Floral Antlers Necklace Display

Floral antlers necklace displayToday we whipped up a cute and super easy project for Emma’s bohemian styled bedroom. This project only takes about 30 minutes and it’s so fresh and pretty… perfect for spring. Enjoy!

Floral antlers steps1. Supplies: Antlers (ours are faux from Hobby Lobby), silk floral stems, green felt, hot glue gun, scissors. 2. Begin by taking the flowers off the stem and applying a thin layer of glue between the petals and the plastic base of the flower (this holds it together after the stem has been removed) 3. Once it’s dry, cut off the tip of the stem, making the base flat. 4. Then, cut out and glue on a small felt circle to the back of the flower. 5. Lastly, apply a thick coat of glue to the felt and attach it to the antlers. Continue these steps until you have a pretty floral collage covering your antlers. ♥
Floral antlers necklace display 2Enjoy your new antler display! Use it to hand pretty necklaces and scarves! xo. elsie
  • Hmmm. It is very nice and creative idea for home decoration. The main thing i like that it is very easy to make, inexpensive and helps to make home look wonderful. Loved it.

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  • This is such a great idea! it would also look amazing with some sort of wire. must try.

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  • Such a cute idea! It’s amazing what a statement a few simple things can make in combination.


  • This is a brilliant idea! It is an elegant way to incorporate a woodland theme into my bedroom and to better organize my necklaces. My husband is hunting obsessed and he will approve of the antlers yet I wont mind having it in our room. I love it!!

  • Who’d have thought antlers could be so pretty and practical at the same time!

  • Wow this is really pretty! I would love to make one for my room 🙂

  • I did it! Went out the day after this posted and got the supplies and I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much!!


  • i literally just got a tattoo of antlers with roses about 2 weeks ago!! love this! now i can have my tattoo in my room! HA!

  • Such a great way to keep all of your necklaces from getting tangled! Thanks 🙂

  • Oh my goodness what a beyond adorable idea! I love, love, love it! I think something like that would look super adorable in the house my fiance and I are building! I’m going to have to see if I can create one of my own.


  • I kind of surprised myself when I loved this because I have always sworn there will never be deer horns on my wall [since my father and brother are avid hunters and love some good taxidermy]. However, this is beautiful, and it will work perfectly in my bedroom! So easy, beautiful, and practical!

  • This is gorgeous! Do you think real antlers would work or would they be too heavy?

  • Ooh, now I want to know what the rest of Emma’s bedroom looks like! 🙂

  • super cute and easy, and when i saw the bottom pic i right away thought this idea on a large scale mounted on palettes would make a nice headboard

  • Would love to see more of that room/ space…

    wish the shot could zoom out…

    the walls (?) look so cool and interesting!

    Love the look—

    may we see more? Please!


  • Looks great! I would love to have one for my bedroom.

  • You can buy these antlers from the Hobby Lobby website and get 40% off with the promo code 2070, I just bought them and they were $22.03 after shipping!

  • Amazing. This is my favorite craft project yet that has been featured on your blog.

  • So pretty! Love how the flowers soften the antlers, and even give it a somewhat girly touch. 🙂


  • This genius! So beautiful. I would love to see more of Emma’s home, I’m sure it’s gorgeous : )

  • Really wishing there was a Hobby Lobby in New England >.< This is super cute!

  • I never thought to look for antlers at a craft store… thanks for the tip!

  • Love it!! Have you started painting again Elsie? I’m dying to see the new stuff!!

  • Hi There! I’m curious about the planked wall you have the pretty antlers attached to. Do you have an entire wall like that for displays? Or what all do you do with the planked wall ? Thanks!! It reminds me of Scandinavian racks where they hang EVERYTHING from, even books.

  • I love this!! I am always looking for new ways to display my jewlery.

    Much Love



  • i LOVE this. i have been hunting for faux antlers to paint for awhile now. ill have to check out hobby lobby!


  • Love love love this one. Turned out lovely.

  • Oh I love this. I’m redoing our bedroom and this would look great in it! Thanks for sharing

  • Love it!
    I made this, more simple…but as i made it, i love it too!


