Floral Boots DIY

Floral boots DIY 1We're just a little too excited about spring around here! This season we're feeling all things floral. Here's a cute and do-able DIY that made our plain-jane pair of boots feel fancy…

Floral boots DIY 2Supplies Needed: Plain boots with laces (we got ours a K-Mart!), pretty fabric (emma is doing her pair with striped fabric… i'll share them soon!) note: use lightweight cotton- nothing too bulky or stiff, Glue, Mod Podge + an exacto knife. 
Floral boots DIY 3Here's how we did it: 1. Glue fabric to the part of you boots you'd like to cover. Brush the glue (or Mod Podge) on and let the fabric dry. One great thing about using a floral pattern is that you don't have to be so exact about matching the pattern. Ours was pretty messy! 2-3. Use an exacto knife to cut around the edge of the boot. Take your time to cut clean lines. 4. Use Mod Podge to secure the edges of the fabric. This will keep them from fraying and make them boots more durable. ♥ 
Floral boots DIY 4Ta-Da! I'm so happy with these boots. I can't wait to wear them with lace tights and sun dresses. Maybe even a glass of lemonade! xo. elsie
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  • These are WAY cute! I just revamped a pair of old boots with some animal printe myself!

    Check them out!


  • I want to do this with lace, so bad!


  • so cool diy boot, I like it

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  • What brand were those boots? i would very much like to buy a pair 😮

  • I love love love this project!! Nice DIYs!

    I also love how colorful and photo-visual this site is! If you want a page of before and afters to link to the site, check out www.myspinonpins.com

    I’m off to buy some fabric and boots!

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  • hi there! this is so adorable. I love this and so want to try it. I have a question, I have my own craft/diy blog but I am not sure how to get new people to come check it out. Could you give me some tips?
    Thanks. Love, bekkah

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  • beautiful shoes! just wondering how they have held up? i’m trying to determine where i should place my fabric, and i feel that the central area, similar to what you guys chose, might bend too much to keep them well adhered. what’s your experience been elsie?

    much love

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  • Saw these over on Mod Podge Rocks and just had to check them out. Way cool. Maybe I can have a pair of girly shoes yet! My feet are large and have issues and my shoes are all from the men’s department and when I can find anything that I can stand wearing they are usually U G L Y. Will definitely have to try this.

    How did you keep from cutting the leather? And do you think if you used the outdoor formula of Mod Podge (never used it myself) that it would be more durable?

  • Will it come apart when it gets wet. I have the same boots that got kool aid stains on the toe and I love this

  • So adorable! Could I use a seam ripper instead of an exacto knife?

  • love this DIY! just ordered my boots from kmart:) if you love beautiful mess like me maybe you could check out my blog: heylyss.wordpress.com thanks!

  • SO AWESOME!!!! im totally doing this to a pair of boots i dont wear!!!
    i LOVEEEE your blog!!

  • This makes me excited for spring too! And to find some boots like that! Maybe there’s some hiding out at Goodwill with my name on them. Thanks for the idea!

  • LOVE these. I’m continually impressed by you! I did a “crush” feature on my blog about you 🙂 I run a graphic design and paper company (www.puddleduckpaper.com) and love the color stories from your dresses and decor – so inspiring!



  • God, I really adore those! Want to buy them now! Can you buy them at the website of K-Mart? ‘Cause I don’t find them …

  • So you are brushing the mod podge on the fabric then putting on the boots? I’m kind of “duh” here..sorry! Do I glue the fabric on then brush the modpodge on top of it? And did you paint it on the boots or on the fabric? This looks so fun and I have the perfect boots already I’d like to spruce up! Thank you! 🙂

  • EEE! Just found you.. I have these boots in grey and thought they need a little livening up… perfect!!!

  • LOVE this idea!! Boots are my favorite! I just need a pair that I’m willing to glue fabric to… might have to splurge for this and get a new cheap pair.

  • these are great and I have a pair that is so similar. i’m defs giving this a try tonight!

  • Yup, as everyone says, super cute! This will probably be yet another “next year” project for me. There aren’t a lot of cute boots or mod-podge suppliers in rural Japan 😉

  • Lovely idea!! I just did my black boots with some dotted lace, it’s so cool and it took 25 minutes<3

  • Just wanted you to know how much I love this project. Ever since reading this post I have looked at every pair of boots I’ve seen in a new light. Cant wait to try it. Thanks!

