Gold Glitter Jewelry Dish Project

Glitter Jewerly TrayThis crafty stuff I have been working on lately has been mostly pretty practical. With that said, sometimes you just gotta play with glitter. I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. I love the way it looks, but I hate getting it all over my space. Projects that shed glitter forever… no bueno. This little tray is awesome, because once you finish up (and windex all your stray glitter away) it will never ever shed a single sparkle. It's the perfect shiny dish to keep jewelry on your bedside table or collect nail polishes on a vanity. Here's how it's done- 

Glitter Jewelry Tray DIY1. You'll need: glue, gold glitter, a plain dish, a paint brush and triple thick glaze. 2. Cover the entire dish with elmer's glue. Brush it on, evenly, and be sure to get the edges of the dish too! 3. Cover the dish with glitter. Shake it off. Allow it do dry completely. Then, repeat the process covering any spots you missed the first time. 4. After the glue has dried, cover the dish with triple thick glaze. This will create a sturdy glossy finish. Allow it to dry between each coat. The more coats you add, the more your tray will look like resin!Gold Glitter Jewelry Tray DIYGold Glitter Jewelry Tray DIYAre you a fan of gold glitter, like I am? If not, I can see this project looking amazing with sequins, copies of old photos or maybe layers of paint under the glaze? Hope this puts you in a crafty mood. xo. Elsie 

  • This is really great….I would definitely try this out for my dressing table.

  • I just gave this a try on last night and it works great. Thanks for such a cheap creative idea. Love it!

  • That gold glitter makes the base looks class. Can’t help bu adore it.

  • Uhhh love this one,although I`m not that much of a glitter fan!
    And I think this DIY project would just be a perfect add of glitter for my home!


  • I tried this with all the same tools and my plate got super rippled. Is there any way to prevent this/what did I do wrong? I’ll have to try again. Love this project though!

  • This is Beautiful I will definitely try this DIY 🙂

    Please check out my Blog Just posted my February Favorites 🙂

  • I’ve been looking for something like this to display my precious perfumes on my vanity! So great I can just buy my own plate and glitter it up myself, thanks for the great DIY!

  • Amazing! I’m gonna try it out with silver glitter. 🙂

  • This is such a fun idea, great for a little sparkle in your life and super-easy! Definitely going to try this one!

  • Whoa! I am definitely making one of these, man! Thanks, as always. x

  • Genius! I’m always a fan of ways to sneak more glitter into my apt 🙂

  • This is a very cute idea and I can’t wait to try it! Now I just have to find some gold glitter…

  • What a great idea, definitely going to try that!

  • I have been connecting with my sparkle girliness again. Please please someone tell me it is no lie this will NOT shed afterward! I need to do this! I don’t care if I have no space– great post!

  • What a great idea. I’m down with glitter but old pictures would look Oh so vintage! Thanks for sharing!
    nothing but a pigeon

  • I am a fan of anything glittery, so will definitely be giving this a try. 🙂

  • so pretty! do you think that several layers of modge podge would work as the glaze? Living in the Czech Republic, my little stash of it from home is all I have to get me through until my next visit back to the states!


  • I’ve been looking into carts to make into a bar/tea cart and none of them have had the lip around the top I’ve been looking for, but this tutorial would be great on a tray around the top of a cart! Love the idea! -Cait

  • I am going to try this tomorrow this is genius!

  • Such a lovely diy idea! Great post!

  • I was wondering how much glitter it took & how large the plate was. I’m thinking of making this with German Glass glitter, but it’s super expensive. So I want to buy the right amount. It looks like an awesome project!! how fun! 🙂

  • This seems relatively easy! Is it always shedding glitter though??


  • this is awesome! headed out to AC Moore on my way home from work tonight and trying this out over the weekend. thanks for the super simple tutorial!

  • When Brittany (my middle daughter) took dance we had to glitter her shoes for her recital. It was a mess! The joke was that we had to move to a new house to be rid of the glitter. This may give me the confidence to try a glitter project; but I think I will do it outside.

