Frosted Mason Jar Votives

Frosted Mason Jar Votives
I love the atmosphere that soft candles can create at a party. Today we're teaming with our friends over at Pentel to share a simple technique for creating lovely frosted candle jars with special details using their watercolors! 1Supplies Needed: Glue, Pentel watercolor set, a sponge, paint brushes and jars. 

2First, cover the jar in glue. I like to do one side at a time. 

3Next, use a sponge to spread the glue evenly over the jar. Allow it to dry completely and repeat the process, covering any shiny spot.4When the glue dries it will have a frosted look, like this! 

5Now it's detail time! Use your water color paints to create small, soft patterns with a paint brush. Add a different pattern to each jar. Think- dots, spots, stars, confetti, small shapes and stripes!Frosted Mason Jar Votives Frosted Mason Jar Votives Frosted Mason Jar Votives Enjoy your new frosted candles! The design will last as long as you don't get your votives wet. If you decide you want to reuse your jar in the future, just soak it in hot water and the glue and paint can be removed with a sponge. Try this for your next party! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

  • I love Oui yogurt so have many of these small darling glass jars. Was trying to make something with pictures for my granddaughter’s wedding this weekend and don’t like working with etching cream. Wish I had known this, but hey…might make some Christmas gifts.

  • I used this on dollar store clear bowls. I needed some cheap bowls for a floral class so I put elmers glue on the bottom half and decoupaged silver and gold wrapping paper on the bottom half and added a gold ribbon I had gotten at a yard sale and they turned out beautiful.

  • Wow this is so pretty! it looks like a gloomy winter day! im so making this!
    thnx for the amazing post dear <3


  • Why is it shown with an array of watercolor tubes?….only white watercolor paint was used in the photos, corect? Has it been done with several water colors?

  • Oh! I had no idea that glue would work. I just made some of these with my kids as holiday gifts for their teachers but used glass frosting spray.

    Thanks for the tip and Happy Christmas!

  • Whaaaat, I had no idea that frosting a jar was as simple as smearing some glue on it!! That’s GREAT to know!!


  • Well that’s friggen simple then isn’t it?! You pay 50c for a jar from the op shop, I can imagine this being a really cute DIY for brides to be who want to pay less for decorations. I am linking up with a bride magazine this month for really simple DIY’s to save money on wedding centerpieces…I won’t be copying this idea but it’s still a really great one to try out!
    Adelle 🙂

  • Wow! This is SO awesome! Love this idea and I have so many jars left over from my wedding! I’m going to do this tomorrow I think for craft evening 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • OMG i just can’t believe this elsie replied me^^ just can’t stop smiling , i’m gonna tell all my friends now that my ideal just spoke to me , & thank you so much for all of your amazing beautiful diys, recipes & “mixology” , i’ll keep sharing with you things that i’ll make keeping you as my inspiration^^

    Much love,
    & i’m from Pakistan by the way,
    So there are a lot of fans of your blog even in eastern countries ^^
    & here’s this adorable photo i made using your abeautifulmess app, i took inspiration from your snaps where you wrote upcoming project sneak peeks on your pictures, it was so cool , i made one like that for my page^^:

    Here’s another one I made using your app too^^:

    & i did not knew you were at facebook, i’ll share your awesome work directly on my page now thank you so much! Your art has literally changed my life x>


  • This is such a cute idea! What a great way to add a unique touch to ones’ home without breaking the bank, and they’re so classy too! I can definitely seeing this being useful for a private dinner or dinner party, very cute! Have a great one! -Iva

  • This is so cute & look so easy! I just moved into a new place and this looks like a great (and cheap!) DIY to do to get our home decorated.


  • Hello,

    This looks gorgeous and wanting to try it ASAP. However, does the glue produce a smell when the candles are lit? Don’t fancy eau de PVA around the house.

    Always enjoy reading your blog! It’s my favourite.
    Ashley x

  • how cool! never thought of doing something like this with glue 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • Such a wonderful idea, they look so pretty!
    Happy Tuesday xoxo

  • Oh this is SO nice! The frosted glass creates a really romantic glow, and the additional designs using glue is a great idea! Loving this DIY!

  • This is genius. I love that you could make this out of such basic supplies. Beautiful!

  • That is a really great idea as to how to get a frosted look without using etching creams, this one is kiddo friendly. Thank you xo

  • I can’t wait to try this, but I think I’ll make it for makeup brushes instead of candles!

  • I love these! I always seem to gravitate towards the frosted glass and now I can make it myself. I never would have thought to use glue to get that frosted appearance. Thanks for another great idea!

  • This is a great DIY! So easy to do, could you use acrylic paint instead of water color?

  • Love these! Cannot wait to give this a try! So simple too, I wasn’t expecting that 🙂

  • Such an awesome DIY! I cannot wait to try this out – perhaps as gifts for girlfriends.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  • What a cool idea. Your jars look very pretty and festive. Perfect for temporary decorations.
    Claire xx

  • Hi Alee! Your photo is SO cute! Thanks for commenting! It’s so nice to meet you!!!


  • Hi Andrea,
    A matte sealer would probably be best, since a lot of sealers have a shiny finish! I haven’t tried it, but I would guess it has a great chance of working. 😀


  • Hi Maggie!
    It does not melt if you use a small tea candle since they don’t produce much heat.

    🙂 elsie

  • This is a great idea! I never thought of using glue for a frosted look.

  • I never knew glue looked like this on the jar!

    • Berterolli spaghetti jars are free “mason” jars you get every time you buy their sauce. Paul Newman’s sauce comes in similar glass jar.

  • This is such a sweet and simple idea! I love having lit candles on windowsills in the winter and this would be perfect

  • Ohhhh these look so lovely! Will try for sure!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Hello elsie i’m such a huge fan of your work & your style, you’re my ideal, your blog has helped me to be inspired & stay motivated from last two years, until today i gutted up & decide to comment on one of your posts^^, i’m sending you link to your “floral love” photo which i loved so much that i decided to do my version of it^^, hope to hear from you soon

  • I love the effect that the glue has on the jars! I think I’d prefer a stenciled image rather than the free-hand painting so they looked less homemade.

  • What a great idea with only a few materials needed! I will have to add this to my DIY ideas to try!

  • What if I want the jar to be frosted permanently? Should I spray it with something?

  • I can’t believe you guys thought of that! So creative and adorable!

  • These are gorgeous! Now finally have something to do with the two jars that I have been saving!

  • So cool, who ever would of thought you could frost with elmers glue! I just frosted my windows with spray paint and I’m not too happy with the outcome! Wonder if this would of worked!?

  • So cute! Great easy holiday project. Lovely effect too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • I love how you created the frost effect with white glue! I thought it would have been done with a frost spray, but white glue is more affordable. These could be so pretty with the different colors from Pentel. Great tutorial! 🙂


  • I’m for sure going to try it, that’s a brilliant idea! I’m just in love with your blog, so good DIY’S 🙂 XX

  • i never would have thought to use glue to create a frosted look, but it’s a brilliant suggestion!

  • Wow I never would’ve guessed that was water color and glue. I’ve never seen watercolor like that!

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