew up around there and have visited many times. I would love to visit New Orleans, Charleston, Dallas, and Chile as well. The number one place on my current list though, has got to be Iceland.

    Rae | love from berlin

  • Oh yes Smoke indeed. Their brunch is so very good, and everything smells amazing!

    Breadwinners, Oddfellows, Gingerman all great choices!

    April is my favorite in Dallas, the bluebonnets and sunny spring air is the very best.

    Maybe try the Dallas Arboretum too!

  • Go to New Orleans (but not for Mardi Gras! Too crazy!)!!

    Cutest ever AirBnB there:

    Make sure to get the alligator cheesecake (I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this one) from Jaques-Imo’s, and a Sazerac from the carousel bar at the Monteleone. And have wine and cheese at Bacchanal! And so many other things!! Ahh!

  • I went to Charleston! Super cute town. While your there, check out Seabrook Island! It’s another cute little getaway and only a half hour drive from charleston.

  • ha! as a chilean gal i can give you a few tips about my country, it’s a very fun destination with a wide range of activities depending of what suits you better.
    try to come in september so you can soak in the “fiestas patrias” spirit, the national holidays are a huge thing around here, nothing like chilean people on september 😉

    all the other places sound fun too! 😉 i dream of visiting japan and buenos aires, argentina, lots of friends to visit there.

  • Just booked tickets(exactly 10 minutes before reading this) to Alaska!!! EXCITED!! other places on my list for this year are Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Vancouver/Whistler, Canada, and North Carolina(My BFF lives there), and of course home in India to which i am going next week! 😀 Good luck on your travel plans, i wish that you get to see all these places! 🙂


  • You will love the south of Chile! <3 I'm from Concepción and I always visit Villarrica, Valdivia and all those places in the south. Good places to take lots of pictures.

  • I am traveling all over for work this year (internationally and to Kansas City!), but I would love to go to NYC again. I have been itching to go to Thailand, so we’ll see what happens there :). Have a wonderful time in Charleston – it’s a beautiful city!

  • Love this post! 1 and 3 are absolutely amazing and I love them so–particularly Charleston! I think you might fall in love–and a sister trip is the best. #2 is on my list as well! I probably won’t make it this year as we are visiting Atlanta, and a Caribbean cruise and hoping for a trip to Los Angeles in the fall. Happy travels to you!

  • I live in Alexandria, about 5 miles from DC and have been here all of my life. If you do make it this way, keep in mind those museums are not a day trip. You’ll need at least a day for Air & Space and Natural History. Come off season if you can as well, the Cherry Blossoms are lovely….but the crowds are not. 🙂

  • I live in Chile and it’s absolutely wonderful! I’m from California originally and the central part of the country is very similar. What’s so intriguing is the country is so long that there is every climate you can imagine. From the driest place on earth ( not kidding) to one of the wettest coast rain forests in the south. Not to mention all the lakes and glaciers in Patagonia. The people are kind and the food is good. If you need for information just give a shout out!

  • Go to Chile!
    I lived there for two years and it was amazing! Great scenery and awesome people.
    Make sure to check out the pubs and discos in Santiago’s neighborhood Bellas Artes, the Mercado Central and the pub (very “local”) Piojera to enjoy a few “terremotos”! (Mix of pineapple ice cream, granadine, and a local wine… They are delicious and very dangerous!)
    Go to Viña del Mar, enjoy the casino and visit Concon (the scenery is simply breathtaking!!!!)… Eat a lot of seafood and empanadas! Do not miss out on Valparaiso’s outings. Day AND night! The city is amazing.
    Oh, so many good memories… Y’all love it! 🙂

  • New Orleans has been on my list forever! I just recently added Charleston, SC to my list too. I have this huge desire to do a cross-continent road trip where I start at home in the Canadian prairies (right in the middle!), head west towards British Columbia and then down the West Coast, across (in a zig-zaggy sort of way) the southern states, back up the East Coast, and then under the Great Lakes to get back home. In my major planning modes I’ve mapped out a few different routes and I’ve definitely included Texas and Washington, D.C. on those lists! Even just thinking about traveling provides major enjoyment for me 🙂

  • I love DC! if you get the chance to go, try for April that’s when the cherry blossoms are usually blooming. So cool. and try hoping over to Baltimore and visit Edgar Allen Poet’s museum/house and grave.

