Fruit + Veggie Stamping

Fruit + Veggie StampingI've been inspired by the idea of using natural objects as stamps. One afternoon, Kinsey and I did a little experimenting in the studio with different fruits and veggies. Here are the results-  

Apple StampThe technique could not be more simple, you chop fruits and veggies and then use them as stamps. We used acrylic paint and a brayer to roll paint on to our stamps. I've wanted to make an apple stamped pillow set (think Autumn decor) or possibly even a dress for a while and I was really pleased with how the prints looked using small granny smith apples. 

DIY Apple FabricWe chopped the seed area out to define the shape more. 

Apple + Celery Stalk StampsWe tried making a flower stamp with an artichoke, but I wasn't blown away by the results (the imprint was very weak). Next, we tried the same concept with the leftover celery stock and it worked really well. 

Finished Stamped FabricsFinished Stamped FabricsI liked the simple, geometric repeat pattern that this piece of celery created. 

Homemade Stamped FabricsPotatoes can be used to create almost any simple shape. I like these natural patterns. 

Gold Stamped Scarf DIYGold Stamped Scarf DIYAfter experimenting with different produce and colors I wanted to make a wearable project. I chose the celery because I liked the small and simple design. I used gold Martha Stewart all surface craft paint with fabric medium mixed in. Here's the final product…

Gold Stamped Scarf DIY by A Beautiful MessThat was fun! Have you tried any other natural stamping methods that you loved? I would like to try a version with dye instead of paint next time. xo, elsie

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