Frosted Phrase Vase DIY

Frosted Phrase Vase DIY So, I guess I've developed a bit of a vase collection over the years that I currently keep stashed under my kitchen sink cabinet. While it is convenient to have lots of different sizes and shapes on hand, I have to admit that they are all relatively plain. Nothing cool, nothing special—just regular old glass vases. That's about to change! I saw the vases floating around Pinterest that use the rubber band and glass frost spray paint method to make a pattern, but I thought it would be extra cute to take it one step further and do a phrase instead of a pattern:Frosted VaseSupplies: Glass vase, letter stickers, glass frosting spray paint, and masking tape.

Frosted Vase 1. Use the masking tape to make guidelines for the top and bottom of your phrase. These lines will help you keep the letters straight when you place the stickers on the vase. Before adding your stickers to the vase, place the sticker (sticky side down) onto some fabric and pull it off. Repeat this several times until the sticker has lost most of its sticky quality (this will help you peel off the sticker at the end). Place your sticker on the vase. 2. Use the masking tape to tape off the top edge of the vase, so there will be a clean line where the frost spray ends. 3. Place the vase upside down on cardboard and follow the directions to spray several coats of frost spray, allowing for adequate dry time between each coat. 4. Peel off your stickers, and voilà! You're done!Frosted Phrase Vase DIY abeautifulmess.comFrosted Phrase Vase DIY     Frosted Phrase Vase DIY  Pretty quick and easy right? I usually trim out most of the bottom leaves in floral arrangements, but I like how they look through the clear glass letters, so I left them in this time. Of course, you don't have to pick a French phrase for your vase, but I think mine turned out très magnifique! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman

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