Garment Rack D.I.Y.

Diy coat rack Looking for a budget friendly way to create garment racks for your home? Today Rachel shares her D.I.Y. method…

Diy garment rackYou'll Need: Two 1/2" x 60" black steel pipes, Two 1/2" x 48" black steel pipes, Four 1/2" x 8" black steel pipe nipples, Two 1/2" x 2 1/2" black steel pipe nipples, Six 1/2" x 1 1/2" black steel pipe nipples, Six 1/2" black tees, Four 1/2" black 90 degree elbows, Four 1/2" galvinized floor flanges, Two 1/2" black steel end caps, 1 can of black spray paint (optional) and Work gloves. *Note: My supplies cost around $70-$80.

Preparation: Spray paint your floor flanges black to make it consistent with the rest of the pieces. Take the orange plastic caps off each end of the black pipes. For a truly consistent look, spray paint each piece. Wait until they've dried before assembling. 

Steel pipe diyOne: Group your small pieces for easier assembly. Just so you know what they look like I've lined them up. In descending order: end cap, 90 degree elbow, tee, 2 1/2" steel nipple, 1 1/2" steel nipple, galvinized floor flange, 8" steel nipple. Two: To create each base, screw one 8" steel nipple into the tee as shown. Three: Attach one 90 degree elbow to the end of your 8" nipple making sure it's facing the opposite direction of the top of your tee when tightened. Four: Attach a 1 1/2" steel nipple to the open end of the elbow joint. Five: Attach your floor flange to the other end of the nipple and tighten. Six: Repeat on the opposite side of your base. Seven: Attach one 1 1/2" steel nipple to the open end of your tee joint. Eight: Attach another tee joint to the 1 1/2" nipple as shown. Tighten with a wrench so that the tee joint is facing as shown. Nine: Repeat steps 2-8 to create your second base. Ten: Lay your long pipes on the ground with the shorter two on the top and bottom and the longer two on the sides. First you will assemble the top of the rack by screwing one 2 1/2" nipple into one end cap. Then screw one tee joint into the other end of the nipple as shown.Eleven: Screw that piece onto one end of your 4' steel pipe as shown. Repeat with the other end of the 4' steel pipe to complete the top of your rack. Twelve: Screw each 6' steel pipe into the open tee joints. Thirteen: Screw one base onto the end of one 6' steel pipe and tighten so that the open joint is facing the opposite side. Fourteen: Repeat with the other base. Fifteen: Screw one end of the last 4' steel pipe into the left side tightly with a wrench. Sixteen: Fit the other end of the 4' pipe into the other open tee joint and screw it in three times. This will unscrew it three times from the opposite end but neither end will be in danger of coming off.

ClosetClosetIf you plan on transporting your garment rack to events or are moving houses, just unscrew the bases, the bottom 4' pipe, and the two 6' pipes. They're easy to reassemble and store and can take a good beating since they're so sturdy. Change the dimensions to create the ideal sized garment rack for your own space. –Rachel 

  • Hi! I’m in the process of making this pipe rack to display my aprons at a holiday show this November. What did you use to clean the greasy residue from the pipes? Did you then paint it? Did you use any teflon tape to make a few of the pieces fit tightly and square? Any other tips you have would be appreciated! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Hello,
    Thank you for this idea.
    I tried to do it at home, but im blocked in the last step.
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you.

  • Great for when you need a non-standard garment rack – I need just a half-height one to hold my skirts and pants, most of them out there are too tall and big. Thanks for the step-by-step!

  • This tutorial looks exactly the same as the one on ‘you have broken the internet’

    even the photos and everything!!! i wonder if she knew….

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  • I forgot to comment after I made this back in May…it turned out so great! I bought the poles from Lowes, and the rest of the hardware from local stores (I was lucky to find black floor flanges to match). Spent about $80, and it only took about 15 minutes to put together. It’s very heavy-duty and unique looking, and my first use for it was to hang a large sign from it for my booth at Renegade.
    Thanks for the how-to Rachel!

  • I appreciate knowing that this can be done at home, BUT with the $70 cost for parts alone and the time it would take to create this, it would be a wiser choice for me to spend $60 and just go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a clothing rack of metal that is already there and easy to assemble. Too much money and time for me.

