Gift Idea: A Simple DIY Scarf

IMG_7607I created this super simple DIY scarf, inspired by a scarf in Elsie's closet from a past season. This scarf is great for adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit. I think these would make great gifts for all my girlfriends. The best part is, this project only took about 30 minutes to make! 
IMG_76151. Supplies: 2 yards gauze fabric, lace trim, sewing pins, scissors, sewing machine. 2. Begin by cutting the fabric 3 x 1 ft. 3. Pin the lace trim to the edge of the fabric and top stitch it with the sewing machine. 4. Finish by adding more trim to throughout the scarf to give it a more layered, accessorized look!

IMG_7615IMG_7615Have a great week! Kinsey

  • Beautiful! Now I know what to give to my sister for Christmas. Thanks for sharing a helpful post.

  • So cute! Love the lace detailing! Lace makes everything look cute!


  • You read my mind!
    I found a scrap of soft brown polka dot fabric that will make a pretty scarf, but it will only be about six inches wide when I make it long enough. Then I sorted through a stash of lace and found some wonderful vintage pieces and realized how beautiful they’ll look stitched the length of the brown polka dots.
    Can’t wait to sit down to stitch it up.

  • I just wanted to let you know that I loved this post so much that I decided to feature it on my blog! I’m typing up the post right now! Thanks for such great inspirations!!!

    Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium

  • I’d love to make this! but for myself….Merry Christmas to me!

  • wow I love this scarf! gorgeous DIY lovey:)

  • lovely idea and I am a big fan of crochet 🙂

    xx Vivi

  • I love this! It seems to simple to make through the instructions you have provided, yet is so cute and elegant. I have to try this!

  • This is so cute! And looks so easy to make. Thank you for posting this tutorial!

  • Very cute idea! Definitely gonna try this when I need a birthday gift next time!

  • I love how easy it is and so, so pretty…I don’t know that I would have put them together myself, but color and lace work perfectly together. Thanks, Kinsey!

    XO :: Allison

  • what a great idea!! i love giving handmade presents, it seems so much more personal. thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  • Not really my style, but I can see someone wearing that for the holidays 🙂

    xo Jennifer

  • LOVE this! I need to make one of these for my sister! SO CUTE.

  • So cute. LOVE the contrasting colors and the BRIGHT pop of red!

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  • Very Cute! I would love it if you wold link this up to our blog hop!

    xoxo, Jordan

  • I am going to try this as a simple sewing machine project. I’m trying to teach myself how to sew, and really simple little projects like this are few and far between. Thanks!

  • I don’t have a sewing machine, but I can do this with fabric glue! Thank you for the idea 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, this is the perfect present for my little sister! I think she would love it!

  • What a great idea! I can sew a straight line – for sure 🙂 I’ll have to give this a try.


  • This is so cute! I might just make this for myself.


  • That is so nice and easy. Perfect post. Have a nice day.

  • Love this! It would look great with a floral pattern too! xo

  • Thats amazing. Can’t believe its not that hard. Oooh DIY xmas pressie for my mum maybe? She’ll love it! 🙂

  • Scarves are my drugs. I usually don’t wear much jewelry and I definitely prefer a nice scarf to a necklace.
    With this idea you combined my love for scarves with my latest obsession with lace 😀

  • Gorgeous! I love it! I don’t know for sure yet, but I think my grandmother may be giving me her sewing machine for Christmas… if so, I may give this a try!

  • This is so awesome! I love how simple it iiiis 🙂


  • Feminine and delicate, yet so versatile. Love this!
    Catherine Denton

  • Love this! The color is great and a well done and beautiful DIY.
    Almost Endearing

  • Pinned to my sewing inspiration board, thank you!


  • This is so pretty! Already got all my girlfriends sorted for this Christmas, but this is great to keep in mind for birthdays that creep up on you! Love how bright this is x x

  • this is so beautiful and so easy to do ! thank you !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog ::

  • Pretty! And such a great idea! I think this will look great as a loop scarf too!


  • So beautiful! 🙂

  • I love this, the extra lace looks fantastic. May be my possible first sewing project on my new machine!

  • Ou, I love the lace trim! You could buy any fabric at the store and just add a trim and it would look fabulous 🙂 I should have thought of that! I love when you feature Kinsey on the blog!


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