  • Definitely go to DC in the late spring! And there’s so much more than the monuments and museums (though they are spectacular). There’s also a lot of charming neighborhoods, great bars, and a booming foodie scene. I recommend checking out Union or Eastern Markets, then strolling over to the H Street corridor to grab a bite and drink (or two). Brunch is HUGE in DC, and the options are endless.

  • If you’re coming to Charleston I would love to give you some ideas for adventures, foods, drinks, and off the beaten path places you’d be sure to love! I live right downtown and couldn’t imagine a better city to live in- or for others to come visit!

    Coffee: Kudu coffee and craft beer, browns court bakery, St. Alban
    Breakfast/brunch: callies hot little biscuit (My favorite little bites on king street) , butcher and bee, hominy grill,
    casual eats: fuel, r kitchen, social wine bar, taco boy! (great outdoor patio and indoor decor/feeling, amazing tacos and great cadilac margarita!)
    seafood: coast, the ordinary, amen street, pearlz
    fancy eats: cru cafe, husk, the grocery,
    drinks: warehouse (my favorite bar! get an employees only!), gin joint, closed for business, and Holy city, westbrook, and palmetto are great breweries! Holy city is my favorite 🙂

    you must go out to sullivans island! and grab a bite at Poes- they have the best burgers!

    sorry if this is a lot- its just such an amazing city! best way to explore is to rent a bike for your weekend!
    p.s. have a mini tumblr (most of it at home in charleston) which could give you some ideas too!

  • I live 30 minutes out of Dallas and I love it! The Dallas/Fort Worth area is amazing and so much fun. There are so many little adventures to be had, I hope you make it out there!

  • This is a great list! I love visiting places in your own country that you haven’t been to before, it’s just as good as travelling overseas! I think I need to compile a list like this as I’m constantly dreaming of the next place to visit!

  • My sister went to school in DC and 2 Amy’s is so so wonderful! I love that was the picture included 🙂

  • I’d looove to go to Japan. I learned a little bit Japanese language last year and always hooked on one or two anime, so yeah, Japan is totally in my bucket list.

    By the way, the places you featured in the post seem beautiful and I think I’d love to go there as well if I were to visit the USA someday (I’m from Malaysia).

    Ahhh feeling wanderlust over here!

  • I live in DC! Its so great and there so many amazing pockets and places to visit that aren’t just the touristy spots. Of course, those are great too, but theres so much more as well. I could give you a huge long list of great spots you would have to check out if you are able to make it depending on what you’re looking to do while here! 🙂

  • I’m from STL!! LEt me know if you want places to go. I have a list as long as my arm!

  • I love posts like this! I’m always curious where others want to travel and it gives me ideas for places I’d like to visit as well. I’ve always wanted to go to Charleston ever since I found out Army Wives (anybody else watch that show? I miss it!) was filmed there. It looks beautiful!

  • All these sound wonderful! I’m also planning on visiting a couple on your list: Dallas & charleston! Traveling is the best motivation out there isn’t it?

    If you’re visiting d.c., try renting a bike. The museums are quite far apart from each other and they have excellent bike rails

  • when you are an American living in Europe international trips are pretty easy(it feels like going to a state time wise) so our list was firstly the places of our birth Greece and the UK, then to Ireland,France, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, maybe Poland. Some of these are weekend trips and some are week long adventures as we have a school schedule to work around.

  • Ooo, I really want to go to Chile to 🙂 I`m getting married in February (winter wedding!) and we are going on our honeymoon to Svalbard (an island situated between Norway and the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean). Haha. Its going to be cold and unique! Hopefully we will se the northern light and polar bears! And we will go dog sledding on the glaciers.

    Sounds like a lot of fun to go on a vacation with your sister for your birthday! 🙂 The two of you are so sweet! 🙂

  • I was thinking this list was looking a bit too USA and then BAM! My own beautiful country is there! From the pics you posted I assume you’re planning on doing the south tour – great choice! I personally think Patagonia is one of the most breathtaking places in our planet (and this is coming from someone lucky enough to have visited like 20 countries so it’s not just home pride). I’d recommend the Patagonia Eco Lodge if you wanna stay by Torres del Paine (a must), my uncle runs the place haha also there are some smallish cruises that go around the glaciers and cape horn, they’re a great option too! If you want to see some cities I’d recommend Puerto Varas and Valdivia. Punta Arenas (the gateway to Patagonia) is honestly pretty boring so better to have your headquarters somewhere else. If you have the time definitely stop by Santiago so that you can check Valparaíso (it’s not as pretty now as it was in the past, mainly due to sanitary issues, but still beautiful!) and valle colchagua, where you can do wine tasting with the best wine ever! If you go to the north definitely go to Valle del Elqui and spend a whole night drinking local pisco and looking at the stars – best astronomical site ever. And of course, remember to overindulge in wine and avocados and have the best of times!

