Get Your Kiddos Ready For Summer!

Kids and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. I always feel like there’s a bit of a scramble at the beginning of the summer season trying to get clothes that fit, new swimsuits, and some outdoor water activities together so we can sail through summer with all the essentials covered. If you’ve also got kiddos that you need to prep for, have no fear! We’ve rounded up some of our top favorite summer staples to get you everything you need to make this summer a great one!

Summer staples are always some of my favorite clothing options of the year and we love this shop for all the options in a rainbow of color choices. I love seeing lots of leg on little kiddos (that’s why these have been my favorite shorts for the last few summers) and I can picture all of these being worn with an ice cream cone or popsicle in hand!

While the beach or public pool is a great place to be, having some summer fun in your own backyard is also the way to go! We love that blush pool because it’s so fast to blow up compared to others we’ve had (you can even use a hairdryer!) and it’s just too cute sitting in our yard, and that flower towel is still a favorite of ours. Don’t forget the sunscreen from some of our favorite brands like this, and you can spray this directly on the scalp to keep the top of their head protected when they just won’t keep that hat on no matter how hard you try.

Let your little ones swim in style this summer with this array of cute suits! You can even do whole family matching if that’s your thing or mix and match as you go. We’ve got lots of other ideas for outdoor summer fun, so grab some beach chairs for the yard or sand, a cute beach umbrella, and your whole family is ready to ride that summer wave! Maybe you can even do your own 100-foot DIY slip and slide for some family fun? xo. Laura

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