Floral Headband / D.I.Y. Project


I know it's still August, but I am already gathering a fresh wardrobe for Fall! I want to make as many pieces as possible this season…because it's so much fun! These floral headbands were super simple to make. The best part was, it only took about fifteen minutes to make three headbands! Enjoy…


Here's how I made my headbands… Supplies Needed: Silk Flowers (I bought two stems per headband), a hot glue gun, plain headbands (found in the hair supply aisle). 1. Choose the perfect blooms for your headband. I chose some larger blooms because I wanted to make a statement piece. Pick smaller blooms if you like a softer look. 2. Pull all the flowers from their plastic stems and clip the green plastic piece off the back of each bloom so the back is flat. 3. Use hot glue to adhere the blooms to your headband. You can also use super glue (I prefer this kind). 4-5. Start in the center of the headband and work your way our, attaching more flowers. This makes it easier to create a balanced look! ♥




These headbands are fun and easy to wear. They add a splash of color to any outfit! If you love flowers as much as I do, I hope you enjoy making one. xo, elsie

  • You should check out my etsy shop! I make quite a few of these in hippie -chic versions (the kind that go across the forehead) the address is www.etsy.com/shop/danceswithfoxes 😀

  • I’m 27 had my 1st at 25 and am pg with my second. And I have to agree with the other two ladeis My brain is fried too. Although I swear sometimes I have 2 children already(my hubby). I have no idea if it does have to do with age, but I can multi-task. Also I can watch lots of kids at one time (I have always been good at this) as long as I get to give them back at the end of the day So we will see in 5 or so years when we will hopefully have four kids and my life is all about kids if there is a brain left to multi-task. I do try to make life simple, enjoy the little things and look at things through my todlers eyes, but I totally that you do too, Betsy. Your posts are hysterical and many times about nature or what you have learned from your kids. We mult-tasking moms love your writing!

  • I am an older mom. I had my kids in mid 30 s. My daughter is 5 & son is 1. I felt pttrey good with one. I had my days where I lost things, but it was nothing like it is now. Each day I now wonder what I will lose today!! My cell is missing at this moment and I’m afraid it is either turned off or low on batteries as I’ve not heard it for three days in trying to ring it!! As for multi-tasking yes I can do it and do it quite well. What I’ve seen lately though is that the more I add to the task list the less my kids get of me. So for now the house is a mess, not gross, but a mess. My hair has seen better days and yes at least one bill is late. (And not because we don’t have money, but because I can’t find it!!) But the kids are happy, because I’m spending time with them. At any rate, I’m glad for the above posts, it makes you not feel so alone or like you are totally crazy. Can anyone recommend mom chat rooms?

  • That’s cute! But sadly my hair doesn’t agree with ANYTHING. It won’t even stay brushed! It’s light brown and sithgly above the shoulders . Wow, I live in Florida and it’s still 89 degress out here Never snows. People are still going to the BEACH!!!^-^Cinderpelt^-^~Have a merry Christmas.

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  • but if u use fresh flowers so, it cannot be last long right? so, is it like one-day-headband?

  • A friend just introduced me to your blog (which I’m so glad she did!). As I saw this DIY, I remembered a video tutorial on a background and thought I’d share with you. Would be great for a background in one of your shoots!


  • Just made one in like.. 20 minutes, and it’s super pretty!

    Thanks for sharing this great idea 🙂

  • I made one of these babies and wore it with a simple black dress to the opera- it was a hit! It’s my most fabulous hair accessory

  • My daughter and I made our first floral headbands tonight – big success!! Thanks to your instructions:)

  • Love the sunflowers so much…they pop so nicely against yuor dark hair! On my to-make list! x

  • beautiful & easy – great combination:)
    love your hair colour so much!


  • my best friend as a teen always wore silk flowers in her hair and I loved it… these are SO cute! must make one:)

  • lovely!! i was about to do a blogpost similar to this!! NO JOKE! you are amazing 😀

    get inspired,
    Celynne Ace

  • These are amazing. I love how you use super big flowers–makes it very fun and dramatic. You look incredible in the white one–like a mystical fairy. I love the red one –super sexy!




