Geometric Art Headboard Panels

Geometric Art Headboard Panels (click through for tutorial) Does anyone else have “the dark” room at their house? You know, the room that just doesn’t ever seem to get enough light, no matter how bright it is outside? Well, for me that room is our bedroom. I would love to someday add bigger windows to that room, but I decided in the meantime that it would probably be more cost-effective to just paint the room a bright white to reflect as much light as possible. The furniture colors are pretty neutral in our bedroom because the walls used to be a robin’s egg blue, but now that the walls are white, well, I realized pretty quickly that I needed to add more color ASAP.

I thought it would be the perfect solution to make three wooden panels to act as an art headboard and paint something really colorful and bright across the panels. When deciding what to paint, I remembered a geometric background I made for my laptop last year and thought it would be a fun pattern to use. Since the original design used overlapping shapes with different opacity levels, I had to choose a bunch of different paint colors to create all the hues that are made when the shapes overlap. It was like a big color puzzle, but kind of fun to figure out all the different shades.

Geometric Headboard Panels While I was tweaking the design and picking out the paint colors, Josh got started on the panels and cut three identical boards 20″ x 53″. He added a 1.5″ x 1.5″ border all the way around the edges to give the panels extra stability and assembled the pieces together using a pocket screw method. Once assembled, the panels were painted a bright white and they were ready for some color!

Geometric Headboard Panels Geometric Headboard PanelsI printed an outline of all my shapes onto a transparency so I could use my projector to project the image onto the boards. I also hung the panels the correct distance apart on the wall so the shapes would line up correctly when it was hung above my bed.

Geometric Headboard Panels Once the pattern was projected in the right spot, I used a ruler and pencil to trace the outline onto the wood.

Geometric Headboard Panels Geometric Headboard Panels I made a printout of my pattern and assigned each color a number so I could make a chart of what color goes where (believe me, this made it way less confusing when I went to paint each color).

Geometric Headboard Panels Geometric Headboard Panels Geometric Headboard Panels Once the pattern was traced and my colors were planned out, I used painter’s tape to tape off each section and painted one color at a time until the whole pattern was completed. It wasn’t actually as much work as I thought it would be, but it did take a bit of time to complete since I had to wait for each color to dry before doing a second coat or painting a color right next to it. Thankfully, I had a big fan pointed at it, so that helped speed up the drying time.

Geometric Headboard Panels Once the paint was dry, I added wire hangers to the back of the frames so I could easily hang them above the bed.

Geometric Art Headboard Panels (click through for tutorial) Geometric Art Headboard Panels (click through for tutorial)Geometric Art Headboard Panels (click through for tutorial) So far I’m really into the pop of color that the new headboard adds to the space. It definitely adds more personality and life to the room, and I love the fact that it really looks like overlapping transparent shapes. I’m trying to plan out my other pops of color to add to the room, but I think I’m on a good path so far! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Project Assistant: Josh Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection.

  • Great project! Where did you find a projector?! I NEED one! Did you borrow or buy it?

  • Hi Laura,

    This color pallet is gorgeous! Would you be willing to share the paint colors you used?

    Thanks so much! : )


  • So impressed! Ahh I wish I had a backyard or garage for these kind of projects!

  • That’s just unbelievably beautiful! Great job!

    Love, Lily


  • I love this color scheme!! And this DIY project looks like hundreds were spent to get this sort of statement art piece. I love it. So fab 🙂 xo

  • I love this project and it turned out beautifully! AND what great use for an overhead projector! LOL – honestly though, how often do you really get to use it?

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  • I’m in love with this! Seems like a lot of work though

  • This came out awesome! I totally want to give this a try!

  • Laura always does the best projects! She’s great! I love everything she does. Most of her projects are difficult but in the end they always turn out perfect!

  • wow, that is impressive!! You are making me want to buy an over head projector and go to town on artsy crafts ha ha!!

  • Wauw, you have so many beautiful DIY’S.
    I’d like to do most of them myself, but sometimes it is just too expensive.
    But you keep me inspired <3

  • You could add a few throw pillows in fresh colours, or maybe find a way to display colourful clothing pieces or jewellery? I´m a big fan of using stuff that´s actually needed in the room in a way that also works decoratively

  • I love this! Could you share the brand/names of the colors you chose?

  • Hi Laura!
    Random question, but do you happen to remember where you got your curtains? I love charcoal. 🙂 TY!

  • This looks really cool! I didn’t expect it to be painted since it looks like the colors overlap perfectly.

  • This is absolutely beautiful! SO much talent!

