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Wire basket pendant light— easy DIY with no wiring required!I love the easy charm of metal basket pendant lights. You know the kind—the ones that look like simple metal baskets but will set you back a hundred bucks or more at the store. I've seen DIY versions of basket pendants, but have never been a fan of the bare bulb look, and would rather not have to wire a light myself. So I crafted this funky globe version of a basket pendant that looks a little less country with a whole lot of mod. No wiring required, and even better—no bare bulb!

Check out how simple it is to make—just three easy steps!

Wire basket pendant light— easy DIY with no wiring required!Materials:
-acrylic globe (I used this 10" one.)

-2 hanging planter baskets (I used this one.)
-pendant light kit (I used this one.)
-clear tape
-coordinating wire (I found mine in the jewelry section of the craft store.)
-optional: metal spring, long enough to reach across small basket opening

-power drill

-1 5/8" hole saw (self-feeding is best, like this one)

Wire basket pendant light— easy DIY with no wiring required!Step One: Cut a whole in the middle of the acrylic globe. Align the self-feeding center of the hole saw with the dimple in your globe to make sure you're exactly on center.

Wire basket pendant light— easy DIY with no wiring required!Optional Step: If your globe is significantly smaller than the basket you are using, you will need to utilize a spring as a tension device to dangle the globe at the precise height inside the basket. If your globe is large like mine, the globe will fill most of the basket and you don't need anything for cord tension.

A: Stretch a sturdy metal spring from one side of the small basket opening to the other. B: String the pendant light kit through the large factory hole and then the small hole you made in the globe and then through the spring on the basket. The spring will keep the wire centered and sturdy.

Wire basket pendant light— easy DIY with no wiring required!Step Two: Use clear tape to attach the bottom basket to the top basket. Make sure any designs on your basket line up. I had to tape mine again because I had forgotten about that.

Step Three: Wrap small pieces of coordinating wire around the two wire baskets to connect them. Then remove the tape from step two.

Wire basket pendant light— easy DIY with no wiring required!Use a ceiling hook to hang your pendant, or make a floor lamp by using a hanging plant stand or lantern hook like this one from World Market.

Wire basket pendant light— easy DIY with no wiring required!This project is so easy to customize depending on the size of globe or type of basket you use. So many possibilities! I think it would look really nice to make two of these lights to hang above nightstands on either side of a bed. It's a great temporary lighting solution for renters too! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella and Valentine of the Signature Collection.

  • What an awesome and easy DIY, thanks so miche sharing. I’ve had a light like this for years and was going to replace it but I’m just going to do this instead!

    Xx, SabrinA

  • It would be safe, because the basket isn’t touching the bulb, but I would just be worried about the paint adhering to the coated metal. The basket I bought comes in other colors too, but if you found one for less at the store (or a garage sale), I would definitely try painting it! -Mandi

  • So clever, love it! I’m not a fan of the bare bulb either, but love the graphic lines of baskets – what a great solution!

  • Great!!!. Muakes from Seville (Spain).

  • I love it! I was lookinf for a tutuorial of a Pendant and this is great. Thank you guys!

  • Hi! Beautiful work!
    Just a quick edit: In step 3, I believe you want it to tell you to remove the tape from step two, rather than the step from step two. 🙂

  • Wow! I never would have thought to use wire baskets like that! I love the pop of color! Do you think it would be safe to spray paint or plasti-dip the baskets in a different color? Like if I wanted a blue or a neon frame?

  • That is so cool, I would have never looked at that and thought, “I could make that” but your tutorial makes it seem easy. I love the finished look – so modern and chic. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  • This pendant light is so pretty…lvoe the idea of combining two baskets…so easy, yet so cute…


  • Lovely! Wish I had a home and wasn’t constantly on the move sometimes, particularly when I see great home decor projects like this!

  • So easy, and I LOVE the way it looks! This is such a great idea!

  • This is a realy great idea and DIY!
    I love it!!!

    Greetings & Love & a wonderful weekend

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