Flea Market Finds: Sister Style

I Love Mason Jars!I Love Mason Jars!I Love Mason Jars!Lately, we've been visiting our favorite flea markets more often because we are both working on sprucing up our homes! We both have goals to share new home tours after the new year. (can't wait!) So this means lots of hunting because we want to fill our homes with pieces that add personality and charm. The hunt really is half the fun, though, isn't it? 

Elsie's Wearing: Hat/Taget, Coat/Dear Creatures c/o ModCloth (last year), Camera Bag c/o Jo Totes, Skirt and Tights/American Apparel, Shoes/UO (few seasons ago). 

Emma Chapman A Beautiful MessEmma Chapman A Beautiful MessEmma Chapman A Beautiful MessEmma's Wearing: Coat/Ruche, Scarf/Free People, blouse/Ruche, jeans/Jessica Simpson Collection, boots c/o Jigsaw

Do you guys enjoy flea markets and thrift shops? What are they like where you live? Here in the midwest we are lucky that they are plentiful and not too picked over. It's our reward for living in a small-ish city, I guess. 🙂 xo. Elsie + Emma

  • I really like this Sister style post. I think that it’s so creative and vintagely nostalgic 🙂 (If that even makes sense). I think it’s visually beautiful. The setting and the way you both styled your outfits.

  • Love the crates! But… ever the practical (and somewhat pedantic) Virgo that I am, I would love to know how you use it as a table when you have a wobbly cuppa-tea?! Maybe a ‘permanent coaster’ idea, attached with wire to the top? I’ll let you two go wild on this one.
    Love your work.
    Es xx

  • Omg isn’t that Aztec jacket so great for Fall! I featured it on my blog with a dress, boots and a scarf. I love how you styled it! xx

  • I dream of finding a cool place to “hunt” for treasure…they are hard to come by in my area 🙁

    You girls have wonderful style.
    Happy Day

  • Yep, you guys have such better thrifting opportunities in America! I can’t find anything half as cool here. I will keep hunting though!!


  • Love your darling outfits! I always love going to thrift stores!.

  • You both look adorable! i love those orange tights, Elsie!


  • I love thrift stores! I’m almost always finding things to restyle or update. Even when I don’t find anything, I find thrift stores such inspirational places.

    Can’t wait to see your ‘spruced up’ homes!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • Florida has Antique Malls but they are like flea markets, except all the vendors are in one building and its open 7 days a week.

  • We have two giant weekly flea markets here in NJ. One in Columbus that is open on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and draws huge crowds (epecially on Thanksgiving morning!). It’s very hit or miss. HB and I may take MONTHS before we find an item we’ve been looking for at a good price.

    Another is in Southern, NJ. The prices are much lower, but it is a bit smaller.

    We are in our first apartment now which is entirely furnished in flea market and craig’s list finds, except for our couch – which was a gift from an Aunt!

  • Would love to know what the names and locations of your favorite flea markets are. I live in your neck of the woods (Aurora, 30 miles south of Springfield) and always love to find new flea markets to shop.

  • I been wanting to go to one for a long time, you always find great stuff in these markets!

    <3 Val

  • I love the flea markets, but there aren’t where I live 🙁 I love your style, specially Emma’s coat <3

  • I LOVE thrift stores, and i agree- they are amazing in the mid-west. IL & MO are so different from FL, where i grew up. there were hardly any stores there like the kind i visit here. and they are plentiful. every time i turn around i’m falling in love with a new spot. just found one today actually and got some blue mason jars and a vintage camera, two things i definitely don’t need another of, but… that’s why they call them collections, right?

  • This blog Great! You are such a wonderful writer. And so inspirational.White always elegant, love it! That outfits makes an elegant personality. Thank for sharing such a nice blog with us!

  • You’re so lucky where you live! Where I do even the Charity shops pick over the good stuff and sell it on eBay! At least it’s going to a good cause though.

    Becky, xo

    Ps Emma’s eyes are so striking!