  • oh my this is awesome! I just did a DIY on my blog of a necklace display with pretty mis matched cabinet knobs, but I ADORE this! Thanks for the inspiration Elsie!

  • This is such a wonderful project!!! It looks so cool and who would have thought that flowers go so well with antlers? 🙂

    I love this!!!



  • Love this! My husband has been holding on to some antlers from hunting. I’m going to take them from him, and make this!

  • i have been wanting something like this for well over a year! i keep waiting for my bf to bring me some antlers or find some while on a hike. but i didnt know the hob lob sold them!!!! love this!!!!!

  • Love! I had no clue they sold faux antlers at Hobby Lobby! That place has everything.

  • Beautiful and unique! I’d love to give this ago… now to find some faux antlers! xo

  • Oh the perfect piece to add to our bedroom! I can’t wait to try this out!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • That’s is so beautiful, i have an image very similar in my etsy favourites by Kari Herer . i shall be making some of these for sure.


  • Gorgeous DIY! Reminiscent of Kari Herer’s antler photographs: http://www.etsy.com/shop/kariherer?section_id=8119953

  • This is adorable, you’ve managed to combine three things that I love!


  • This remember me these one I made:


  • so cool. it remindes me of frida kahlo 😉


    xo from germany

  • This is awesome! I want this for my hallway wall!
    xo Kat by
    Shades of Nature

  • one more wonderful creation from you! i would like to try it! if i do, i’ll send you pictures!

  • This is so beautiful, such a lovely fresh idea to brighten up a bedroom! How did you attach the antlers to the wall?

  • Oooh wow. They’re so gorgeous. And so creative.
    Although I can’t imagine going into a store to buy some antlers.
    XO Samantha

  • OMG, sooo in love with this project! You should make more things like this, funky art pieces that double as functional objects.

  • so cute! definitely gonna have to try this one out soon xoxo

  • I loved the suggestion!

    It was gorgeous!



  • Oh wow I really love this! It’s very unique and girly 🙂



  • SO GORGEOUS!!! 🙂
    I might have to incorporate a similar design into my bedroom redecoration project! 🙂

  • what a neat idea. the flowers really softens the look, so pretty!




  • super cool! i saw a painting like this on pinterest 🙂


  • This is one of your less approachable posts, love the risk taking!
    Material Fixations

  • What a clever idea! Where do you guys come up with this stuff?! 🙂


  • You guys are so creative! I would have never thought of that 🙂 This is a decoration even my husband would be excited about, ha!

  • ahh! so funny, I’m just bleaching antlers to work on this week! love this idea!

  • hobby lobby has faux antlers!? i need to check this place out! very cute.

  • Interesting… that’s something I never would have thought of! Thanks for sharing!


  • Fab!! I want it for my room as well!! Now i need to find faux antlers 🙂


  • Wow! Love this! I’m a huge fan of antlers, and with the addition of flowers…makes it pretty and perfect.

  • Q: Love this idea but how do you then hang the antlers?
    A: These faux antlers have hardware on the back, similar to a picture frame. XO

  • This is such a great idea! I love the look of the hard antlers with the soft pretty flowers. I have to look for some faux antlers!

  • Oh yes, emma will be sharing her home tour here eventually! she’s working on it now. XOXO & thanks so much for asking!

  • Love this idea guys! I’m pinning this!

  • this is so clever!! love it!!



  • This is gorgeous! Any chance of seeing more of Emma’s room? I’m so curious now, it looks fantastic!

  • I need this in my house, PRONTO!

    xoxo – http://cachecloset.blogspot.com/

  • I totally dig them!! I have a pair of antlers and have been meaning to do something fun with them like this xx

  • This is wonderful! I wish I had some antlers to do this with. I’ll be going for a walk in the woods soon in hopes of finding some.

    Amanda Rose

  • such a cute DIY!

  • I LOVE this! We have lots of antlers around our house…my husband is a hunter (and finds them when he bird hunts)…I will definitely be making this!.

  • this is so pretty! i would even use just the antlers… maybe paint them or something. lovely idea 🙂

  • This is too amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on some antlers and give it a try!

  • Love it! I now dream of having antlers in my future bedroom. They are such rustic decor pieces. Love it.

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