Gold Dipped Hanging Planters

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters www.abeautifulmess.comIt’s no secret that we’re a little obsessed with plants around here! Today we’re sharing a fun DIY project for an extra pretty vertical planter. We love how gold and pops of color add a little something to our space!

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters stepsStep 1. Start with your 3 simple, terra cotta pots (ours are 4 inches wide at the top) and spray paint them white and allow them to dry completely (optional: start with a coat of primer, if spray paint is looking too splotchy). Then, use tape to mask off the top of the pot and spray paint the bottom part gold.

Step 2. Cut two pieces of leather cording 6 feet long each. Fold them in half and tie off a section that is about 2 inches tall, this will become the top hanger for your project. Measure 12 inches down from the knot and tie off any other section. Repeat this step two more times until there are three tied off sections below the top knot.

Step 3. Add more embroidery thread to give each section the look of a friendship bracelet.

Step 4. Add a plant to each of the three pots. Place them in to cording with a knotted base below each pot. Use super glue to secure each cord to each pot.

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters Gold Dipped Hanging Planters This planter works great for outdoors, but we thought it was cutest hanging in our dining room!

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters Here’s a shot of them hanging outside! What do you think? Will you try making your own set soon? We hope so! xoxo. Elsie

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