Gift Idea: DIY Stick Horses

Adorable stick horses- such a great gift ideaMany of us can remember back to a time in our life when we had a stick horse laying around. They are classic toys and classic for a reason! To this day, stick horses are great toy to spark a child's imagination!  DIY Stick Horse Steps1. Supplies: fabric, stuffing, yarn, long wooden dowels, styrofoam balls, felt. 2. Carve out a portion of the styrofoam ball and glue the stick into the ball. 3. Cut out your horse head from your fabric. Cut yarn (about 30 inches) and double over. 4. Sew around the perimeter of the horse head, adding the yarn in as you go. Make sure to leave the bottom or "neck" open. This is where you will add your stuffing.  5. Turn the horse head inside out and begin stuffing.  6. Once you have the horse head mostly stuffed, insert the ball into the neck and finish stuffing around the ball. Hand-stitch the opening closed. 7. Cut out the horse's ears and stitch around the perimeter. Turn right-side out and hand-stitch in place. 8. Add details such as a bridle and eyes. For these horses, I cut eyelashes from black felt and used fabric glue to glue them into place. I used the sewing machine to sew strips of scrap leather together to create the bridle and reins.  DIY Stick Horse Gift idea- DIY Stick Horses Adorable DIY stick horsesI've been making these horses for all the nieces and nephews! I'm hoping these will be fun toys they will cherish for years to come. xo. Katie

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