French Macarons 101 Crash Course

French Macarons 101Update: This course has been retired, but you can view our other courses here!

We are extra excited to share our latest crash course with you! If you have ever had an interest in learning to bake perfect French macarons, you’re in luck. Over the past few years Holly Neufeld has been perfecting her technique and recipes and is excited to share this comprehensive guide with you.

Looks fun, right? Here’s what you can expect from this crash course.

Pink MacaronsInside you’ll find:

•A step-by-step tutorial taught via text and images
•A step-by-step video tutorial
•Eight recipes, including shells and fillings
•Troubleshooting tips and tricks

Macaron bonus recipe cards•Macaron recipe cards that you can print and fill with your own creations
•Bonus session showing how to create your own macaron tree

The best tutorial for making french macaronsThis is a fantastic resource for those who are looking to bake macarons for their next birthday party or wedding shower they host. You’ll be able to impress your friends and share these delicious treats with those you love.

Lemon MacaronsFrench Macarons 101 is a “work at your own pace” crash course. After purchasing, you’ll have access to the course through your account at Shop ABM. We’ve included a PDF of the course, as well, in case you wish to own a printed copy. The course costs $8 USD.

Get ready for your next kitchen adventure! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography by Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Opal of the Signature Collection

  • Could you guys do an ecourse of videography? I love all of your small videos and would like to learn techniques and editing idea !

  • What a fun thought! We are so lucky to have Jeremy and Sarah on our team to make the beautiful videos you see on the blog and in our digital publishing program. Glad to hear of your interest.

    Thanks! -Emma

  • I’ve been waiting for you guys to release this video! Can’t wait to try these out. It’s been on my bucket list for a while, and I’m hoping it helps me bring a little bit of Paris home 🙂

  • They were on my bucket list on year too! I had a hard time with macarons (my first couple of tries really did NOT turn out) until Holly taught me this past year. So I’m so thrilled she’ll be teaching others through this course! They are so fun to make once you get the technique. 🙂


  • I woke up to this on my bloglovin this morning and was consumed with a sense of sadness as I cannot eat them since I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday 🙁

    Thank you for the tips though I will definitely take advantage as soon as I can

  • Hi! This looks awesome, when will it be available? Can’t find it on your side. And is there any special way to buy this if you would like to gift this to someone?

  • This looks fantastic! Is there a way to buy it as a gift for someone???

  • I’ve wanted to make these for sooo long. I just haven’t had the time with finals going on. But now that they’re over maybe this will be the perfect push to get me to make some macarons 🙂

  • If only I could bake.. This would be great. Even a great present for someone who CAN bake! Great work girls gosh there is no stopping you. Question: If I wanted to gift this, Could I buy it myself in the ABM Shop then foward all the documents to someone else or is there a license type thing attached? (I haven’t bought anything before.)

  • I’m a long time reader of your site and have loved it for years. I’ve done many crafts and recipes from your site and very much enjoy your site. I also do my best to check out all of your sponsors and have made several purchases either through your direct links to sites such as Amazon, or click through purchases to some of your smaller vendors like Etsy storefronts.

    However, lately I find myself becoming more and more turned off by the amount of sales pitches you’ve had up on your site. I understand that this is your business and kudos to you for making it such a success. Even after reading Trey’s thoughtful post on advertising, I feel that you’re missing the point on what your reader wants. Several of my friends have stopped reading the site because it seems more and more to be a sales pitch for your e-courses, crash courses, actions, etc. People (in my experience) aren’t leaving the site because you do tie ins with sponsors like West Elm or Meyers. It’s the (seemingly) non-stop push to sell from the ShopABM store.

    I’m sure it’s all very lucrative, but why is today’s post on macaroon making $8 when there was a fantastic post on strawberry donuts last week for free? I don’t really see the difference other than a pdf of recipe cards. Multitudes of quality templates can be found online for free. As can quality macaroon tutorials. And Mandi’s writeup on photo lens use was fantastic- are things like this going to cost in the future, as well?