  • Flea markets and thrift shops are my favorite places to photograph. So many magical things! You both look great. 🙂

    I grew up going to estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores for fun – the hunt is truly why I love it!

    The best Items people always comment either in my home, or mostly what I wear are steals form the thrift store or finds on saturday mornings! – I got a fossil side bag for $1 for my mom here in Nashville, TN ( i moved here from Cali) – the people just didnt know what they had!

    Anywho… LOVE IT ALL.

  • I love going thrift shopping.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


    ps-giveaway at my blog!

  • Love this post! I live outside of Charlotte, nc and there are many places like this, especially a big one held in Charlotte first of every month. Love finding unique and interesting items or my home. Can’t wait to see a tour of your homes. 🙂

  • I adore flea markets! I always feel like I’ve secertly stepped into someone else’s world. You’re right, in the Midwest, the flea markets are fairly plentiful. I, however, live right smack dab in the middle of the state of Missouri in the “slim to none flea market zone”. The rest of the state is great, but we’re in great need here. I also love flea marketing in Central and Northern Illinois.

  • My love for thrift shops started when I began collecting old suitcases instead of buying plastic storage bins. Since then, a whole world of charm has opened up, helping me make my house into my home. I’m learning more about being a good thrifter each time I go. Thanks for the ten tips, though. Those helped.

  • I’m from Canberra, Australia and I go to tip shop recycling centres and find the most amazing things to upcycle! I found an old art desk on the weekend and a rocking chair, all $15! Such good thrifts!

  • I love flea markets, but sadly, most of California flea markets are wayyy overpriced. You have to get there really early to get anything good, but that also means people won’t bargain with you as much since it’s early in the day. You gotta pick your poison I guess! But overall, lots of great stuff, but a lot more expensive. I’d love to go on a road trip to some other states to get some cool finds!

  • I live just outside Belfast and it is so crappy for flea markets. Yes, we have loads of Charity Shops but there is never anything cool in them 🙁
    We did have one retro shop but it closed before the summer.
    Other than that there is only the famous ‘Rusty Zip’ – only clothes only 🙁
    God now I’m depressed…… hahaha

  • I absolutely love flea markets, and basically everything second- hand. And I love Emmas coat too!
    Keep doing what you’re doing. You guys rock.

  • It’s so fun rummaging. The stores here aren’t so big & incedible, but you do find some cool stuff.

  • I adore both of your coats!

    xo Jennifer


  • I love else’s coat and bag and Emma’s boots, I love how you girls look so “different” and are so close in the same time, sister’s style is amazing <3

  • I love flea markets! When I visit my brother in LA we always find good ones to go to 🙂

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  • you guys are too stinkin’ cute!!
    love your style, love your tips…you girlies are the best 🙂

  • A few monthly flea shops have been popping up around Portland. They are always packed with people, but good finds. I prefer some of the vintage shops around. Depending on when you go, they aren’t always so picked over!

  • I love both of your coats! We don’t really have any flea markets around here, but we have lots of thrift stores and antique stores, as well as auctions and garage sales. Most of the things I own are from those places.

  • Here in Ma, not too many good flea markets. I do work in a thrift store so sometimes I find good vintage stuff, but not too often. You guys are really lucky!

  • I love flea markets, I always find the best things!

    -Andrea Lynne


  • I love flea markets and thrift shops, especially the ones in Scandinavia. Around my town there aren´t a lot of thrift shops, I think.

  • Oh, I love flea markets! I haven’t been in so long. I should hit a few up again, before it gets too blistery cold.


  • I love, Elsie, what you are wearing! I can see me wearing this outfit. It is beautiful. Emma’s outfit is beautiful too!

  • Here in Germany there are flea markets quite recently and you can find them almost everywhere. But a lot of people just try to sell their old stuff and you have to get really lucky to find something useful.

  • Oh wow- love Emma’s jacket SO much. Shame it’s almost summer here in Australia!

