Frosted Mason Jar Votives

Frosted Mason Jar Votives
I love the atmosphere that soft candles can create at a party. Today we're teaming with our friends over at Pentel to share a simple technique for creating lovely frosted candle jars with special details using their watercolors! 1Supplies Needed: Glue, Pentel watercolor set, a sponge, paint brushes and jars. 

2First, cover the jar in glue. I like to do one side at a time. 

3Next, use a sponge to spread the glue evenly over the jar. Allow it to dry completely and repeat the process, covering any shiny spot.4When the glue dries it will have a frosted look, like this! 

5Now it's detail time! Use your water color paints to create small, soft patterns with a paint brush. Add a different pattern to each jar. Think- dots, spots, stars, confetti, small shapes and stripes!Frosted Mason Jar Votives Frosted Mason Jar Votives Frosted Mason Jar Votives Enjoy your new frosted candles! The design will last as long as you don't get your votives wet. If you decide you want to reuse your jar in the future, just soak it in hot water and the glue and paint can be removed with a sponge. Try this for your next party! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

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