Gold Dipped Hanging Planters

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters www.abeautifulmess.comIt’s no secret that we’re a little obsessed with plants around here! Today we’re sharing a fun DIY project for an extra pretty vertical planter. We love how gold and pops of color add a little something to our space!

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters stepsStep 1. Start with your 3 simple, terra cotta pots (ours are 4 inches wide at the top) and spray paint them white and allow them to dry completely (optional: start with a coat of primer, if spray paint is looking too splotchy). Then, use tape to mask off the top of the pot and spray paint the bottom part gold.

Step 2. Cut two pieces of leather cording 6 feet long each. Fold them in half and tie off a section that is about 2 inches tall, this will become the top hanger for your project. Measure 12 inches down from the knot and tie off any other section. Repeat this step two more times until there are three tied off sections below the top knot.

Step 3. Add more embroidery thread to give each section the look of a friendship bracelet.

Step 4. Add a plant to each of the three pots. Place them in to cording with a knotted base below each pot. Use super glue to secure each cord to each pot.

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters Gold Dipped Hanging Planters This planter works great for outdoors, but we thought it was cutest hanging in our dining room!

Gold Dipped Hanging Planters Here’s a shot of them hanging outside! What do you think? Will you try making your own set soon? We hope so! xoxo. Elsie

  • LOVE this!! I’ve been a long-time fan but have never commented… but I just had to tell you that I think every detail here is perfection. SO inspiring, thank you!

  • Isn’t watering the plants a mess? Otherwise, super cute and looks like a fun project.

  • super cute! totally reminds me of this DIY last year:

  • Perfect plant DIY!

    Lulu xx

  • Do you have any tips for watering plants in a hanging planter without a bottom container for each pot? This might be my own plant ineptitude talking, but I’m foreseeing water trickling out the bottom and onto the floor.

  • I love all the fun things you guys do with terra cotta planters! You’ve inspired me to buy some and paint them white b/c I love the way they look!


  • I have seriously been looking for a tiered planter DIY…so cute, can’t wait to try it!!


  • I love this but I think I would have used metallic beads instead of embroidery floss. Maybe silver beads for a mixed metallic look?


  • This reminds me of my grandma. In the best way possible.

  • Ah I love it! I was one of the designers who helped design Darby Smart’s site so it is SO EXCITING to see one of my favorite bloggers on the site 🙂

  • There is only 1 problem with this, when you water the plants the water will drip everywhere. So best for outside, gorgeous idea.

  • I looove greenery! But why did you use glue instead of tying knots to support the pots? I rhymed, hehee.

  • This looks awesome! The white, gold and green are so amazing together! I so want to do this in our new house… I brought my first ever indoor plant a couple of nights ago, and I’m going to see if I can keep it alive for the next year or so, if I succeed, I’ll be going crazy with plants! I’ve always wanted lots of plants like Mum’s place, but have a bit of a brown thumb…

  • So pretty and easy!

    xo Lisa

  • Very cute! That’s awesome that your projects are coming in kits now!

    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog!

  • Also wondering what happens when you water them. Outside it wouldn’t matter, but inside would be a mess! They do look cute though.

  • This would look even cuter with a leather tassel at the bottom! So great!

  • This is the best DIY! We can’t stop making them ourselves! If you’ve commented here and want a kit you can order one at If you shoot me a note, we’ll throw in a few extra colors of thread and some hot pink spray paint too! Nicole /

    We cant wait to see what you make!

  • Hi I’m a swiss girl and I’m happy to know that you loved my country so much. I live in the french part of Switzerland and we have also mountains. I have been several times in USA.If I have well read you live in Missouri. I have never been in that part of country. xxx Claire

  • Lately I’ve been so inspired by all your botanical projects that I really want to get some greens into my space, too. I love your way of styling it.

  • LOVE this! Gold-dipped anything is a favorite of mine 🙂


  • These are so pretty. Totally in love with gold + white right now 🙂

  • I’m really into white and gold right now and these little pots are very cute – I still manage to kill every house plant I buy though through a combination of over-loving and sheer neglect….if I could find a happy medium I’d be sorted 🙂


  • so beautiful, really makes a different 🙂

  • These are absolutely lovely!

  • wow it’s beautiful!
    maybe I’ll try this myself!

  • Lovely! The planter and the plants look so cute with all those heart shaped leaves. Great DIY!

  • I love these!! I’ve wanted to make hanging planters for awhile now – I live in an apartment but have giant windows. I think these would look great in my space. Thanks for sharing!

    Alex from

  • Cute! Although I don’t know what happens to the water residue, when you water the bottom plant?!

  • I love the last photo!

  • I love the look of these planters! It really just adds an extra pop!


  • Oooh that looks awesome! Think of all the cool colors you could do! Even themes! Okay, I’m getting way too carried away with this haha

  • I can see how these plants would give a dining room interest…something nature-y that draws the eye up. Gorgeous!!

  • Love the white and gold together! I might need to give this a go – I’ve been looking to add more metallic into my apartment!


  • LOVE this…especially the leather cording. Very cool:)
    Xo Sarah

  • Love this DIY! Such an easy way to display a couple small plants 🙂


  • I love this! The gold gives a little bit of edge to it.

  • Adorable! I love the look of the gold paint with the embroidery floss.


  • Lovely! I have a serious gold and copper rush going on so this really caught my eye. Looks good especially outside. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • I love everything gold! Therefore I feel immediatly enchanted by your gold hanging planters…they might convince me to put some more plants into our flat as well:-)

    Greetings from Europe,

    Bambi (from Birdy and Bambi)

  • These look so perfect! Absolutely loving it!

    Juliette Laura

  • This is really cute for outdoor plants, but I’m not sure how it’d work if you’re watering them indoors…

  • Luisa- Over time the pots will probably fade or chip, especially if you are leaving them in a very sunny area. We’ve found that using the coat of primer first helps a lot. But also, as the pots age the wear can look really pretty too. But if you don’t like the look you can always repaint.

  • Gorgeous. I have a question about the paint, though. Maybe you or one of your readers could help me out. I sprayed a few of my terra cotta pots completely gold a couple of months ago. They looked beautiful, but lately I’ve noticed that the paint seems to be coming off/turning dull. I never really touch or move them, so I’m wondering if the water/moistness of the soil inside is affecting the paint somehow. If anyone knows I’d really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • I love how you’re constantly altering your home with all these DIY crafts. This is such a great idea for a wrap-around porch 🙂

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