Floral Embroidered Top DIY

Embroiderd Top DIY Project on A Beautiful MessWe are abosolutely in love with this embroidery DIY that Kelli made for you today! If you've never tried hand embroidery, this is a great project to get started on!Embroidery ThreadSupplies NeededFirst thing's first. Gather your Supplies: embroidery thread, embroidery needle, washable marking pen, embroidery hoop and a basic tee.Step 2Step 1. Sketch out a design that works with the silhouette of your tee. Or you can download mine: Download Design-left chest + Download Design-right chest. Print out each side on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Size may need to be adjusted according to the size of your top. The top two flowers closest to the center are meant to overlap, so you know your design is aligned correctly.Step 3Step 2. Trace your design onto your garment. You can either use carbon paper or a light box for this. Because I have a light box at home, I decided to go this route. You could also try securing your t-shirt and design on to a window on a bright day. Your design should already be printed out on paper. Place the paper inside your t-shirt, and line up your design exactly where you want the embroidery to sit. Place your top on a light box (or a window) and you will be able to see the entire design through the front side of your top. Using your washable marking pen, trace the design onto the front side of the fabric. (don't worry, the ink will wash away with it's first rinse!)Step 4Step 3. Attach your embroidery hoop before you begin stitching. Place the inner ring under the front side of your top where you want to begin stitching. Loosen the tension on the outer ring and place that on top of the inner ring, so your fabric is stretched tightly between them. Tighten the adjustment screw, and you are ready to get started!Step 5Step 5bStep 5bStep 5bStep 4. Using an embroidery needle with a large eye, thread your needle with your embroidery thread. You can separate your some of your embroidery floss strands to make your embroidery thinner and more delicate. But I chose to leave them whole, because I like the chunkier look. To start, I did a simple backstitch for the vines. For the fill on the leaves and flowers, I just stitched as I went along, with no exact method.  But I found that making all of my stitches move in the same direction, made the design look much better. Keep working your way through your design, swapping out embroidery colors as you come to them. Every time you are finished with a flower or a particular section of color, make sure to create a knot on the under side before moving on. This will keep it from unraveling in the wash.Step 6AStep 6AStep 5. Once you are totally finished with the embroidery, gently rinse your top in cold water to remove the ink from the marking pen.  Throw it in the dryer or hang dry overnight.  Voila!

Thanks so much, Kelli! We love your floral design.

Have any of you tried hand embroidery? What types of projects are your favorites? xo.

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