Geometric Photo Art Project

Geometric Photo Art 1Amanda, of Indie Jane, and I have been dreaming up extra pretty projects for you this coming season. When the idea of a geometic photo collage was tossed around we both got really excited about it! What we love about this project is how personal it can become. I'm thinking of making one with wedding photos for my bedroom… how sweet would that be? 

Geometric Photo Art 2Supplies Needed: Poster board (cut slightly larger than the frame you wish to use), glue or double-sided tape, scissors, triangle template to trace (mine was 2.5 inches on each side of the triangle using a ruler), paint swatches in colors you love, vintage book pages, and a few of your favorite photos.  
Geometric Photo Art Steps1. Cut triangles from a template (so that they are all the exact same size and shape) 2. Arrange the cut-outs on the poster board however you like. Be sure to lay them all out before adhering any triangles, so you can make sure you love your design! 3. I glued the cut-outs (with Mod Podge) onto the page the first time I made this project. The glue caused the poster board to warp a little, so the second time I made it I used double sided tape instead! 4. After the glue has dried completely, trim off excess edges. Frame your art, if you like!  
Geometric Photo Art 4Display your new art in your home! We're huge fans of this pretty mixture of texture, color and photos! Get brave with supply choices, the sky is the limit. XO. amanda + elsie 
  • I did this DIY! And I linked back to you on my blog. You are one of 3, of my FAVORITE bloggers. 🙂

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  • I loved this idea! Thanks for the inspiration. I made it as a present for a friend and used printed out lyrics from our favorite songs

    xxx a brand new blogger

  • very nice! I made own to, it’s bigger with more triangles, look:

  • I love this project! I decided to make one but made mine into a frame 🙂 Linked you in my blog post about it so others can swoon, too!

  • I really like this idea! You can use photos that are important to you and quotes that mean something to you too…can not wait to try one!

  • i am using fabric (glued onto card stock) for texture, colored card stock, vintage letters (printed from google) and pictures! such a cute idea! 🙂

  • I’m going to try my hand at this for a v-day gift for my hub 🙂 Perhaps over the weekend (minus Super Bowl crazy sunday). I’m going to be sure to show the end result on my site !

  • what a fun project! I’m always looking for fun photo art options and this is definitely going on the list!

  • that is so simple and cute!! could be done in so many different ways!! xx Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  • Can’t wait to try this. I’d love the look of this in a dark frame with a chunky white matte to really make it pop!!!

  • This is a very fun and cute idea. So clever 🙂

  • I like the mix of vintage pages. I think a smaller version of this makes a pretty handmade card too!

    Fang Ting

  • Wow, nice way to give a fresh look to a wall!

    I love the contrast between the geometric shapes as well, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • It was a beautiful blog, very interesting and very informative. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep it up.

  • I think I finally know what I’m going to do with all the photos/notes/memories I currently keep in a shoebox. Thanks!

  • I love the use of paint swatches… I like the use of anything free. They are free right, because I definitely stole a bunch today if not. 😮

  • Oh wow this is such a great idea! Very fun and creative. It’d be a great conversation piece as people make out the photos and the vintage pages!


  • I am so in love with the geometric trend right now! thank you, thank you for sharing this awesome DIY!!

  • That is a really great idea! I just posted today about an art piece made with a discarded library book…I will definitely keep this in mind next time I come upon another! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 -Lo

  • OMG you totally inspired me to make a scrapbook page like this! Thank you! LOVING THIS A LOT!!!!! Thank you! Don’t worry when I make it, I will totally link back because this is genius!


  • Definitely making this. I usually look at DIYs and think, “Oh, that’d be nice, but I could never do it.” This one I can handle!

  • I love the lace accents! So cute! Thanks for sharing !

    XO. Britt

  • Do you know why I love this? Because it reminds me of quilting. And I adore quilting.

  • awesome project! i have so much blank space on my walls and this idea is just perfect. thank you! 🙂


  • I love this! Love the mix of book pages, bright colors and wonderful images peeking out.

  • This is a really cool project. I am working on my bedroom right now– maybe I will try this 😉

  • Yet another great use for paint chips!! This is definitely going on my crafts-to-do list, I love it!

  • This is absolutely adorable! Another lovely project of yours to add to my ever-growing craft list 🙂

  • loved this a lot. Something really manageable and I’ve always loved the mixture of snippets of text and words.

  • Very pretty! I might just have to try this– been meaning to add some pizzazz to a couple walls, anyway!

  • This is such a cute idea. Hmm…I’m thinking of making one with funny pictures for the guest bathroom…haha! People always like funny things to look at in bathrooms. Love it!!!

  • That is so cute! You guys are so creative + inspiring! Your blog has quickly become my newest favorite thing.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Savannah Marie

  • Lovely!! I love the neatness but randomness too! I have always been a fan of the mood boarding (weekends with magazines, scissors and coffee are the best!) but im contemplating a geometric moodboard to display somewhere…. thanx 🙂




  • Love this project! As silly as this may sound, I had never thought of doing this manually, just on photoshop. Clever and really cute.

  • That’s pretty awsome!
    It would be a great gift if in the photos’ place you put photos of your beloved ones!! Like a coll album! 😉

    (New blog needing some love and support:

  • oh, neat! i’d love to try this for file folders and things like that… 🙂


  • lovely!
    I must start with my collages again, i miss it!

  • Very cute and unexpected! Thanks so much for sharing. I love this!

  • love the project, but I agree with Jessica for sure…just a few more pics than book pages and it would be perfect! cute idea though

  • I almost never comment, but I’ve gotta say this project is freaking awesome!! I’ve wanted to do something edgy to contrast with too much ‘cute’ on my kitchen wall, and I can totally see this happening! Thanks so much for this!!!!

  • This is a great idea. Such a fab way to display memories and mementos rather than shoved into a box!

  • I’ve been wanting to do a piece of geometric art, and this is great inspiration! Can’t wait to give it a try.

  • I need to try to make things like this! My house could use some fun art.


  • I think it’s pretty, but I think there should be more photo triangles..b/c my eyes are drawn more to the book pages, so the pictures are lost and it ends up looking like there’s more book pages versus photos. that’s what i would do at least, in my opinion

  • Very nice, would make great thank you cards.

    A jewelry blog.

  • oh that is unbelieveable wonderful!!!
    i totally love it!
    what a great idea…i think i have to made my own!

    thanks for sharing!
    and have a great great day!

    liebgruss from germany

  • Paint swatch art is MY FAVORITE! That is how I made some framed Christmas art for 2010.

    Love the great ideas! Never disappointed 🙂


  • Wouldn’t that look brill on a wall?! I’ve been trying to think of something for the wall behind my bed and I think that’s so cute! I’m definately going to look into doing this!

  • I’m in love with the little mushrooms and their cute little shelf! I want to make one of those, it looks easy as pie. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • This is really cute! I may do something like this for when I get my own place sometime this year 😀

  • I love this, it’s so creative and fun!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • Great project! I’m going to print my wedding vows and use them instead of vintage book pages!

  • How lovely! I like the statement this piece makes. Maybe I’ll set aside time to make one this weekend.


  • This is a wonderful idea! I need some decoration for my dorm room and this seems totally perfect. It’s beautiful!

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