  • I really like this idea! You could apply it to so many mediums. Thanks Elsie!

  • I love to glitter and did a mirror for my granddaughter. Can’t wait to make a matching dish!! Glad you posted this

  • This is such a good idea!
    Katie xx

  • This is so cute, and such a good idea! Definitely trying 🙂


  • this is such a good idea! We are glitter fans here at Redemption!

  • Q: Do you think a person could do this to a piece of furniture???
    A: Sarah Jo, Yes! It would take a long time, but it would be so pretty. There are other glazes, like epoxy, that would probably hold up better over time. XO!

  • Had a delicate but plain white cup and saucer I’ve been planning on diying and this post inspired me to finally have at it! I didn’t have gold glitter, but I had a couple of lovely green/green-blue shades that would bring just the right jewel tones to my new jewelry holders! Thanks for the inspiration to do this 🙂 They are drying as I type!

  • Hi guys!
    I do NOT think that Triple Thick Glaze is food safe.

    You can buy Triple Thick Glaze at craft stores or on Amazon.

  • Absolutely love this project! Anything gold and glittery is right up my alley. 🙂

  • I am in love with this idea! I have been using old dishes

    as catch-alls for small stuff on my dresser for a very long time. Your project definitely raises the bar. Thanks Elsie!

    ps -btw – This Triple Thick Glaze – is it from a craft store?

    And, can it be used outside?

  • This looks fun and pretty easy! I’m not a gold fan, but I love the suggestion to try it with sequins 🙂

  • Anyone know of a sealer/resin that would be food safe? This would be super cute for seldom used dessert plates.

  • I may need to make this my weekend craft, because my jewelry that doesn’t fit on my stand is just ion a pile on my dresser.

  • Love this project – it’s so simple! It would make a great gift too!

  • This is such an amazing idea! I’m totally going to have to try this now

    Hillary @
    Like me on facebook!

  • Love this! What a great idea, every girl needs a little bling in their life 😉


  • I like glitter. I just hate when it gets on everything. Yesterday, I had on eyeliner with flecks of glitter, and I had sparkles on my cheeks by the end of the day. I think that dish looks super cute, and I like that it won’t shed the glitter you put on. It always sucks during Christmas when you have those glitter ornaments and decorations, and by the end of the season your whole house is glitter central. Sigh. Anyway, super cute idea. I might even try it out for myself. Have a good weekend!

  • A great glamourous jewelry stand !! love it …

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • I might actually have to try this, such a pretty finished result xx

  • Wow love it !! Definitely going to try it 🙂

  • Nice idea, I love glitters 🙂 And I’ve been looking for a watch which looks like the one in your picture, any chance you remember where it’s from? 🙂

  • I love the gold glitter!!!Is the topshop’s nailpolish??

  • This is brilliant, definitely going to try this! xx

  • So Pretty… i m gonna try and make one for myself

  • I really love glitter!!!
    I’m totally covering a few plates to decorate around with this in mind. Thank you ♥

  • I love all what is sparkling. I like that idea, one time I did try it on bag. Have a nice day.

  • This is such a good idea and you’re so right, sometimes a girl just wanna have fun! So glitter it is! Thanks for the tutorial.

  • I adore gold glitter, I’m now thinking of the endless possibilites of surfaces on which to do this! 🙂 x

  • I need to try this out because I’m obsessed with gold/glittery home accessories!

  • Of course I love gold glitter!
    I wanna do a pair of golden glitter shoes!

  • Hm..I’m not sure, if the glitter will last on the table or will start a journey through my room, … 🙂

  • This looks awesome! I’ll defiantly be trying it!


  • I love this! I love anything glittery! I never thought of covering it with the triple thick glaze. I’ll definitely have to try this!


  • Love this idea! You both are amazing bloggers and I love reading your posts!

  • Ooooh so bold of you to craft with glitter! I haaate getting glitter-bombed: when you accidentally touch something that has glitter on it and then you’re picking rogue specks of it off your face for the next 3 days. This dish looks really pretty though!