    The blogging business courses and photoshop actions seem legit and I think it’s great. But it’s more and more alienating to long time readers who feel like there’s a “premium content” fee being levied. There’s a balance to be struck between between generating content for the readers and generating profit from the readers. And I feel that is out of balance lately.

    I love your site. I think it’s been the best of its kind. Hands down. But being at the top means there are lots of sites that would gladly swoop up your readership and I’m in danger of jumping ship. You are all fantastic and I am truly grateful for all the amazing posts I’ve enjoyed over the years. I hope the push towards selling all kinds of your content is a phase that is over with quickly.

  • These look delicious, esp those lovely recipe cards..

    xo, Hems

  • This looks like so much fun! Something that I am for sure going to have to try!


  • So excited to try this! Can you tell me what unit of measurement the recipes are written with?

  • Talk about a feast for the eyes! These look extraordinarily beautiful and so very yum worthy. Loved the promo trailer too 🙂

  • This sounds like something I need to try! I have always wanted to make macarons but after hearing how tricky they are I stayed more with the muffins and cookies, you know, the easier baked goods.

    Thank you so much for this crash course! I can’t wait to give it a shot!

  • I’ve been wanting to try macaroons for so long now, but there’s literally no place where I live that sells them! I don’t know why I’ve never thought of making them myself! Thanks guys!

    href=””>The Impossibly Cute

  • Love this! Just bought the 52 Days of Art Journalling & Blog Life – keep them coming! Can’t wait to try this one! Love your blog – it is fab!

  • Am I the only weird person that isn’t that fussed with macaroons? I do love these colours though

  • These look amazing. My only attempt at making them ended in strange, colourful blobs!

  • I always wanted to learn how to bake macarons but never even tried ’cause I hear they’re damn hard to do right! haha


  • Oh boy!!! looks like a dangerous course!!!! Macarons are the ultimate! How fabulous, loving the new videos too xxx

  • We went to France last week and had macarons from Pierre Herme wich were so amazing (we liked “Céleste” with rhubarb, passion fruit and strawberries the most) that I’m determined to try at home – again, I did before but found baking macarons quite challenging. So your e-course looks like a great resource!

  • Hi Jill,

    Thanks so much for your constructive comment. I appreciate how thoughtful and respectful it is.

    The new shop site has been a huge project in our lives this year! It’s true that we’ve been posting about each of our classes as they come out. We’re proud of our work, our teachers and the new products we are creating. I feel like one blog post per class/product is an appropriate way to share these announcements.

    Holly’s macaron course is much more than one blog post in content. It’s actually quite intensive! If we were to post all that content on ABM we’d be getting comments from readers by the end of the series complaining about how they miss the variety. We have already done a post “for free” about Macarons as well.

    These new classes are a way to go deeper into a subject. We’re excited about that, but they are NO way replacing our normal content.

    We are proud to share tons of free, original content every single week here. We love doing it and it’s something that we plant to continue.

    I think you are very right that we have to find the perfect balance. That’s something we are always striving to do!

  • I would buy this, but I’d assume you’d have to have the right baking utensils and appliances.

    I’ll wait a few years until I have everything I need or know someone who does haha!

  • So excited for this! Holly looks great (and I’d be lying if I wasn’t geeking out a bit that I got to meet her cause she’s super sweet and talented). My sisters shower is coming up and I’d love to make some macarons in fun colors (it’s a poppy flower and bumblebee theme!) in addition to her super awesome donut cake that I’ll also be making. I’m really excited to dive in and learn the ins and outs of macaron making!


    p.s. I totally don’t think that you’re putting too many posts about selling your ecourses. I love seeing the work that you do and the classes that you’re making! Not only is it quality and wonderful content, but it’s a great thing to see awesome people pave the way for the future of blogging and what can be done with it. Kudos for you!! muah!

