the best way to spend a friday night…

Erin came up tonight, after working in the shop, and we hung out for a few hours and stitched baby onesies. it really is one of the most relaxing crafts. so much better than t.v…. 😀

Photo 356

here's mine…


(patterns from Sublime Stitching :D)

my bffs, Brett & Rachel, AND my little brother and his girlfriend are expecting babies this Autumn! i'm gonna be an aunt for the first time! i am really excited. i am crossing my fingers for one baby boy and one baby girl. that would be oh-so fun. 

anyway… i guess it goes without saying that i have a lots of cute gifts to make and showers to give. it's going to be a fun summer. 

and some loves from today…

Larson+elsie have a loveeely weekend. e

  • Ooh, I’ll have to get some of those cute onesies for Colin if you’re selling them at the shop! 🙂

    Congrats on being an Aunt to be! 🙂



  • oh, cute! If was a baby, I would definitely have that alien onesie.

    I’m in the middle of making a birdy one myself actually.

    I think it should be law that all tinies have at least one embroidered suit. =P

  • Super cute! I just cancelled my cable in hopes that I will spend more time being productive with painting, crafts, etc.

  • I didn’t know that Doren was going to be a Dad! how exciting/scary/happy/great-tastic at the same time! Did you use anything to back the embroidery part on the inside of the onesies? Cute, cute, cute.

  • Those are so great! And the pics of you and Jeremy are some of the best ever!!! I did the same thing last nite and embroidered one of your bird patterns (in my flickr with the typewriter I did this week too from your RVA class patterns)! So relaxing!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Elsie!!!

    xoxo -j

  • Elsie-
    Hi there! I stalk your blog/was in your pretty class…I just need some of your excellent advise.
    I have been working on embroidering some onesies for my sister in law who was finally able to get pregnant after ten years! So we are pretty excited. 🙂 Mine have not been turning out quite this cute. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong….any pointers? Do you put anything on the inside? Do you wash the onesies first? Thanks for being so cool and sharing your craftiness with the world!

  • Elise, so cute I am going to start on one for my friend Sara right away!

    Also I ramdomly thought of you and Mr. Larson this morning, I was listening to The Last Kiss soundtrack and the song paper weight seems to describe your relationship with your guy. (Because I know you so well…but I don’t know why, but I thought of you!)

  • I recognize that frog-like creature! Kurt Cobain used to wear that T, Daniel Johnston I believe? You’ve probably mentioned it before and I’m late to make a comment on it. Sweet! Is the onesie going to be a gift, or are you saving it for ‘future children’ of your own?!

  • Elsie
    Congratulations to you on being an Aunt to be!!!

    Daniela Faillace

  • so so sooooo cute baby stuff!

    and well, your niece or nephew will be a really lucky one! 🙂

  • Elsie – being an aunt is amazing. You’ll love it! Those onesies are adorable. I just started embroidering this year. I’m in the middle of making my first onesie and bib set. It’s tons of fun, huh? I like your patterns though. So cute! I’ll have to check those guys out. Thanks for the inspiration. As always!

  • super cute!! can’t wait to find out what r is having! it would be perfect for one of each.
    have a wonderful weekend!
    -kimi starr

  • that is so exciting! my brother is also expecting a baby, a little boy! i already have two nieces so it’s really exciting to have a baby boy in the mix. congrats!

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