  • Charleston in AMAZING! My dad surprised my mom for their 40th anniversary and he “re-proposed” to her.. bended knee, ring and everything! You will love love love it!

  • I would also love to visit Chile, it seems like such a fascinating country with such contrasting landscapes. The only place I have been to in South America is Colombia which I highly recommend to anyone, such a beautiful country and such lovely people plus the food is amazing. I would love to travel round all of the Americas more but it is a much more considered trip from the UK.

    This year I would love to go back to Canada as my best friend lives there. I would also love to do some more Europe city weekend breaks, I live in London so it is easy to pop over to mainland Europe for a short holiday.

  • Totally inspired to make a travel list (and plans to actually do it!). Thanks for the push! Also, I’m a Louisiana native, and New Orleans is a must!

  • I’ve been to the first four and my firstborn, Trey, was born in West Texas!

    Not liking hot hot weather, I would only go to the first two in the colder months. Dripping sweat is not my friend. But Chile in July, mid winter would be a great break!

  • The Bishop Arts District is right outside of Dallas in Oak Cliff and is a MUST SEE! The have a shop dedicated only to pie, wonderful shops and food, and a secret wine bar hidden somewhere in the neighborhood around it!

  • Last year we went to DC and I was STARSTRUCK. I’ve been fortunate to travel to Europe and Asia, but I never expected to be so in awe of DC — a city here in my own country! It was an amazing trip. I want to go back so bad… I chalk up my love for DC to Scandal, House of Cards and Homeland.

    NOLA is on our list of places to go in 2015 also! Keep us posted 🙂

    Sarah Alves

  • I’m from Dallas (live in Chicago now), but if you do visit definitely check out Snuffers off Greenville and order Cheddar Fries! They are the BEST and very Texan, lol.

  • out of this list, I’ve only been to Dallas, for a concert. Well actually I drove through New Orleans but didn’t even get out of the car! I would also love to try all of their food! This post reminded me that there are lots of wonderful places to see in our nation, I always plan trips out of country! Hopefully I’ll have more in country trips this year.
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Thank you for this list! I’m an international traveler and don’t dream much about traveling within the US. However, there are so many wonderful places in The States to go and see! I’m a West Coaster, but I visited Louisiana when I was in middle school and long to go back. There’s such an amazing sense of culture and history there. Also, um, how dreamy is that first photo of Chile? It doesn’t even look real! Thanks for sharing ♥

  • Thank you for this list! I’m an international traveler and don’t dream much about traveling within the US. However, there are so many wonderful places in The States to go and see! I’m a West Coaster, but I visited Louisiana when I was in middle school and long to go back. There’s such an amazing sense of culture and history there. Also, um, how dreamy is that first photo of Chile? It doesn’t even look real! Thanks for sharing ♥

  • Check out Peregrine Espresso for coffee in DC, Dr. K’s vintage, all of U street has some new + cute boutiques, the museums are all great but the butterfly exhibit at the natural history museum and the air & space are always faves. do the monument tour at night, preferably by bicycle, they’re beautiful when lit up! Rock creek park and great falls if you have access to cars are both beautiful natural places to be (rock creek is actually in dc, the cemetery there is reaallly gorgeous) Comet Ping Pong for shows (and pizza… and yes, ping pong), Black Cat for indie shows. Ben’s chilli bowl is a staple, go to the little diner part not the new resturaunt which they just opened next door to it. DC is pretty alright. 😉

  • Wow… where is this place you have pictured in Chile?? This cone shaped lodge ?? just plain awesome!!

  • I want to go to DC and NOLA, too! I’m going to Mexico for the first time in May and I can’t wait. 🙂

  • If you make it to DC, definitely go to 2 Amys…great pizza! It has been a favorite for my husband’s family for years and we just went there over the holidays!

