Glitter Star Tree Skirt DIY (No Sew!)

I am a major fan of Christmas decorating. The night the tree goes up there has to be my Christmas playlist blasting, hot chocolate, some peppermint schnapps—you know, all the essentials. I’ve been doing a primarily white and gold color scheme the past few years (with some pastel accents), but I wanted to add in a special tree skirt this year to add a little more glitz to the present area, and I found this fabric-backed glitter that was perfect for the job! Supplies:
-plain tree skirt
glitter fabric sheets
-fabric scissors
-fabric glue
star template
Print out the star template and cut out each size star. Turn your glitter sheet over and trace as many stars as you can fit onto the back of your glitter sheet. I filled three sheets with stars for my skirt, but I only wanted to go halfway around. So cut double that if you want the whole perimeter done. Once your stars are cut, spread your tree skirt out and place your stars in a pattern that you like. I have my tree kind of in a corner next to a couch, so I wanted to focus mainly on the front half. So I put more big stars in the middle of that side and then used the medium and then the small as it got further away from the middle. Just be sure to mix in a few of the other sizes, overlap them a bit, and hang some over the edge so they look a little more random—like they were just sprinkled on!Use your fabric glue to glue each star down one at a time until all your stars are attached. Place your skirt under your tree, add your presents (if you do that before Christmas morning) and you are ready to go!As you can see, it’s a pretty simple DIY, but this is definitely my favorite skirt ever. The gold stars are so pretty against the white and the light of the Christmas tree makes the glitter sparkle non-stop as you walk around it. Easy, gold, and glittery! All my favorite things!! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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