    Sarah x

  • Love the style!
    And I adore flea markets. It’s just that they are rarely held around here and when they are, they are more like garage sales and the beautiful and older items are way overpriced. But you know, sometime I will move away from here and find better flea markets 😉


  • Massive favour… Could you tell me how you do about designing your blog? I can see you’re with type pad, which I’ve heard is more creative (design wise) than blogspot… Is it just that, or are you web design pros? Please help, I hate having a naff/ standard template! Thank you and loving your blog 🙂 Sophie x


  • Great photos! I absolutely love the big smile on your face, Elsie – It makes me want to smile as well!

  • I love flea markets! Where I live there’s a lot of them. Most of the stuff there is not very interesting but if you’re lucky you can find amazing things! 😀


  • I live in hawaii so the next best thing to thrifting and flea markets are garage sales (or else going to the “free bin” – where people leave their old junk when they move out of my apartment complex, sounds trashy but I’ve made some awesome finds).
    Also, Emma’s coat is AMAZING. I just recently picked up a couple yards of that exact fabric – so wonderful.

  • Oh I love flea market! But unfortunately we don’t have really nice ones in our city ( I think it’s smaller than yours)… But sometimes I find nice bracelets or rings and so on 🙂
    I’d love to have a cute thrift shop here, but the next one is 50km away.

  • I love shopping in charity shops and second hand markets! I live in London and there are loads, but are often quite pricey. When I go home to visit my parents in the midlands I find so many amazing things! They have a huge antiques vintage complex that sell absolutely everything, 4 buildings full of stuff! Heaven x

  • Where I live in The Netherlands, there is one flea market run by elderly volunteer with fanny packs! Too cute. Lovely pictures, x Margreet

  • Oh my, Emma’s coat is so amazing!! Want it too! I go to thrift stores once in a while but unfortunately I never find so many great stuff…xx


  • i’ve never been at a real market… sure, local ones once a year where kids can sell their old stuff, but nothing with really good finds, sadly.

    you both look awesome, great outfits (:
    xo, cheyenne

  • yessss! I loooove flea markets! Although in my country there are not very much, we visit flea markets each time we go to France, where we find lovely pieces. Iwrote several posts about it at my blog…

    kisses from Barcelona!


  • I love flea markets and Berlin (Germany) where I live is a flea market paradise 🙂 Usually Sunday is the best day to go hunting 😀

  • Awww, Emma looks so beautiful! Seriously cannot wait for your home tours!

    Maria xx

  • I really love the idea of orange tights – i´d never thought i would! Matches incredibily well with navy blue and nude.

    Unfortunately orange doesn´´t really work with blonde, does it?

    Love to shop antique dishes and cups at flea markets! Imagine setting a table with lots of different patterns… Sweet!

  • I have that coat that Emma is wearing and I absolutely LOVE it!! Best coat I’ve had in a long time. Good taste, Emma! 🙂

  • Great great idea. Been doing the same thing with our home and for the holidays!


  • I cannot wait for your new home tours!! I’m moving, so I’m on the lookout for inspiration.

  • We don’t really have flea markets where I live. But they do look wonderful!

    The Lovelorn

  • LOVE Elsie’s tights and Emma’s coat!


  • I’m in the midwest too but here (Southern Ohio/ Northern Kentucky) they are incredibly picked over and sadly, everything in the thrift stores are mostly from the 80s and over-priced. 🙁

  • Being in Vancouver, I really have to travel outside the city to get the good stuff, as our stores are combed over by not just shoppers, but costumers from the movie industry as well. I’m always on the hunt for garage sales!!

    Win $50 to Modcloth from P+L!

  • Oh my goodness Emma your coat is amazing! I adore the colours and the print. I really enjoy the fresh content on your guys’ blog and find your behind the scenes posts absolutely fascinating.

    – Emily

  • Such a cute post! I love the sister style post! One of my favorite parts of your blog!

