friday loves

First of all, for those of you dwelling in Springfield, Missouri… tonight is first friday art walk! My mom has a bunch of work at the Bellwether Gallery. Super excited to have a fun night downtown with my parents and grandparents. :]

so…. life with a camera is better than life without a camera.. that is for sure.

Anyone needing a super cute camera strap? My lovely friend, emily, sent me one and it is pretty much my favorite thing ever… thanks, em! :]

a little bit of inspiration…. i could say it over and over and over again… but is my favorite place on the internet for inspiration…. ooooh… awwwwe….

The lovely miss rachel made this and i lovelovelove it….

And last but certainly not least (drum roll please…)

one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, candice stringham, has just become a contributing editor for CK Magazine. You can see her listed in the Jan. issue! CONGRATS, Candice!!! I am so happy for you!

Have a great weekend everyone!  elsie

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