  • I am so so happy that you posted this! I have been looking for ways to add fabric to a thrift store leather purse to make it match my personality a bit more and couldn’t find many good tips. I am totally doing this with my purse while my 2 year old naps today 🙂 Cheers!

  • I work at Kmart and those boots rarely sell at our store.. If they did what you have done to yours.. They’d be flying off the shelf! 🙂

  • Gosh these are simply adorable. I love how the fabric just peaks through the laces.

  • SUCH a cute look, and such a great way to spice up a pair of boots!


  • ok. this is the BEST DIY you have done. i am madly in love over here.

    thank you for sharing! (i suppose i’m a bit excited about spring, myself!:))

  • this is such a beautiful idea – i do believe i need to find myself a pair of boots to do this too only in a tribal print fabric

  • This is a great plain boot makeover you could even lace them with ribbons for an extra pretty effect.

    Happy crafting
    Nicolette xo

  • those actually came out pretty cute! i like that you did the floral all the way up the tongue part of the boot and not just the lower part of the boot. it also makes them look more expensive, never would have guess they came from kmart.


  • I don’t know if you ladies know what Mori Girl style is which I adore. These boots are Mori Girl. Love this tutorial.

  • wow this is amazing.
    great job, the result is so cute!


  • http://www.nancyandbetty.com/index.php?controller=product&path=30&product_id=100

    Just left you a comment and don’t think it posted. So, if you see this twice…my apologies. Saw this this morning and immediately thought of you. I know you’re going to love it. Think of all of the great projects you can do with this! Enjoy.

  • These are adorable…remind me of boots I wore in the 80’s. Yes, I am older than y’all…but love your blog, appreciate your style, and am often quite inspired by your creativity. Anyway, saw this paper this morning and immediately thought of you. I know you’re going to LOVE it. I just ordered some…and the typewriters. Brilliant. Enjoy.


  • Love this idea! Bring on Springtime! Hx

  • I actually love these! I really want to try them, as well as your glitter shoes! How do you make the fabric fit? Do you trace over the shoe first?

  • These look amazing! I love the whole idea. I may have to try this out!!

  • How can you be too excited for spring?! I can’t wait for the blossom to come out, and hopefully I’ll be able to go for some lovely spring walks wearing boots like these 🙂

  • Oh my God, these are just amazing!!!!!!!!! You have me wondering which boots I can do this on. I’ve not used Mod Podge before but look out craft shops here I come at speed!

  • xaxaaxxa that’s great elsie! These boot seem so i-am-miss-shineshine-and-i-love-the-spring boots! 😀

    (Pls check my new blog guys: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com )

  • This is oh so smart and pretty, thank you for sharing!
    I wonder what will happen if it rains? is this water-secure?

  • very cute! and to think you can buy these boots at kmart!


  • these are seriously so adorable. I think I’m going to try this! I’ll have to go thrifting and find a pair of boots to try it on. Thanks!

  • You are really good with that knife- I could never get it looking as good as yours. Very nice. I have an old pair of black leather and wood clogs. The leather is old and cracked… any ideas on how to “distress” them. I really love them and would love to wear them again without looking like I need a new pair of shoes. 😉

  • Cute!! Love the florals too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • smart idea! those look awesome! What a good way to spruce up tired looking boots!

  • Oh, my goodness. I LOVE these and extra-love that the boots originated at KMart!

  • Hi Elsie!My name is Tatiana, I’m from Argentina and I’m 21. I just needed to tell you that I really admire you, because you seem to be the loveliest person on Earth! You have so much passion and love in everything you do, and since I’ve been reading your blog, well, I’m trying to learn to live as you do, so, from the bottom of my heart, THANKS ♥

  • I adore this idea! I’ve been wanting to dress up/repair some little black lace-up flats of mine…I might just adapt this tutorial to that purpose 🙂 Thanks for posting this!


  • SUPER cool. I ‘fixed’ a pair of leather boots like this one time when my puppy got a hold of them but I never thought of using a completely different fabric.

  • My daughter did this with a pair of cowboy boots. She covered the shank of the boot with lace. They turned out really cute!

  • try it with these cute gold boots…LOVE this idea!


  • Super cute! Definitely adds a unique little touch to some already cute boots!


