Flowers for the weekend…




Happy weekend to you! Yesterday I stitched this dress up (thanks, mallory, for the lesson!). I decided to dress bright and cheery since it's a rainy & gloomy Saturday here. 

What I Wore: Handmade dress, UO Cardigan, Stappy heels courtesy of Modcloth and a pretty handmade floral wreath in my hair. Happy Saturday & Thank you SO much for the kindness on my post below… elsie 

  • I love your floral wreath!! It is so vibrant and colorful!

    I absolutely love your blog and style. I know this is super sappy, but your are quite the role model to me. 🙂 Thanks for being so awesome!

    I also just purchased your blog e-course! I’m excited to learn more and develop my blog into what I want it to become.

  • Love this dress, we definitely needed a touch of Spring flowers on a gloomy day like today! You did such an awesome job on it as well. You always look so lovely! Enjoy your evening!!

  • I love your outfit! That dress is so cute and looks like it came from a big name, ritzy company. :] I just bought a headband a few days ago and it looks just like the flowers you’re wearing! I can’t wait to wear it, it’s so perfect for spring/summer! xo.

  • Loving the dress. I’ve been self-teaching how to sew clothes on a machine since October and am findibg your dress line so inspirational because ultimately I’d love to have a new and upcycled clothing line. Love the tights too!!

  • What an adorable dress!! The weather around Springfield is a bit gloomy, but you “spice” it up nice! Love your blog!


  • I love that flower crown! You should post a tutorial on how to make it! Your dress is also stunning! Fantastic job!

  • I love the big yellow floral headband, it’s so adorable! What a great print you chose for the dress! I love all the colors you chose, especially the muted rose pink sweater 🙂

  • Awesome job on the dress, it looks great. I like the colour of your tights too, they’re so bright and go really well with your dress.

  • precious, love the dress and the way you accessorized it. cant wait to see all of the little dresses you will be making for yourself since mallory is teaching you! so fun!

  • You’re gorgeous! And the dress is beautiful. It’s a greast thing to be able to sew your own clothes : )

  • Amazing dress! Are the fabric/pattern you used available commercially? Love your style… I have been so inspired by it over the past few weeks, and I am finally wearing all the color I have always wanted to wear!

  • amanda, the pattern was made by mallory & the fabric was vintage (purchased from etsy). XO! elsie

    thanks for the kind words!!

  • LOVE this outfit!!
    Fab dress….must get sewing more!
    I am totally in love with that pattern…what material is it? Just a cotton?
    Enjoy the reverse psychology dressing for the weather…I do that too! Sarah

  • I absolutely adore the way you have put together this outfit. The whole color and pattern combo is just fabulous!


  • First time stopping by and I LOVE your blog. Not only are you adorably gorgeous, but so talented and inspiring. I can’t wait to wander around this lil’ blog and explore 🙂

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  • Aw, you’re so cute! We love how the flowers pull out the splashes of yellow in your dress. And, the bright yellow flowers look striking against your dark brown hair.

    We recently made a bunch of flower crowns for bridesmaids out of pale pink, magenta, and white peonies. It was a challenge because peonies are so delicate. But boy, were they beautiful! And the shades of pink and white looked stunning against any hair color – blonde, brown, or black.

    Looks like we might need to start making flower headbands for an every day accessory – you’ve totally sold us on the idea! Thanks for sharing!

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