  • Good job 🙂 Very pretty. I actually did the same thing except I used gold glitter spray paint! It made my jewelry container so much cuter!

  • Oh man gold + glitter. Ah, Elsie you’re a gal after my own heart! It’s so SHINY!!

  • Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this! Gold glitter is my favorite! It really pops out. Great job!!


  • Wow, love the idea! I will try this with pink glitter for my daughter’s room, and a deep turquoise blue for my other daughter!



  • Triple Thick is amazing stuff. I have a huge jar of it that I use on certain projects. Apparently, it gets tacky when too hot/humid…I haven’t experienced that yet so I’m not certain.

    Awesome project. It gave me an idea for something else.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi guys! My necklace is from here…

  • I love this! I am going to pretend I will be making this for my Stella. Not only do I intend to do this, I am making my list of holidays – I can make a green glitter one for Christmas, a red glitter one for Valentine’s , a pink glitter one for Easter, etc., etc., etc……

  • So crafty and so simple!! I feel like there are lots of different ways you could make this a gift or a very personalized item…wedding programs, sports tickets, a picture of people together!! I hope to try this soon!

    Allie @
    P.S. my blog is brand new so visitors are SO appreciated!

  • This is so simple! I’m in love with this technique, I’ll use it in a lot of stuff in my house, thanks!

  • I used to like glitter when I was younger, but not anymore. I remember I had a pair of glitter jeans. I washed them in the washing machine and when my mom would wash the towels afterwards, the towels would be covered in glitter, which would then end up on my dad after a shower. Needless to say *someone* threw out those jeans very quickly. HA

    I would do this with newspaper though or book pages!

  • done and done. i’m making one next week.


  • I love this idea! I don’t think my boyfriend would want this much glitter in our apartment but I might do it anyway. 🙂

  • I love it! I can’t help but love all of your posts this week. Thanks so much for all the inspiration! <3

  • this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Every once in a while I feel the need for more glitter in my life! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, this is GORGEOUS! Gold glitter has taken up residence in my heart, and this is the perfect way to implement it around the house. Love, love, love.

    And Gina — the nail polish is from TopShop!

  • Love it! I definitely need to do something like this, I don’t have nearly enough glitter in my life!

  • Nothing makes me smile more than a DIY with gold glitter as the main ingredient! I am running to my craft cupboard to find a dish to cover in glitter!! <3

  • I think I could use a sponge if the paint brush is not available. Anyway, I love this project, it’s really unique.
    The glitter effect on the dish looks fab.


  • This is absolutely fabulous! I’m a huge fan. It’s so easy to do.

  • I like it! I hate it when glitter gets on everything after you decorate something with it.

  • Oh this is so cute. Gold glitter would be perfect for my bedroom!


  • Glitter!!! I feel like this is just such a cute idea. And it’d match my Daisy MJ perfume!
    xo Deanna |

  • This is so pretty! I love the glitter bowl and it’s such a good idea.

  • I’ve been wanting a tray to display my perfumes on and haven’t found one I like. Now I have a plan to make one I like! P.S. I love Kate Spade’s Twirl 🙂

  • wow, this is stunning! I have the same love/hate relationship with glitter- it gets everywhere!!

  • Love glitter!! This is super cute and simple! 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • Love glitter but the husband can’t stand it all over the house. Me? I don’t really mind 🙂 For his sake, though, the glaze sounds like a good call.

  • I love it! I am a big fan of gold glitter – I had a gold glittery kayak in fact (before it got stolen… 🙁 but anyway). This is a rad idea – maybe I can make a homage to my missing friend. Thanks!

  • a girl can never have too much glitter 🙂
    i love how the bright colors of nail polish looks against the sparkles.


  • What a pretty dish, the nailvarnish look so especially fabulous against the gold glitter!!

  • Oh I love this! I’m with you on the big NO for shedding glitter, so this looks perfect. I love a bit of sparkle!!! And looks like it’d be pretty quick to make too!!

    Thanks for the great ideas!

    xx Penny –

  • This is Great, Elsie!
    Where do you usually get your glitter? I’m going to have to try this!

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