  • I used to live in Springfield but now I’m in Kansas City. The Springfield area is defiantly the best for treasure hunting. I always found better deals in Springfield.

  • The second to last picture of Emma is just stunning. I am SO envious of your cold weather. I’m still sweating here in phoenix. xo. Deanna

  • I love both of your jackets, very cute.
    Here in the UK we have car boot sales, usually on sundays throughout the summer, people pack up stuff to sell then get to a field with lots of other cars. I think they’re probably the best and cheapest way to get a lot of household items. Charity shops here don’t tend to sell too much household stuff generally unless they are dedicated furniture shops. There’s a regular flea market in my town but its mostly old dvds at the moment, which is not too inspiring

  • You both look so darn cute here! I love the picture with the old jars and bottles. I actually make many of my zen gardens and easy projects out of repurposed jars. Great post!


  • I absolutely love flea markets and thrift shops, like you said the things you find there add so much personality to your room/home and ofcourse i love shopping bargains.


  • I’m very lucky to have a ton of flea markets and thrift stores in my area. I have scored big time with house items and clothing.
    Thanks for another fab post ladies!
    PS… Love the Jo Totes bag I have the same one 🙂

  • I love thrift stores and flea markets!! I visit my regular shops monthly and it’s always puts me and a great mood. I live in St.Petersburg Florida and you can always find fun tropical straw clutches and cool vintage furniture at the thrift shops and the flea markets have tons of vintage jewelry and loads of fresh produce. I always pick up some bok choy while I’m there.

  • I love what your wearing Elsie. The tight color and the skirt color are just so cute together! My Aunts frequent the flea markets around where I live and sometimes I tag along, they always have the cutest finds.


  • I love Emma’s coat! Amazing.
    But I do love flea market finds because it’s rare for other people to have them.

  • Our thrift stores can be really picked over.. you have to get them at just the right time (: Love Emma’s scarf!!

    xo, Clare

  • I looooove flea markets! I also love side of the road type of vintage stores. {Sorry i miss typed before!} I recently found the CUTEST salt & pepper shakers. I love what little touches you can put on a house, with things that already have a story!

    My newfound treasures! http://nestofpearls.blogspot.com/2012/09/shake-shake-shake.html

  • Flea markets are basically VERY large junk markets around here, but you can find a gem every now and then. The thrift stores in the smaller towns here are best. They are less picked through. The real finds are the side-street antique shops and “junk” shops – the ones that are not over-priced. These are great for finding vintage and antique finds. Btw, love Emma’s coat and your orange tights!

  • I looooove flea markets! I also love side type of the road vintage stores. I recently found the CUTEST salt & pepper shakers. I love what little touches you can put on a house, with things that already have a story!

    My newfound treasures! http://nestofpearls.blogspot.com/2012/09/shake-shake-shake.html

  • I love Emma’s coat 🙂 Here in southwest Virginia we have quite a few antiques shops (some cheap and some more expensive). I feel like most of our thrift shops are just goodwills, but we do have a few others too. Sometimes you can find great stuff at yardsales around here too, but those are mostly over for the year now that it’s cooling off.

  • I absolutely love this! And I love both coats 🙂


  • We go to the large antique district near us at least once a year! It’s such a fun trip.

  • The two of you look so adorable! I love the outfits! I looove thrift shops!
    xo Heather

  • you ladies are just the cutest and your sisterly relationship is so inspiring!

  • I adore thrift stores and flea markets! In Alabama, we have quite a few, and I always seem to find a treasure hidden!


  • In Arizona they are really varied. Some have beautiful finds while others are either overpriced or picked-over. Can’t wait to see your new home tour!

  • Oooh…I’m so jealous of your awesome Midwest flea markets!! I live in downtown Vancouver, so to get good ones, I have to travel a few hours to smaller towns, or go early in the middle of the week to North Van and stuff…they’re very picked over, but there are still some gems! 🙂 You have to scoop stuff up before the bigger trendy ‘thrift stores’ grab all the good stuff and mark up the prices… 🙁

  • Completely love! Especially when I find additional pieces to old china I already have. Cool, weird piece are fun too. Can’t wait to see your home tours!