  • This makes for a pretty post, but practically it’s not very good. We actually tried to make this and it is VERY wonky and unstable. The directions do not do a good job of explaining how to tighten the pipes (as this can be surprisingly complicated)or how to ensure that the finished product is structurally sound. Any additional info would be much appreciated.

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  • Okay this is so awesome! Such a great idea! Keep up the good work.:)


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  • love it :)though I wouldn’t call $80 budget-friendly, you can buy these new for $15-20. this is much sturdier and aesthetically pleasing though!

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  • LOVE! what a great project 🙂 totally reblogging (linking to your page!) xo

  • Oddly enough saw these in a Montreal shop on St. Viateur street, and though darn how’d they do that! Now I know. the other option is wheels. The ones I saw in the window had coasters on them allowing you to move the rack easily!

    Great how to!

    Elena –

  • Okay, so I went to get the parts… And I was SUPER disappointed. The black pipe wasn’t what I was expecting. It had this horrible black stuff on it that rubbed on on my fingers when I picked it up… There is NO WAY I am putting that near my clothes! The elbow joints, etc. were all what I expected — they had the black tint, but weren’t covered in the black gunk. I’d be interested to see if anyone else had this problem or if it was just Home Depot. I’m going to check Lowes (the prices are about the same, I checked online) to see if their pipes are any better.

  • Oh my god, totally want to do this! Seriously! 🙂


  • Very similar to these clothing racks built with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Kee Klamps are pipe fittings that don’t require threading. It’s a different look, but a similar concept:

    Nice work on the garment rack.. you should do the shoe rack next! 🙂

  • Lasergirl,

    I bought my pipes pre-threaded and pre-cut at Lowe’s.

  • Heh,
    I purchased my pipes at Lowe’s and spent less than $100 on all parts so maybe Home Depot isn’t the best place to price check. Also, I think most people have shared above that their store bought garment racks are usually flimsy. It may be a case of getting what you pay for.

  • I just went to Home Depot and looked at the prices… it was $62 before the 60 in and 48 in pipes… so this is like, almost a $100 project (the pipes were $11 ea for the 60 in ones, but I didn’t look at the 48 in ones, so about another $40 for pipes). Not ‘budget friendly’ at all. I get that it’s sturdy and looks cool, but they sell racks for $10 at big lots.

  • How did you get the pipe threaded after cut to sizes? Or were you able to get prethreaded?

  • First, I just want to say I read your blog everyday and I love the creativity your sister and you have. That said, I think this DIY is one of your best – such a wonderful idea! It is definitely cheaper and sturdier than a store bought rack and I love that you can customize the size to your space! Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  • That is so cool! I have been thinking doing that kind of rack for over a year, but never have done it… It would be so stable, comparing to my Ikea-rack which is so horrible! 🙂

    Those pipes really inspire me! Thank you for those simple pictures with every beat separate. It helps a lot i think.

  • this is perfect! my clothing rack collapsed last night (under the weight of far too many dresses! haha) so i think i’ll need to give this a whirl!
    Thanks for sharing

  • LOVE IT!

    I just made this myself after a quick stop to the hardware store. All the supplies + tax cost about $90 but I had to sub a couple copper parts (which cost a few dollars more) and I think I could have gotten a cheaper version of the steal. Anyway, it was a real quick thing to build once all the supplies were home and organized! Check it out here:

    Plus, it is SUPER durable!

  • I seriously LOVE all of the colours in that wardrobe! Heaven!

  • Neaaaaat! I wish I had a space big enough for this! This is so great.

  • This would be awesome for my dorm off at college next year! Yay!
    xo Heather

  • What about the shoe rack? Is that another DIY or did you buy it? If so, where? It’s exactly what I’m looking for!!

  • Love this! Might need to make one for my bedroom, as our closet is too shallow for hangers (crazy, I know). For those asking, I just priced it out at my local home improvement store and it was between $75-$100.

  • Thanks for the tutorial! This would have been great when my girls were dancing at the studio and they needed to cart 10+ costumes back and forth during recitals.

  • Man, I am running out of room on my current garment rack so I will def have to try this. Thanks!

  • Great idea!! Hope that someday I own such a place that I can make this garment rack!! =)

  • Amazing! I need to do this for my new rental (: Thank you for sharing!