  • I’m a Charleston native – born & raised! We do have quite the city here, if I do say so myself. My hubs and I love Folly Beach – it’s where we had our first date, our engagement and our wedding! We LOVE Black Magic Cafe for breakfast – although their waitstaff has turned over recently. Where are you staying? Are you looking to do anything particular? There is so much to eat, see and do. I hope you enjoy our little city!

  • I actually have visited Chile! It was a group missions trip, so we spent most of the time in Santiago, which is a beautiful city. If you do go there, you have to visit the open-air craft market. We did also take a day trip to Valparaiso/Vina del Mar, which I really enjoyed. Especially because I’d never been to the Pacific Ocean before that!

    I’ve been to DC multiple times, since I only live about 1.5 hours away, depending on traffic. A couple of the Smithsonian museums are definitely a must-see, since they’re free! My husband and I are a little partial to the National Zoo (which is part of the Smithsonian, so you only need to pay for food and parking if you have a car). The pandas are adorable to watch.

  • Yeiii! I’m from Chile, and I’m currently living in Valparaíso which is in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage and it’s beautiful! Also I’ve been to Patagonia and Torres del Paine (both awesome and equally beautiful), but in my list is definitely San Pedro de Atacama in the north of Chile, I’m trying to save some money for that trip.

  • I live in Dallas. So many things to do perhaps you will come during a time you can check out a professional game.. Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks whether you are into sports or not the atmosphere, food and shenanigans are always so fun to be apart of.. My husband and I don’t get to travel much stateside but,always make an international trip once a year. We save all year for it to ensure its major! Over the last few years we’ve visited Paris, London, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Greece, Amsterdam.. So many different many experiences.. Travel as much as you can!

  • I so badly want to go to Chile! In particular, Santiago – it’s supposed to be amazing! Charleston, is another on my list – I’ve been to North East USA but that’s it and would love to explore further. I did visit Washington DC a couple years back, but as I was quite young I can hardly remember it – apart from visiting a couple museums which I loved! Good luck!! xx

  • Wow!!! Is that last image real!!!???? Our dream destinations for the year are surprisingly similar — I’m dying to travel through the US South (never done it even with some relatives living there!) and South America has really been calling to me too. Looking forward to seeing how your exploration of Charleston goes! Thanks for sharing this — so inspiring =)

  • Don’t spend all of your time in Dallas–you’ll LOVE Fort Worth even more! Check out Magnolia–it seems like your kind of place (a foodie’s dream!).

  • This is such a great list, there are so many cool places to see in the united states, let alone other countries!

    xo Kenzie
    easy, lucky, free

  • In New Orleans, definitely go to Café du Monde for beignets! And café au lait, unless you have an aversion to coffee and chicory. 100% worth it!

  • I am living in Chile now and it’s definitely worth visiting! There is so much to see and do, from the North to the South! Valparaíso is one of my favorites! Patagonia and the Torres del Paine is definitely a must-see, if you are interested in hiking/nature-y things! If you want more information, please send me an email. My boyfriend works in tourism here and we can help you with any planning or advice you may need.

  • You should definitely come to Chile, google Elqui Valley and you’ll love it! If you want any travel details or even some place to rent i can help u =)

    I’ll love to see some of your pics about my country!

    I just read all the comments above and is pretty amazing all the chileans that also read your blog, you totally must do some ABM meeting if you come to Chile 😛


  • I LIVE ACROSS THE STREET FROM 2 AMYS IN DC! I just looked out my bedroom window and then looked at this post and laughed out loud. When you visit, I have a few restaurant recommendations that will knock that pizza out of the water.

  • The chile is wonderful, my first international trip there and had no idea the amount of cool things that had to do. I stayed for seven days in the capital Santiago, if you are in late June or July can enjoy the ski season for skiing in the Andes mountains, the snowy valley. Can you see the house of the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, full of exentricities. The Cerro San Cristobal, patio Bela Vista, Cerro Santa Lucia, the public market (and experience the caldillo of eel), visit the wineries (especially Concha and Toro) and that’s just in Santiago you still have cities like Vina del sea and the Atacama Desert, which still come back to visit. Good luck with your travel plans!Sorry my english, i’m in the EUA in learn time..rsrs

  • Yes, come to New Orleans! I know Chef Tariq would love to have you ladies come into the kitchen at Sucré or visit one of the stores. The French Quarter store should be opening next month. Seriously. Email me if you book a trip down here and I’ll introduce you.

