Flavored Popcorn Kit (gift idea)

Popcorn kit 1I love making popcorn at home. Whether I'm getting ready to snuggle under some blanket and watch a movie, or am just in the mood for a late night snack- popcorn is my go-to favorite! Here's a great little gift idea of any popcorn lover you might know.

Popcorn kit 2Popcorn kit 3JPGPair little bags of dressed up popcorn kernels with disposable popcorn bags (or boxes) and flavored salts. I made three different flavor combinations.

Salt flavorsHere are the simple recipes for each flavored salt: Salt and Pepper– If you can toast your peppercorns before grinding. If you cannot find whole peppercorns, don't worry! Regular is fine too. Combine 1/4 cup salt with 1 tablespoon ground pepper. Tex-Mex Salt- Combine 1/4 cup salt with a pinch of chili powder and zest from 1 lime. Rub the zest into the salt before storing, to really get the flavors to blend. Cinnamon Sugar- Combine 1/4 cup sugar with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg. This is for when you are the mood for something a little more like Kettle Corn. :) 

These cute kits make great gifts! We found the cute popcorn boxes and spice jars at Target. xo. emma + elsie 

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  • There’s a way to pop it in a brown paper bag. That would be cute to put it in with directions.

  • I have been looking for a similar idea but as a fundraiser for my organization. Instead of gifts I want to sell the sets or make the flavored popcorn ourselves and sell it that way. Thank you for this post it was the help I was looking for!

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  • What a great idea for hostess gifts as well as holidays. Love this, and pinning it now, so I don’t forget!

  • Love this gift idea! I have a few friend’s whose birthdays are coming up and this will make the perfect gifts for them.

    I will also have to try Kate’s tip of sprinkling hot cocoa powder on my popcorn next time I make some. It sounds delicious.

  • great gift idea!! my husband and i tried old bay on our popcorn (seafood spice) and we looove it! its the only way we eat it now

  • What a super-cute idea! I have been packaging up cherry liqueur in jars to give as gifts this year. it’s nice to do something personalised

  • This is a very cute and creative idea. It would be perfect for my mom she’s a popcorn addict…seriously it’s kind of weird, she’d get a kick out of this.


  • What a great idea for a gift and so odd that my house mates and I were talking about popcorn over the dinner table earlier. My favourite is chilli powder and garlic salt 🙂

  • Wow. I like popcorn too, but it was boring to eat only carmel or salted version. I’ll try them at home 🙂 Thanks for the inspirations :))


  • such a cute gift idea!


  • I’m on such a low budget this Christmas and have been searching for gift ideas and this one is just PERFECT!

  • i would love to know how you make your popcorn. do you “pop” it with oil first and put the salt/sugar on it afterwards? i never really loved homemade popcorn because the sugar/salt just falls off. do you have any idea how to get the popcorn to taste the way it does in the cinema?

  • I would love this as a gift. I want to buy an air popper!

    –Jaclyn T
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  • Oh no! I just purchased the exact same thing online for my BF for Christmas and I didn’t even think of making it myself. Aw well, there is always next year 😀

  • Such a cool idea! After all who doesn’t love popcorn? Exactly.


  • This is such a great idea! My boyfriend LOVES popcorn. Doesn’t like – LOVES it. haha This would be a cute little gift to pull out on a movie night. 🙂

  • super cute idea! I think I might make some tex-mex salted popcorn for myself 🙂

  • This is soooo cool!It would be cute to add a DVD to the gift and give a “Homemade Movie Night” <3

    xo, Brittan

  • perfect idea for my sister and boyfriend! thanks so much!


  • love this simple gift idea. popcorn is my go to snack. hopefully I can make a few of these for friends and family before Christmas is here! 🙂

  • What a fabulous idea – thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying to think of what to make for the ladies I work with and I think this might be it!

  • GREAT gift idea! I have thought about making my own granola and packaging that in Mason jars for gifts, but I really like this idea too! There are so many ways you could flavor popcorn.

  • Yumm I love popcorn! I know for sure that my boyfriend would like to receive this as a gift.

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  • this is the cutest idea!! and it’s not too complicated. thanks so much for sharing, I love your diy projets, so creative!

  • Cute gift! I live in New Mexico, so I think I’ll do a mix of blue popping corn and regular to add some more color.

  • What a cute, and yummy idea! Popcorn is big in my house it is such a staple snack! What a cute idea for a stocking stuffer, or little gift for my family! I love it!

  • What a great idea! I love that I can find the containers at Target, how easy is that?

  • What a wonderful idea! I might have to practice this in time for Christmas!


  • what a delightful idea!! and so simple! plus, bundled up movie nights in + hot popcorn in the middle of winter is one of the best ways to spend an evening!

  • Love this popcorn gift idea! Homemade gifts are the best. Especially when they are easy to assemble and look great! 😉

  • What a cute idea!! I like sprinkling hot cocoa powder on my popcorn.. it’s absolutely delicious! 🙂

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