Gold Glitter Jewelry Dish Project

Glitter Jewerly TrayThis crafty stuff I have been working on lately has been mostly pretty practical. With that said, sometimes you just gotta play with glitter. I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. I love the way it looks, but I hate getting it all over my space. Projects that shed glitter forever… no bueno. This little tray is awesome, because once you finish up (and windex all your stray glitter away) it will never ever shed a single sparkle. It's the perfect shiny dish to keep jewelry on your bedside table or collect nail polishes on a vanity. Here's how it's done- 

Glitter Jewelry Tray DIY1. You'll need: glue, gold glitter, a plain dish, a paint brush and triple thick glaze. 2. Cover the entire dish with elmer's glue. Brush it on, evenly, and be sure to get the edges of the dish too! 3. Cover the dish with glitter. Shake it off. Allow it do dry completely. Then, repeat the process covering any spots you missed the first time. 4. After the glue has dried, cover the dish with triple thick glaze. This will create a sturdy glossy finish. Allow it to dry between each coat. The more coats you add, the more your tray will look like resin!Gold Glitter Jewelry Tray DIYGold Glitter Jewelry Tray DIYAre you a fan of gold glitter, like I am? If not, I can see this project looking amazing with sequins, copies of old photos or maybe layers of paint under the glaze? Hope this puts you in a crafty mood. xo. Elsie 

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