    And if you make it to Dallas, you need to go to Breadwinners Café for the best Coconut Cream Pie I’ve ever had. And also Dive, for super awesome quinoa salad and seafood. You could even take the dogs with you and go to Mutt’s Cantina. It’s a dog park with a café and adult beverages 😉

  • I have Japan, Hong Kong and Albuquerque on my list so far! Probably 2 places closer to home to finish the list. I’ve neverthelesnever been to North or South Carolina but I’ve heard their beaches are beautiful! That might be one of them =)

  • From the 5 places you listed, I already visited 3 of them: Washington, Chile & New Orleans. I can tell you that I loved all of them. Each one of them has his own soul that will enchant you. In New Orleans, taste the beignet with cafe au lait, have a dinner at Antoine’s restaurant and take one day to visit the plantations outside of New Orleans. In Chile, you have so much different choices: spend some days at Santiago, go to a wine tasting in Rapel Valley, and if you have time, at least 5 days, go to desert of Atacama! It is an amazing place!
    Have fun!

  • I live in Dallas! Definitely go to HG Supply Company, Lakewood Brewery Tour, Truck Yard, and Hopdoddy Burgers! You will have a blast in Dallas. I never want to leave!

  • I lived in Charleston for 10 years! The city has so much variety and great restaurants. Enjoy your time there!

  • I just came back from a work trip in Dallas… bring your sneakers! The trails are AMAZING. Like who knew I wanted an urban loft with a deck that opens up to a little bridge leading to miles and miles of public trails? Because now that’s what I want.

    Charleston is great- make sure to rent bikes to get around! It’s so small and fun and easy that way. 🙂

  • Hey, I live in Charleston and would love to say hi to you all when you are here.

    You should have a blase while here…it is quaint, cozy and steeped in history!

  • When you’re in Charleston —- Check out Jestines Kitchen… Amaaaaazing Southern/Low Country home cooking! 🙂

    a GREAT place for delicious homemade and very interesting drinks is the Gin Joint! They make their own tonic too which is neat!

    Walking through the streets with a camera is so much fun! I went a few years ago and was so in love with all of the flower baskets and greens I saw! So much different than upstate, NY where I live.

  • Chile is a great place. I’ve been there quite a bit. I’m marrying a Chilean man in August and moving there. It’s just as breathtaking as you imagined.
    Travel can be tricky–lots of long bus trips if you don’t fly, but always worth it.

  • Woot! Dallas in the house! Come on down, y’all! I was born in Springfield and moved to Dallas when I was 5. I’ve been a proud Texan ever since. I second everybody’s suggestion of the Bishop Arts District. It’s right up y’all’s alley! We’ll show you a good time in the Big D!

  • I went to New Orleans last year to study at Tulane University; as a French girl I found myself totally addicted with the food, the parades, the bars, the signature cocktails and the natural warmth and happiness of the people there. Plus the weather is a cool deal! I highly recommend you to check out New Orleans, wether it is during Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest or Halloween. Bon Voyage!

  • Fun!!! I live near DC you would love it so many great sites, places to eat etc in DC and the surrounding areas. I am planing to go to Panama, Miami Florida and possibly California.

  • I am so with you on New Orleans… the food alone! But really everything about the liveliness and culture seems amazing.

    I live in Washington, DC and it truly is a beautiful city! I love all the green space, parks and eclectic neighborhoods. Some of my favorite places to explore are Eastern Market and all the restaurants down there (you have to try Ted’s Bulletins homemade pop tarts or adult milkshakes!), sushi in Chinatown and if it’s nice out, the Yards Park is beautiful!

    Hope you guys make it here 🙂

  • You should definitely do Dallas! I’ve lived in north Texas my whole life, and it can be a fun place. A few notes:

    – Pick your time of year wisely. The summers can be blisteringly hot while the winters can be pretty cold. May is usually a very pleasant month.
    – The big thing here is food and booze. If I could recommend just one restaurant, it would be The Grape on Greenville Ave. Small, dark, romantic, delicious. After dinner, we like to go to the bar next door, The Dubliner, for a drink. Addison, TX, a small community on the north side of Dallas boasts a lot of sports bars if you’re into that. Logie’s, Sherlocks, and Stadium Cafe are all divey and fun.
    – For a fun afternoon strolling around outside, it’s worth it to make the trek to McKinney, TX about 30 min north of Dallas. The downtown area is like a real-life Stars Hollow. Lots of food, drink, and shopping. Stop at Landon’s if you enjoy wine, they are a local winery that produces some lovely wines.

