Full Length Mirrors (Splurge + Save)

I have a THING for mirrors. A lot of my most-loved home decor items are mirrors. I saved up for (and splurged on) two large mirrors in our home. And although I love them passionately (lol—I really do), I can’t say I would spend the same $$$ again if I were buying them today, simply because there are a LOT of budget-friendly options popping up online that look similar—even identical! In today’s post, I’ll show you my favorite floor length mirrors in the splurge and the save categories.

Here’s a link to my closet mirror.




Let me know if you’d like to see more splurge + save posts in the future! xo, Elsie

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I definitely want to see more save vs. splurge posts! I’m absolutely terrible at home decor despite following you for years, so these posts would help immensely 😆

    • Haha. I think the same thing all the time- how am I still so bad at this when I’ve spent the last decade looking at design blogs?

  • Love the save vs. splurge post! I got lucky and found a beautiful gilded mirror at an estate sale last weekend! Highly recommend looking at those when searching for mirrors!

    You guys do a great job of understanding your audience and I find you both so respectful when discussing costs on the podcast. I appreciate the dynamic of Emma vs. Elsie – Save vs. Splurge- it’s fun to hear your different perspectives!

  • That beautiful splurgey Anthropologie mirror was DIY’d by theSorryGirls on YouTube!

  • I’d also like more spurge/save posts and more posts on renovation budgeting in general. We just bought our first home and I’m needing tactical ideas on small and large-scale renovation budgeting. Thank you!

  • Yes to the future splurge and save posts please! Something for every budget is a nice as it gives us all options. Thank you for sharing these great finds 🙂

  • On a separate note, I’d love the link to that killer jumpsuit you’re wearing!

  • When I moved out on my own 15 years ago, one of my first buys was a giant mirror at the grocery store! Odd place, I know but the grocery store was trying to branch out at the time. The quality was impeccable, and was only $79.00! I knew this was a steal and also too heavy for me to carry on my own. Thankfully, my brother and my cousin were able to save the day and help me drag it back to my condo. I’ve moved about five times and it’s comes with me every time and I still absolutely love it 💕

    I also love the Anthropologie mirror and if you’re ever in Canada a furniture store called Structube made a replica of it (the smaller version) but for 1/3 of the price!

    Also, Please post More splurge and saves!! Xoxo

  • Loving the color pallette on the first pic, reminds me of the Princesse de Lamballe.
    Also, straight hair on Elsie = LOVELOVELOVE

  • What a great idea, keep it up please! Sometimes the awesome things you ladies find for your homes are a little out of reach for my budget, so this is wonderful. Love these mirrors!

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