  • You’re lucky to be able to score reasonable flea market finds! It is the reward of a small city for sure…everyone in my large city (of Austin) seems to love vintage/antique stuff, and it is either hard to find or super pricey. But it’s still fun to look!

  • In London there are next to no flea markets, only the very occasional car boot sale, but usually they’re full of people throwing out their old books and clothes! I would love to have lots of flea markets and big charity shops, but I know I’m so lucky to live here, so I think I can deal with not having them in return for all the other wonderful things we have!

  • Really great style. Perfect pics.

    Have a nice weekend.


  • Sadly no flea markets here in Utah. I love to hit up garage sales and the DI (our version of goodwill) but we also just got a Goodwill here and I have found lots of treasures there in the short time it’s been open. Ahhhh love me some good thrifts.

  • Oh I love flea markets so much. Here in London, they are just a bit pricey, which is, I guess, to be expected from such huge city as this, but I love just stumbling across hidden shops in the country, and in Europe in general. I find that the more hidden the shop is, the more likely it will be for me to find something I REALLY love…hehee

  • I actually just got back home from visiting a nearby thrift store and flea market! Got some clothing stuff and something I needed for Halloween, but made out like an absolute bandit and nabbed a set of dinner and bread plates, plus cups and saucers, all from the same set! Enough for 4 place settings, and it has a super cute print in excellent condition. I’m excited to photograph them tomorrow when it’s sunnier out to compliment the yellow and orange design!

  • I love flea markets. You can always find cute things or just little things that are cool, at a really cheap price. I love that about it! In the south, they are really crowded and usually have neat little things! So fun!

  • I feel like its hard to find a good flea market in L.A because the goods get taken fast. If anything we have the pasadena rosebowl. I know brooklyn has a fantastic one ive been dying to go to!


  • Cute pictures. Looks like a fun place to go!

    What we have the most of downtown are terrific vintage clothing stores and because there are so many, the prices are quite decent. We also have some neat shops that are called Antique Stores but are more like flea markets inside a store, filled with all kinds of things. Pretty well all of our furniture, (except sofa, reading chair, and beds), is from one of these places. You’re right … Finding used treasures is such a great way to add a nice personal and unique touch to your decor.

    Good luck with your treasure hunts! 🙂

  • You make me want to go thrifting. It’s actually hard to find thrift stores around here worth visiting. Most of them are filled with H&M last season and all the other fast fashion that tends to fall apart after 10 washes. I’d love hunting for hidden treasures, but it’s getting harder and harder. What I’d do to shop at Red Velvet….

  • Where I live in Melbourne Australia we have lots of different suburban markets at different times in the month. We also have heaps of garage sales. You can pick up some awesome little finds that help your space be unique. I love where I live. We are coming into Summer now and everything is starting to glow. So exciting.



  • I LOOOVE to go to a flea market. I live in Copenhagen, and there is a lot of differents markets! I spend way too many money there, even though it’s cheap.

  • You girls have great style! In love with the colour of your tights Elsie:) I love going thrift shopping and we are great full to have an amazing shop called Most Marvellous. It’s a big shop with so many amazing things inside! I go pretty much every other weekend as its just round the corner from my house. From furniture to clothing I always come out with a bag full of finds. ! It was recently in Mollie Makes which was so amazing to see 🙂 xx

  • Oh gosh, so many jars – it looks like you were both spoiled for choice!

    I live in coastal Scotland, and we don’t get much in the way of flea markets here. There aren’t even any car boot sales! We have an antiques market every month or so but there isn’t usually anything work getting out of bed for, unfortunately! We have lots of thrift/charity shops, but prices seem to have increased so much – I can’t remember the last time I saw ANYTHING for under £5!

  • In New York they are all overpriced. But this is how everything is in here. You too look so cute! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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