  • You must try to go to Siberia (the bar/restaurant/venue) in New Orleans. It has fantastic Slavic food (Ukrainian boyfriend-approved).

    We like to stay at the Lion’s Inn in Marigny neighborhood. It’s got a lovely pool and garden area in the back, and it’s an accessible walk to the Quarter. If you don’t go there, do try AirBnB….the old houses there are so cool that it would just be a shame to do a “real” hotel.

  • I love Charleston! My best friend moved down there last summer and I’ve made two trips down with another coming up in March and am even considering moving down there myself.

    I haven’t really gotten around enough to make recommendations but I loved the Angel Oak and the downtown/Battery Park area.

  • If you end up in DC, be sure to try Comet Ping Pong. It’s this adorable little brick oven pizza joint with outdoor seating and fairy lights strung up everywhere… and while you wait for your pizza, they have ping pong tables set up for you to play on! Definitely one of the more unique places to eat in the city.

  • If you make it down to NOLA you MUST visit Tout de Suite! It’s on the Westbank and just a short trip across the ferry. They have super tasty food, coffee, and have musicians playing live music on the weekends. It’s nothing fancy, but that’s what makes it so awesome! And their Ginger Cardamom and Black Pepper cookies are delicious!

    Also, yes the cajun food is great, but don’t let it over shadow the great vietamese food 🙂

  • You should try and go to Boston! So much history, beautiful brick buildings, delicious food, and it’s small and easy to navigate.

  • I am from Chile and currently writing you from here! The top three you must visit here are:

    1. Torres del Paine National park
    2. Easter island
    3. San pedro de Atacama desert

    hope you come around!

  • Charleston? Yaaaasssss!

    I moved here about 18 months ago, after living in New York City and San Francisco and it’s one of the best moves I ever made. The culinary scene is exploding. I know you didn’t ask my opinion, but if you like to eat, make sure you check out Edmond’s Oast {great food and also has the best beer selection in town}, Two Boroughs Larder, Leon’s {oysters and fried chicken}, and Xiao Bao Biscuit {Asian soul food}. Make sure you have a cocktail at The Cocktail Club {my husband runs the joint, but it really is one of the best places to get a craft cocktail in town}.

    Have so much fun! Charleston is amazing!

  • Charleston is my favorite city in the world. Check out waterfront park for the views and the market on Market Street for gorgeous handmade items. Try Saffron bakery for croissants and cafe au lait. I also saw someone else posted about visiting a Sean Brock restaurant- that is a MUST, although I recommend Husk for its real southern charm and farm to table concept.

  • I dont know how realistic my goals can be considering I am only a teenager and therefore do not have the freedom to go anywhere without my parents tagging along so I guess I’ll write goals for when I am an adult. I’d like to go to
    Cancun, Mexico
    New York
    Los Angeles, California
    Santorini, Greece
    Nice, France.
    That’s just for starters I want to see the world like you.

  • I don’t know if anyone has posted about this, but you should definitely try this seafood joint, Aw Shucks in Dallas. It’s located in the downtown area of Dallas. It’s only in four areas of Texas and it’s that type of hole in the wall place. I absolutely love going there each time I visit!

  • HY i AM FROM Chile and live here,
    yes totally agree you must see torres del paine, book for our summer or spring because in Winter the park I un derstand its is closed. I VISIT BEING A STUDENT AND IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE

  • Oh please come to Chile! Its very pretty! Try to spend too much time in Santiago though. Is not that interesting as the south or north! Let us know when you’re here!:)

  • How about Patagonia, in Argentina? Or Colmar in France? oh…so many international places!

  • It’s way far south in Chile so depends where you go, but look up the Chilean Marble Caves! I am planning a trip there next month and can’t wait!

  • Chile!
    I’m chilean, I love your blog 😉 and I recommend you visit one of my favorite places: Chiloe Island. And Concepción, my city, in the middle of the country. Concepción has one of the most beautiful universities in Latin America, the University of Concepción.
    Chile is soooo beautiful, and the the local cuisine is a must item. You mus try “mote con huesillo”, basically cooked wheat with dried peaches juice. Totally refreshing! Also you must try native potatos and chilean wine, of course.
    Hope your visit!!

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