Floral Headband ReStyle


Sometimes when I'm thrifting I keep an eye out for fabric! I'll buy any piece of clothing with large surfaces of fabric to use for my handmade projects. It's cheaper than buying yardage and more unique! Here's a little project that I ReStyled from a long skirt…


I used this skirt that had pretty printed fabric in a fit that I wouldn't wear to make a headband!


To make a floral headband, here's what you'll need: Fabric at least two feet long,(be creative and use an old piece of clothing you never wear!) scissors, needle & thread. 1. Cut four seperate 1-2 inch wide (depending on how large you want your flowers to be), 2 ft. long strips. 2. Begin wrapping the fabric into a cone shape, stitching through all the layers each time you wrap it around. Make sure the pattern is facing the inside so that as it extends out it will be the side that shows. For smaller flowers, use strips around 1 1/2 ft. long. 3. Once you've made the flowers for your headband, take the fourth strip and sew them on the middle, leaving the ends to tie your headband.


 xo. kinsey

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