  • Cute! I love what you did with them! Very creative! Thanx for sharing!


  • At first I was going to madly comment on where you got those boots, and then I saw you DIY’d them, and now you’re my hero, because those are BEAUTIFUL!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  • oops= my link for the shoes didn’t work. Here it is: http://ragtoporiginals.blogspot.com/search/label/decoupage

  • These are so great! I love how tailored and unique a cheap pair of shoes can look when you “DIY” them. Check out my decoupaged shoes here (http://ragtoporiginals.blogspot.com/search/label/decoupage). In case anyone is wondering how decoupaged shoes wear, mine still look brand new after 18 months and have even been worn in the rain. CUTE project! Thanks for posting.

  • Too cute!! I’ve been getting in to fixing up shoes lately– it is amazing what a little paint and fabric can do! And even better, they are one-of-a-kind~*


  • Wow, what a great idea! Can’t wait to try it.


  • OOOOh I definitely like to try doing that on one of my shoes!! Thanks as always for sharing 🙂

  • Love these!!
    This is so funny, cuz I just did a boot makeover kind of like this one!
    You can see it here, if you like:


    I really love how you used floral! I just love boots. 🙂 Have fun wearing them!!

  • I’m in love.
    Come on over to my blog and follow (if you don’t already) because once I reach 200 followers (I’m only 1 away right now!) I’m going to be hosting a “200 Followers ‘Super Yay’ Giveaway Party” and you won’t wanna miss it. And if you can spread the word! 🙂

  • I love floral boots so much! I thought it would be difficult to make them myself but I will definitely try this tutorial! xo


  • These boots are so unique and perfect! I love this DIY. Thanks for sharing xo

  • Wow those are awesome boots! My friend’s setting up a business selling custom made hoods with fur trim – you should do the same with your stuff! Very creative 😀


  • I would have never thought of anything so cool and beautiful! Thanks for such a wonderful diy idea!

  • I’m in LOVE! I seriously need to pimp some boots right now, and it’s 10:30 pm. I was going to bed, but now I’m looking for boots.. thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful week!!

  • What a great and creative idea! Thanks for sharing!



  • wow! That is sooo super cute. I can’t totally picture them with that outfit you described as well. I have to try this. I just dont with what boots yet 😛 what a great way to add some spring to a winter boot 😀



  • Those are so cute! They would look good with some fabric added to the heel as well

  • that’s an awesome idea!! I’ll definitely find boots and try this


  • Oh, it’s really a nice idea! I have to try with an old pair of boots…thanks a lot, you’re always so cretive!


  • These are too cute! It’s crazy how creative you are, Elsie!


  • What a cute idea. I can think of a few pairs of boots sitting in my closet right now that I’d like to do this to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is incredible! The touch of floral fabric is just enough, and it makes these boots so sweet and one-of-a-kind. I’ve really been impressed with your shoe projects…they come out so polished!


  • LOVE! Spring can’t come soon enough!



  • Very nice! You are a diy genius!

    A jewelry blog.

  • I’m so glad I discovered this blog. Definitely going to try my hand at those boots, they are beautiful!

  • SUPER cute!!! this may be one of my fav DIY’s that you’ve posted!

    Stephanie May*


  • so gorgeous! they turned out great. Show us Emma’s soooon! www.WearAboutsBlog.com

  • You’ll have to post a pic of yourself wearing them. I’d love to see them in action.


  • No way, I was just thinking of doing this to a pair of my own shoes! Thanks for the how-to, they look great.

  • Oh my gosh! I have to do this, I’m pinning it now so that I don’t forget, thanks for the fun tutorial!

  • Cutest idea, I love it! I can’t believe you found those boots at Kmart! I wish we had one around here.

    xoxo, Jjanga!


  • Beautiful!!very good idea!
    bonne soirée

  • Such an awesome DIY. I am going to have to find a pair of boots to work on :]

  • Very cute! It’s amazing what can be done with a little decoupage medium! Cheers- thanks for the inspiration!

  • These are too cute! I can’t wait to try out this diy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Ooh this is really lovely, something I actually might try sometime! Very stylishly done 🙂

  • These are so CUTE! You have been doing a lot of cute shoe DIY, but I wanted to know how weather proof they are.

  • I never would of thought of that. You come up with some very creative ideas! Very clever.

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