  • Ha! Me too. I’ve had a few failed attempts. Holly taught me last year and that was part of the inspiration for this crash course. It really helped me to see her technique as well as learn from her tips as she’s been making them for a while and has done a LOT of the trouble shooting already. 🙂


  • Vera, so jealous!! I love my book “Macarons” by Pierre Herme, and Céleste is the one I’ve said would be my favourite!! Isn’t it beautiful? I love the use of the foil glitter as well. His book is so inspiring, and I hope to visit one day! It’s on my bucket list. 🙂

  • Thanks so much, Taylor! Macarons are so good for showers & parties! Everyone seems to love them, and they dress up the dessert table so much. Your theme sounds so pretty, little bumblebee macarons would be so fun to make!! You could fill them with a honey buttercream, melt chocolate candy melts to make stripes on yellow shells, and stick sliced almonds in the sides of the filling for little wings! Have fun planning your sister’s shower, and I hope you enjoy the crash course! xo

  • hello can we access this course if i live in the uk?

  • just wanted y’all to know that i am thrilled with the e-courses being offered here on ABM! these courses are (in my opinion) affordable and the content – well, let me just say this: i am only on lesson one of the blog life course and i’ve had to print another page because there is SO much useful information. it’s clear to me that a lot of thought and research goes into each course and blog post, therefore, i will keep coming back for more!

  • I love making macarons and I’m always looking for new techniques to help the process along. Also: recipes! YES. I’m very excited about this and so happy to take the course!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • I kind of wondered why this cost money even though they already did a post with Holly for her macarons but, after trying countless times to make macarons and always failing, I decided to purchase this crash course earlier today and I must say it is WELL worth the $8. It’s not just a recipe or a tutorial. It’s fully equipped with a multitude of recipes, tips, tricks, resources and is also a text tutorial plus a video for people like me who like to see things being done for better learning. I am so glad I spent money on this because now I finally know why I’ve been failing at macarons so much! Definitely worth it!

  • Aloha! I am so excited! My 10 year old and I read and watched the whole course this evening and it was FUN! Teenage daughter even stoked about shopping tomorrow for the ingredients to have a Macaron Bake Night. The video was fun to watch, easy to understand and Holy was so delightful to “meet”! (She makes me feel like “Yeah girl, you can do this!”)
    I can’t thank you guys enough for having such a delightful blog. Mahalo for all the fun you share!

  • Amber, this makes me so happy! This is exactly what the goal was when we decided to create this crash course. Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Thanks so much, Mel! I’m so glad you enjoyed the course, and the video! A Macaron Bake Night is a fabulous idea, and I love that your daughter is excited about it!! Fun in the kitchen with the kids are some great memories to make, for sure. Happy baking! xo

  • Annabelle, you definitely can! Some measurement conversions might have to be made, if you’re not familiar with grams/ounces/cups/teaspoons, but online converters (such as google) make that easy peasy. Hope you enjoy it!!

  • Totally dangerous! You’ll want to stock up on ground almonds! 😉 Glad you love the videos, Jeremy’s work is so great! xo

  • They can definitely be tricky, so I focused on making a pretty detailed Troubleshooting Guide. Hope you have success with them! Once you start making them, you’ll want to make them all the time, pretty sure of it. 😉

  • Three stoked folks over here prepping to make macarons! (We went shopping for ingredients and baking tools!)
    I can definitely see why you all offer this as a pay-for workshop! I can see lots of effort went in to putting it together. Very Professional as well as fun! It is definitely not something to cram in one blog post.
    My 16 yr. old who loves to bake initially asked, “Why buy it when you can just surf youtube?” After making a fun night of watching it together she amended: “I am so excited! I feel like we are in a baking class!” (not to mention I got the fist bumps for being savvy)
    I understand and appreciate that a workman is definitely worth their wages! And this is totally cheaper than buying a box of these little guys from the bakery downtown!
    Big Mahalos from the 3 of us,
    Mum and 2 Stoked daughters

  • My dictionary spells the word, “macaroon”, not “macaron”.

  • I just got back from France and the macarons there were amazing. If these taste anything like them….

  • Your site does not permit payment by credit card????? I’m not interested in a paypal account.

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