  • I would also like the know the cost. I have thought about just buying a cheap IKEA one, but this definitely looks way better. Would most hardware stores carry these parts?

  • I love this, so much more attractive than the cheapo Ikea version I used to have.Rx

  • Another AMAZING dyi Rachel! You are so creative and I love the quality of your projects! Thank you for sharing!

  • I eyes this rack when you posted the how to on the DIY polka dot rug. Thanks for sharing!

  • Essentially the same process was used at my college to make our ballet barres. So to me this is not only clever but also has a special feel! Thanks!

  • I would totally make this if I didn’t have like two closets for myself already haha, my boyfriend would go nuts!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • I love your blog, especially those DIY stuff!!!
    You may read my blog too!^^

  • i love your blog, you update it like twice a day and I can’t get enough. Its all interesting, inspiring and helps a lot of women keep things interesting! thank you!!

  • Getting ready to move to a tiny apartment with zero closet space do this is just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks Rachel!

  • Wow!

    Love it, it looks better than the ones you can buy at shops which when you put all your clothes on, they bend and fall…

  • This is great. When I get a new apartment I want one of those!

  • Project is rad. So is your vintage luggage collection, if I am ever in one place for more than a year I think I may make that a collection! Thanks for sharing!

  • First time in your blog and I´ve fallen in love!

    Kisses from Finland. (:

    Btw, I think you might like this blog:

    It´s about renovating an old railway station into a cozy home.

  • Love the idea! I don’t have a closet, and I’ve been using one of my boyfriend’s cymbal stands to hang my clothes.

  • This is so cool…but where am I going to find the pipes? MAybe I can dismantle my boyfriend’s bathroom…

  • I LOVE this idea!! So handy, especially when apartment living usually comes with limited closet space, it’s nice that the rack is sturdy AND pretty enough to display proudly!!
    This is a bit of a random question, but does anyone know the name of the font used in the words on the pictures? In the “DIY garment rack” and the smaller “change the dimensions…” part? I’ve been searching high and low for a good wedding invitation font and I love the clean simplicity of this one, especially with that ever so slightly handwritten look… any leads would be appreciated!!

  • I’ve been wanting one of theese for ges but really just don’t have the money for a “real”one. Thanks for sharing this…this is a have to!!!

  • I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced garment rack everywhere… why didn’t I ever think to make a DIY project out of it!? Love this! Thanks so much!

  • Hey, totally happy you posted this! They are like 50-150 bucks on Ebay! Do you guys have an estimate of what the supplies will cost? …College student.

  • Thank you for this! You read my mind. Seriously. READ IT.

    🙂 Ewa

  • Hey Rachel!
    How much did the parts cost you? I used to be part of of the brick & mortar vintage shop, and we used a few of these, but I wasn’t the gal who made them. My bedroom is accidentally becoming a walk in closet, and could use another rack!

  • This is EXACTLY what I needed!!!

    xoxo –

  • Thanks! Must pin for later…

    –Jaclyn T
    Jewellery Giveaway!

  • This is so perfect! I can’t wait to make this!


  • So awesome! I wouldn’t have space for one, but if I did…

    xO, Vicky

  • Oh wow! So useful and awesome!!!

  • SO cool!! I love it:)

    Stephanie May*

  • Just what I needed, when I needed it. Thank you Rachel. hehehe. Nipple.

  • I actually looked at making one of these a while ago and found that the steel pipe was quite expensive to buy, how much did it cost to make this one if you don’t mind me asking? and where did you get the pipe from?


  • WOW what a great post!!! I love all your DIYs and rarely comment, but I (lie every other girl on the planet) have been wanting one of these for years!


  • Im curious to know how much these supplies cost! I think it would be great if you guys shared an estimate of how much the supplies cost for each project, even if its a rough estimate. : ) Just a thought… I’d love to make this but I’d hate to get all the supplies up to the counter and be surprised at the price. Thanks girls, you’re wonderful!


  • O.M.Goodness! The top suitcase (blue floral)…talk about a blast from the past! I had the same one at my grandma’s house. Wherever did you find one?

  • This could not have come at a better time! I’m just redoing my closet. THANK YOU ELSIE AND RACHEL
    Club Couture Giveaway!

  • What a bloody brilliant idea!
    And I need a clothing rack!


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