Gold Detail Mid-Century Plant Stand DIY

Mid-Century Modern Planter with gold legs... and it's a DIY!!! As I’ve posted house photos and room tours this past year, one of the biggest requests we hear from you guys over and over again is the cry for affordable mid-century inspired decor!

These plant stands are affordable, doable and super pretty! The pots themselves come in a huge variety of sizes via Amazon (the 12 inch ones we used are here). I’ve used the smaller sizes a lot throughout our home, like on our kitchen shelves!

Anyway! I hope you guys enjoy this project. Here are the DIY instructions!

_MG_1533 copy
-2 pieces of wood 1′ x 2″ x  3/4″
-4 1″ square pieces of wood (cut to whatever length you want your plant stand to be)
countersink drill bit
-tape measurer
wood filler
-sanding sponge
-white paint
gold leaf paint

_MG_1535 copyStep One: Start by determining what size you want your stand to be (this will be based on what planter you’re going to be using with it). Measure the bottom width of your planter and add an extra 2″ to that measurement. Cut your 2″ x 3/4″ pieces of wood to that length. Next, mark a 3/4″ notch in the middle of both pieces of wood with a pencil and use your jigsaw to cut out the pieces. These two pieces will connect later and create the base of your plant stand.

_MG_1541 copy_MG_1541 copyStep Two: Drill two holes below that line in each leg with a countersink drill bit. Next, take your legs one at a time and hold them up to your 2″ x 3/4″ pieces of wood but make sure the 2 inches you marked with a pencil are hanging over the top. Then screw your legs to your base pieces with one leg on opposite sides of each piece of wood.

_MG_1545 copy_MG_1545 copyStep Three: Next, line up the notches you created earlier to connect your two base pieces together. Attach the pieces by drilling a hole through the bottom of them and use a screw to secure.

_MG_1551 copyStep Four: Lastly, give your planter a light sand with a sanding sponge, and then it’s ready to paint!

_MG_1551 copyFor an extra touch, you can tape off the bottom few inches of each leg and paint the sections gold for a “dipped” look. Let the paint fully dry, and you’re done!

Mid-Century Modern Planter with gold legs... and it's a DIY!!! Mid-Century Modern Planter with gold legs... and it's a DIY!!! Mid-Century Modern Planter with gold legs... and it's a DIY!!! If you guys make your own set, PLEASE share them with us on Instagram with #ABMathome Love you guys! xoxo! Elsie

Note: While making this post, we were training Collin on writing DIYs. Please leave him a little thumbs up or high five if you like this post!!!! 🙂

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project and Photography: Collin DuPree.

  • I discovered your blog a while back and I have loved every single DIY. It’s so simple and so clean that you would never guess it was handmade, it genuinely looks incredibly professional. Keep up the good work girls!


  • I’m on my phone sorry I can’t see if this question has already been asked, but where do you suggest the best place for finding cacti like that? Do they survive well indoors?

  • Elsie shared about how they stained her floors here:

  • such a cute DIY, but how does one get cute turquoise wooden floors like that!?

  • Those plant stands are so cute! If I tried to do them they would probably turn out horrible… But that’s a really good idea!

  • Yet another awesome DIY! …and can’t help but love the “gold dipped” look. 😉

    xo, Heather

  • I would so be making one of these if I trusted my self with a power tool

    – Natalie

  • Collin did great! Very short and concise; easy to understand!

    I can’t help see DuPree and wonder if he’s related to the Eisley bunch. Seeing them in LA this month with The Dear Hunter. 🙂

  • Such a cute DIY! I am becoming quite the plant lady so this might be fun for me 🙂

    Xx Taylor

  • They’re so pretty, and I love that they’re white and gold!

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