Flower Crown D.I.Y. from Waverly

Waverly 1Today we are so excited to bring you a special D.I.Y. from Waverly! Emma and I created this glitterly flower crown with Waverly fabrics. Here's how we did it…

Waverly 2Supplies needed: Canvas fabric, lightweight jewelry wire, scissors, fabric stiffener, fabric glue, thread, needle, glitter. 

Waverly 3To make fabric blooms, just use the template above to cut fabric strips (approximately 2×6 inches each). Twist each strip into a circle and stitch the center down to create a pretty bloom! 

Waverly 4To make a crown: 1-2: First cut leaves using the photos above as your guide. 3. Twist a wire headband that comfortably fits your head. 4. Stitch blooms to the wire. 5. Add leaves behind each bloom. 6. Add 4-8 blooms, until you get the look you want. 7. Apply glue to the center of each bloom. 8. Sprinkle with glitter on the center of each bloom. You're done! 

Waverly 5Have fun wearing your new glittery flower crown! XO. elsie + emma

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  • I love this! Wish I had seen it before I went to the folk festival last week.

  • merry christmas!!!
    such a cute DIY!!


  • I love this idea
    i will do some flowers with this patron ; )

    merry christmas!


  • These are so cute! Im really needing to make something like this too for the spring!


  • that looks SO pretty! I love how the texture of the fabric!


  • Gorgeous!! I love flower wreaths, and yours is perfect for the wintertime! Thanks for the DIY idea, you made it look really simple!

  • Ohh, I truly love this! It is wonderful to see such a different type of flower crowns; the fabric looks amazing!

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  • LOVE this flower crown idea. Crowns are always a good idea, I think.



  • Oh my! Those are gorgeous!! I can’t wait to try it out!!

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