Ghost Family Piñata Party!

Ghost Pinata DIYIt’s no secret that we love any reason to have a party! Birthdays, seasons, holidays and we’ve even been known to have those “just because” celebrations. When looking for fun ways to keep kids entertained at parties, a piñata is usually a no-fail recipe for success. Here’s a little step-by-step for ghost piñata’s for any Halloween celebrations you may have coming up!

Ghost Pinata Step-By-Step1. Supplies: balloon, liquid corn starch, strips of newspaper. And for decorating the piñata after it dries, you will need white paint, tissue paper, black felt, and Elmer’s glue.

2. Blow up your balloon and begin dipping strips of newspaper in liquid corn starch. Lay the strips on the surface of the balloon (you want the strips wet, but not soggy). Continue doing this until the balloon is totally covered.

3. After your balloon has been drying for about a day, cover the newspaper in a coat of white paint. This will hide any newsprint that may want to peek out. After the paint dries, carefully pop the balloon inside of the newspaper.

4. Begin glueing tissue paper around the base of the balloon. You may need more than on piece to make it wrap all the way around. 5. After you have glued 3 or 4 long tiers on, start back down by the base of the balloon and begin the same process with thinner strips of tissue paper. You will need a large circle to finish off the top.

5. When all of the strips have been glued down, go back to your long layers at the bottom and cut them into fringe. 6. Cut faces shapes out of felt and glue them down. You’re all done!

Pinata FUN!Trying to crack the piñata was the kids’ favorite part! Having kids take turns giving the piñata their best whack is really fun to watch. For older kids you could hang your piñata so that you can pull it up and down, making it harder for them to whack!

CandyCandyAnd they loved snatching up candy! You can fill a piñata with all sorts of treats. If you’re not feeling the mini candies, you could fill with mini toys or fruit snacks.

Pinata CandyPinata CandyThe kids had so much fun. We love that this piñata party will be a happy childhood memory for them!

Ghost Pinata DIY from A Beautiful MessTips: *We used a piece of cardboard inside to reinforce the top of the head so the ghosts would be sturdy enough to withstand a good whack!  *A cut piece of newspaper and some masking tape are great for sealing up that candy hole!

Piñatas are a great party idea, because they can be gender neutral and fun for many ages. You can pretty much count on every kid at the party having a good time trying to crack one of these, not to mention snacking on those treats later! xo. Katie

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