Give Back Initiative

As a company we want to be a positive force online, in our communities, and in the world. We recognize that as our little business has grown we’ve been given such a gift to be able to make a living doing what we love alongside other talented people—so we feel it is both a responsibility and a privilege to be able to give back. This is why we started a modest give back initiative where every fiscal quarter we give a percentage of our proceeds to one or more of the following organizations that we are proud to support. If you are in a position to give back, we hope you will check out the following and consider giving or getting involved yourself.

Ozark’s Food Harvest + Second Harvest of Middle TN

These are the food banks that serve the communities near our founders’ homes (in Springfield, MO and Nashville, TN). Food banks are centralized organizations that stock food to other charitable organizations, school programs, and sometimes individuals in need as well. They serve to fight hunger here in the United States, which sadly is still an issue that many face especially young children. You can give or volunteer at your local bank—look them up and found out what programs they are doing in your community.

Adopt A Classroom

Through this organization we are able to fund specific teachers and schools in our areas to help make sure teachers have all the supplies their classrooms need and won’t need to go out of pocket to meet these needs. It’s an awesome organization and a great way to connect! However, if you know any teachers or are involved in the public school near you reaching out directly is a great way to get involved as well.

Holt International

This organization offers a variety of programs, all aimed at helping children all over the world reach their full potential. Elsie and Jeremy worked with Holt to adopt their daughter from China. They also offer child sponsorship options that help to provide basics needs to kids.

Children’s International

Another awesome organization who aims to help children break the cycle of poverty through meeting basic needs including medical care, education, and even job-training.

Morning Star Foundation

This organization seeks to help an extremely vulnerable group: children in China and Uganda with severe heart disease and other similar conditions. We are proud to support them in their work!

One Sky

We love everything this organization does to help the most underprivileged children in our world to grow and thrive.