  • such a great idea! where did you get your fuzzy pillows from? love em


  • Oh, projectors…

    They bring back such great memories. Love how easy this all looks.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  • This looks so cool! I would love to have that above my bed, but unfortunately the wall is slanted. 🙁

  • So cool, so time consuming? Looks amazing, tho.


  • Using transparencies is the best for big projects like this! My mom used to do that when she was painting awesome things on our walls as children.

    Also, your color choosing skills are impressive and I really didn’t think this was a diy project when I saw it on your Instagram feed this morning.

  • Wow, this looks so cool and bright. The colors look like they are overlaping each other on the canvas, great job with selecting the different colors/hues!

    Now I really want to do something like this as well to create a sort of “headboard” for my bed.

  • Wow..i love this DIY..esp because of the colors chosen (its make me happy) and the pattern, its so fun, love this..


  • This turned out fantastically! I love all the effort and attention to detail that you put into this. It really paid off!


  • Gorgeous project!!! Really loved the way the room turn out!!!

  • This is beyond perfect! It’s seriously just what I needed for my empty wall space above my couch in the living room!

  • this looks so awesome 🙂
    love the colors!

  • Ditto to Mary’s request. A print format of the design would be really helpful and complete this mini-tutorial.

  • I love this! Time and effort, but well worth it!

  • Oh thanks! You can see how I made the pillow here:

    Laura 🙂

  • SO fun! Love the pop of color…they look awesome!

  • gorgeous!! love the colors you chose!


  • Hi Melanie!
    Projectors really are the best way to do this, but you could achieve a similar look using long rulers You’ll just have to do a lot of measuring that way…. I probably would try something less complicated without a projector, but any pattern you can draw on the panels would work!

    Laura 🙂

  • Wow! Great job! That headboard combined with the room seems super retro to me — fun!

  • My bedroom was the same color blue!! In fact, I just painted my bedroom white over Christmas so that I could brighten it and I’ve been trying to add pops of color to make it even brighter. Although, this project would be amazing in my living room (which is like a cave it’s so dark). :/

  • This is such a lovely idea, and the design you chose is absolutely stunning! I really might just have to try this sometime soon… 😀

  • That is so cool! I really want to try this. Is it possible to share your design in a print format?

  • This is a really brilliant idea. I love the way you have managed to pull it off, looks great, I feel I need to give this a go! Very smart idea to use the projector too.

  • Seems like the process is both time consuming but fun! Great results!

    Janine Maral from

  • Eeep! Truly amazing! I’d love to do something like this above our couch.

  • This is SO cool! I love basically everything that Laura makes because she adds a fun, girly flair to tribal print! I would love to put something like this up in my house, along with the fab leather/painted panels she put in her living room around the TV! Can she just redecorate my house? 😉 (Also still trying to find a way to incorporate that giant moon project somewhere in my house.. haha!)

    Neha @

  • This is just awesome!!! I can definitely see something like this in my dining or bedroom! i would love to use coral, grey, turquoise, and mint! any way we can download the design?! (or others) i wish i were more savvy with graphic design, but i do know how to work a projector ;P

  • Completely stunning! This inspires me so much.

  • Oh my goodness, so beautiful! Love everything about it, Laura 🙂 I love the headboard and the comforter set and pillows. Too cool! You have inspired me to buy this new bedset that I’ve been wanting, thanks!


    Laurali Star

  • I wondered the same thing and did some googling! It’s by DENY 🙂

  • That looks gorgeous! Totally something you would buy at a fancy home decor store…I can’t believe you made it from scratch! It must have been so fun to paint!

  • love the color palette Laura! Also love your bed frame…where is it from??

  • So sick! Looks like it took a lot of time & effort, but it was definitely worth it. Love it!

  • omg that overhead projector takes me BACK. this looks a lot more fun than math problems!


  • I was wondering how you got those lines so perfectly symmetrical! I love the colours Laura chose. Also, that happy smile pillow makes me happy! 🙂


  • I love this idea! And i love the colours – so nice!
    but it´s a lot of work – or?

    Greetings & Love

  • This is really cool! And very well done Laura, great job.

  • This is an awesome project! But for someone who doesn’t have access to a projector, are there any other suggestions on how to accomplish this? My wobbly free-hand wouldn’t look nearly as good 🙂

    Thanks ladies!

  • Very neat–this looks just like the header image on your website, Laura! Inspiration, perhaps? 🙂

  • That looks amazing! Such a great idea! I don’t know if I’d be able to do this project, but it would look really good in any room!

  • I really like this! I rememebr the other similar project Laura made, painting the moon or a planet in gold, using the projector and man, I need a projector.

  • this is so gorgeous – love that it’s 3 canvases instead of one – and reminds me of one of Laura’s
    Costa rica swimsuits…you know, the one?

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