Garlic + Asparagus Steamed Fish

Baking fish in parchment paper recipe www.abeautifulmess.comA few awesome things about fish: healthy, can be flavorful, and it doesn’t take long to cook. So in case you’re getting hangry (that’s when you feel a little angry because you’re hungry) this is a super quick and delicious meal you can throw together.Parchment paper baked fish www.abeautifulmess.comHave you ever baked fish in parchmet paper before? It actually steams the fish because all the moisture gets trapped inside the paper packet. You can add other veggies and they too will get lightly steamed.How to bake fish in parchment paperCut out a large square of parchment paper. Add in a few veggies, like asparagus with a couple of lemon slices.How to steam fish in parchment paperNow add the fish, be sure to season it with salt and pepper. I mashed together 2 tablespoons of butter with 2 chopped cloves of garlic and a little fresh dill. It looks like a large amount of butter, I know. But it’s got a lot of garlic in there so it’s kind of deceiving. How to steam fish in parchment paper www.abeautifulmess.comFold the packet together and fold up the sides so that the contents will steam as they bake.Parchment paper baked fishBake at 400°F for 8-12 minutes. The packet will slightly puff as it cooks. When you remove it from the oven take care when you cut through the packet as hot steam will come out. Don’t get burned!Steamed fish with asparagusEnjoy this quick and delicious dinner! xo. Emma

  • This was as advertised: quick and delicious!!
    I made it with Brussels sprouts instead of asparagus, and a side of roasted potatoes…the whole family loved it =)

  • This looks soooooo good. Definitely trying this soon!


  • Well…now that my little girl goes to school, I’ll have time to cook for me at noon. This seems to be a nice way to start…

  • Sounds delicious!
    Wanted to add some fish to our meal plan this week but have never cooked it before (I know I know! So bad!) so I’ll definitely give this recipe a try
    Cheray x

  • I use foil all the time for this. Make a nice little foil igloo and it steams up lovely on the inside

  • Asparagus is the perfect compliment to sea food, and with some lemon slices… yum!


  • This sounds amazing! I need to start including more fish in my diet, so I might give this a try next week when my partner is back from his work trip!

  • i have never tried cooking fish this way, but it seems both simple and elegant!

  • I’d never heard of this steaming method before. There are so many possibilities for it. Thanks for the great recipe!

  • are Those butter Garlic Directions For One Piece Of Fish Or Two? Also, Is There Some ReD Seasoning On The Fish or Just Salt And Pepper?

    Thanks For Sharing!

  • What kind of fish did you use in these photos? Looks yummy whatever it is. I’ve tried talapia and swai and they were just ‘ok’ to me but maybe I’ll have to try again using this method. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Lovely recipe. I adore simple dishes like these. Though what type of fish did you use in this recipe?

  • It is way too hot in my apartment to consider cooking in any form right now, but I will keep this in mind once (if?) it starts to cool down in LA.

  • This basic principle can be applied, as you said, to different seasonings and veggies. And it is so healthy.. I think I might use olive oil instead of butter, though. Would that work?

  • A one parchment meal! I love how simple and healthy this recipe is. I might go a little nuts with parchment/fish meals.

  • Wow this looks so delicous and the photos are amazing, like always!

  • I love steamed fish and I looove asparagus even more…I’ll try this recipe tomorrow, first thing!

  • what an absolutely stunning meal! i love asparagus, so this is a lovely way to prepare it. I don’t think I’ve had a meal quite like this.

  • yum! if i don’t have parchment paper do you know if foil would work similarly? this looks so great!

  • It does look delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare. Just curious…what kind of fish did you use?

  • Reading this made me so so hangry lol great post will defo be trying xx Emmi

  • Emma have you thought about going on Master Chef? I love that show and you come up with so many yummy dishes.

  • This is fantastic, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Anything with asparagus is a winner, for sure. As a child, I didn’t like fish very much, but maybe I should try again and see what I think! There are plenty of other things I love that I didn’t as a kid (in fact, almost everything!), but fish has been a hurdle! We’ll see!

  • This looks so good! I love discovering new ways to cook fish! And you can do so much with this method! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • This looks super quick and easy but super delicious at the same time! Yum!

  • Yummy, thanks for the recipe !
    Love from Paris

  • I love fish and anything garlic flavored, so this looks super delicious!


  • Perfect photo!! aaah. i want fish now! You two and your men and dogs have a great weekend!

  • Yum! I live in Alaska and we eat fish all the time. This is one of our favorite ways to cook halibut! We substitute zucchini and yellow squash which is also wonderful.
    ps – thanks for the blog inspiration!

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