  • Oh my goodness! That is so sweet and that photo of you is stunning! Such lovely light. You always look so freakin’ pretty!


  • These are so lovely!! These kind of headbands are all the rage here in london this summer and I keep staring enviously at girls I see wearing them. . . so now I can make my own!! 🙂

    Jess x


  • They’re so easy to do, I’ve always thought about make one, but I’ve never tried because I thought it was difficult. Thanks for sharing 😉

  • i love the huge blooms, they are so dreamy! I think it’s a great way to have fun with your wardrobe and a good reminder not to take yourself too seriously

  • LOVE this post! I can’t wait to try it myself! Maybe with some roses for fall. 🙂

    -Aly @ www.therosealley.blogspot.com

  • I love your blog and am usually on board but I think I would feel like a clown wearing such huge blooms on my head! Haha! I might try one with smaller, daintier blossoms, as you suggest 🙂 Very cute idea 🙂

  • So pretty! The sunflower band has my heart – definitely going to make one for me 🙂

  • I love how you do the makeup on your lips – it always looks so beautiful. It makes you look kind of dreamy and ethereal. It would be great if you could share!! x

  • They look great! I love the flowers you choose.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • They look brilliant! & soo simple to make 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Rachelle xxx

  • I have wanted to know how everyone do there flower headband for so long now. Thank you so much for this post. They look wonderful, and so do you! Thanks again!

  • Laura, yes that has happened to me before too. It depends on the flower. You can usually tell straight away if you need a little extra glue between the plastic & the petals. XO!

  • these are great – what a lovely idea. however, i once used one of those flowers for a diy-project, clipped off the green part on the back and ended up with detached petals, so i’d be careful with that! (:

  • LOve this, I’ve been planning to make my own for a while I just need to purchase supplies, today may be that day as your DIY has inspired me again!

  • Awww, it’s so pretty and feminine.


  • Really love it!! 🙂

    I will try it!! 🙂 Thanks for the nice info, i really like your blog. 🙂


    Irene Wibowo

  • I love love love the sunflowers. I have always wanted a sunflower hair clip.

    Althought I totally dig this DIY I can’t seem to wear headbands like these. They make my head look funny /: I prefer the elastic-ish

    ones. How would I make a headband like that?

    And I agree with Christine! Share your makeup and skincare routine with us please (:

  • I can’t wait to try this!! Found your blog in stumbleupon and I’m obsessed!

  • They are so pretty! They really suit your hair too. Lovely!

    I’m feeling the ‘almost a new season’ love over here too, hehe~

  • I love your DIY projects! Lovely and original, as always. So unique with the large, statement flowers.

  • Wow, awesome headbands! Love the red one, it looks great with your dark hair. Well, actually, they all look great 😀


  • It sound pretty simple! I was eyeing a few flower headbands in online stores, but I guess I can totally make them myself ;).

    Hope you have a colorful week!


  • So perfect! I’m making these for a fall baby shower, thanks !



  • I’m heading to Hobby Lobby! Fall is my favorite season. I was born in it and it’s the one I do the most preparation. Thanks so much for a wonderful diy!

  • what a fun idea! love it 🙂

    xo jeanette


  • So cute!! I love floral headbands, they’re one of my favorite fall accessories! <3

  • What a beautiful DIY! Thanks so much for this one! I just recently made myself some feathered headbands, and they turned out super well… I get so many compliments on them! I’ve been trying to find a new stunner hair accessory and I think a sunflower headband would be just that!



  • Thanks so much!

    Christine, I would be more than happy to share my skincare (which is very simple) and makeup routine in the near future. To be fair, I also use photoshop. My skin is average, not perfect! 😉 But thanks so much and I’ll be sure to post about that stuff in the coming month.

  • i wish you would tell me how you do your makeup and skincare routine. your skin always looks flawless.

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