Floral + Wire Words DIY Project

DIY Wire Words (A Beautiful Mess)Want to decorate your space with a special oversized word? Here's a fun and budget-friendly DIY project that will help you customize your space!  

Flower + wire words steps1. Supplies Needed: Thick floral wire, Wire cutters, Hot glue, Small silk blooms and fabric cut into long 1/2 inch strips. (note- you don't need floral tape) 2. Use multiple layers of wire to shape large letters. Our letters are about 13 inches tall. Mimic your favorite font (ours is modeled after "Strangelove") or create your own cursive word. 3. Using hot glue on the ends, wrap the wire letters completely with fabric strips. This will make them much easier to glue to and cover any sharp wire edges. 4. Carefully use hot glue to adhere silk blooms around the entire front surface of the letters. When you are done, go back and add more flowers to certain spots to give it a fuller appearance.

FinishingFlatten and reshape your letters before displaying. 

DIY Wire Words (A Beautiful Mess) Enjoy your new statement piece! We made ours for our studio. XO. Elsie 

  • What a fabulous site! I love all of these ideas. I have been researching decorating a master bedroom and I like some of these ideas. Keep up the good work!

  • This is so great! There are lots of letter decor DIYs about but I haven’t seen anything like this! I can’t wait to try it, thanks girls! xx Rachel


  • This is awesome & so inspiration! I love DIY stuff!



  • Cute. Thanks for sharing. I repost this in my blog 🙂

    xoxo Karina

  • Cute. Thanks for sharing. I repost this my blog

    xoxo Karina

  • Love this one! And how convenient, as I just moved into a new place and am in need of decor ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love love love this so much!!!! I am thinking that I will need to utilize this DIY for a bridal or baby shower in the future! So lovely!!


  • I love this! I like to do cute things! I must confess, I often spy the ideas in your blog! Thank you!

  • Super cute!

    Going to try it at a Bridal Shower this weekend.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Elsie!

    Stay Crafty,

  • Cool idea, I alway have tons of left over florals laying around that this would work well with.


  • hey there! i just wanted to inform you that i found a website that was copying your idea!!!
    the diy mugs. it looks exactly the same!!! justice needs to be served!!! haha but heres the website! http://designproject.ca/wp/design-project-diy-personalized-mugs

  • This is so pretty and a great idea. I would love to use this idea to make something for my bedroom.

    p.s. fellow readers, I have a blog giveaway for craftsupplies here http://liveandlove.typepad.com

    Sam xo

  • This is such a sweet simple little idea.
    I love that all your DIYs are so accessible, but I guess that’s part of their charm.

  • this is so clever! I love how fresh and original all of your ideas are 🙂


  • Too cute. I might just go and make a bedroom one. 🙂



  • Wow, That’s a good idea Elsie. I think I’m going to try that, maybe with gems or something. I’m going to create mine as ‘HOME’

    Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  • Just found your wonderful blog through A Mom’s Year. Love your style! I’m sick too…

  • Just found your wonderful blog through A Mom’s Year. Love your style! I’m sick too… definitely sucks. Hope we’re both feeling better fast!

  • They just look so delicious!
    Merrily Merrily,


  • Seriously digging this project. I may tweak it slightly to use less feminine detail and ensure my boyfriend loves it just as much!

  • This is SO great! I’m looking for a fun new sign for my craft show booth, and I think this is on the “to do” list for tomorrow. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  • Pretty, simple, and great for so many occasions! Putting in my “must try crafts” portion of my noggin;)

  • This is such a wonderful idea! I’m thinking of my husband and my initials with an & symbol! What a fantastic idea for beautiful signage for so many events! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • What a beautiful addition to any room! I feel like you could even write names in it or initials and an & symbol! I can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks is much for the inspiration!

  • LOVE this. This would be perfect for a wedding!

  • So criative! I’ll totally do this with!



  • How cute is this! I never would have thought to do anything like it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial my dear!


  • Hi Elsie & Emma! This is such a lovely project! It definitely added so much character to the space where you displayed the wired floral letters. You guys always come up with the most brilliant and cool projects!!!



  • How pretty. This would be beautiful for a wedding or bridal shower.


  • Great idea, but it takes much place

  • Very cute! I think this would make a great wedding DIY as well.

  • Such a cute idea, definitely going to try this out!


  • So cute!!

    I might steal this for my little studio.


  • Thanks for share this great article with us, I love this kind of floral decorations

  • I love this idea! Totally going to try this out 🙂

    xx Emily


  • ADORABLE! So in love with this project… this would be so cute spelling out a little girl’s name in a nursery!


  • I love this. Its so feminine.

    xoxo Jess

  • I am so excited to try this,nothing is better than affordable signage options for events.Thank you!

  • i plan on decorating my closet room soon starting out with a brightly painted chandelier. this looks like a great project for my wall. thanks!!!

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