Gold Moon Wall

Gold Moon Wall abeautifulmess.comI have to admit that I’ve been a bit obsessed with moons lately: moon shirts, moon calendars, moon wall hangings… I want it all. As I’ve been working on making over my art room, I was playing around with a few moon art ideas, but then I thought, “Hey! Why not skip all this little moon business and just do the whole wall-in gold!” Jackpot.

Gold Moon Wall One of my most treasured art tools is actually my overhead projector. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it for various different projects and purposes, but this type of project is where it really comes in handy. I printed the moon photo onto a transparency film sheet and projected it onto my wall to get the size and location right. I then outlined all the areas with my favorite gold craft paint and filled in all the solid spaces once the outline was complete. That’s all there is to it!

Gold Moon Wall Gold Moon Wall Gold Moon Wall While the steps are simple enough, it definitely took me a while to get the whole image done. Make sure to use this paint in a well ventilated area as well, the fumes are pretty strong until the paint is dry. You’ll also want to have some mineral spirits handy to rinse out your brush as well.

Gold Moon Wall Gold Moon Wall Gold Moon Wall So far this moon makes me smile almost every time I come into the room. You would think that having a moon this big would satisfy my moon-related desires, but I think it’s just gotten more intense! If you need me, I’ll be in my room thinking of more celestial related DIYs-to the moon and back! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman

  • It’s really AWESOME project)))
    thanx for this incredible idea!


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  • WOW, this is amazing!! Great idea and I love the metallic paint! Will definitely keep this one in mind!

  • Now I know what I want the study in my dream home will look like1 You add so much colour and joy to my days!!!

  • Oh wow! This is simply magic! I love the whole look but the moon tops it all off.

  • You and me both! I have been so obsessed with learning about astronomy and moons! I want moon everything!! Thank you for this, I will definitely have to do this in my future home!

  • This is such a powerful piece of work I love it :O I wish I had a projector so I could do this 🙁 your DIYs are fab, I’m following you now 🙂


  • What a GREAT idea! As Ashlee said – GENIUS! But I want it in silver… I have huge walls in my space – and now I have to choose which room… Or do I???… 🙂 thanks for the great inspiration – now to go do it!

  • Wow this is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to get my own place and use some of your decorating ideas!
    Sarah x

  • That looks spectacular!! I am obsessed with all things gilded in rose gold – oh how I would love to have a supa sized rose gold moon on my wall!

  • Omg love this! Such a unique idea and so effective! Bet your arms ached by the time you were done though! But totally worth it 🙂 x

  • OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME!! Must do this!
    My neighbor is a teacher and I am going to call her tomorrow morning before she leaves for school and ask her to bring home their overhead projector so I can do this!!! TFS!

  • I just can’t even with how awesome this is! I would also totally dig it in a gradient though that would definitely be quite a bit harder!

  • This might be my all time favorite post here, and that’s saying something! I LOVE this wall! I want to immediately copy this on the sloping ceiling in my bedroom… Beautiful!

  • I really want to do this on my wall with a map of the world!

    Ella xox

  • This is amazing! I can’t wait to buy my own house so I can do stuff like this! The possibilities are endless!

  • Hi Cassidy,

    Actually overhead projectors can be as inexpensive as $50. I saw some on Amazon listed for this. You could also get a used one, I believe Laura’s was used when she bought it. It’s a really fun tool to use, we also used her projector on the light up headboard project. Of course not everyone will feel ready to invest. We often show projects that require power tools or other, slightly more expensive tools than an overhead projector. Just depends what you’re most interested in doing I guess. 🙂


  • ok, this is great & all, but how about some suggestions or alternative ideas for those of us plebians who don’t currently own & aren’t planning to invest in an overhead projector in the near future? this is like the diy-blogger equivalent of posting about your new designer handbag.

  • Such perfection! This is definitely going to be my next big project, as soon as I can find an over head projector…do libraries rent them out? I’ll have to do some searching. I am so inspired, thank you!

  • This is amazing! I think it would look really good in silver on a darker color, too.

    Where did you find the pink lockers? (I want some!)

  • That looks great! I love that the furniture that you’ve placed with it all has that very curvy organic feel too. I feel this way about galaxy prints. I love them and want to put them on everything, but so far I’ve managed to restrain myself. c: -cait (

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! I wish my house was yours haha!

  • This is so beautiful! I am looking at my blank hallway wall and thinking a moon would look perfect there! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Absolutely LOVE this idea .. should probably save up for an overhead projector now xx

  • Yes!Yes!and more Yes! I love this! I’ve been wanting to do an art piece using a projector ever since seeing it on a reality show years ago. That looks awesome!


  • Oh My God, this is so great.. Really cool, I wish I have a white wall so I can do the same like what you do with this awesome moon. I have a plan to re-paint my wall, but I haven’t time yet. Thank you for sharing this DIY.

  • OH my goodness. This is so so SO perfect. I am obsessed with moons as well, recently made some moon shirts, need this wall in my life!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • This is so impressive! The moon being gold just makes it even better 🙂
    Using the projector is a genius idea, never thought of that!

  • This is such an awesome idea! I’m looking for a spot on my walls where I can paint a moon

    Visit me at

  • Hi. Where did you get those lockers?!?! I’ve wanted ones for years but they are impossible to find!

  • Hi Valerie!
    You can use any paint that you want! I just liked the particular sheen of this craft paint 🙂


  • Ahhh I love moons, too! I love the idea of one big gorgeous decor piece. You are seriously talented!

  • this is absolutely stunning! I would love to do it with an image of Earth.


  • I have been OBSESSED with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon since the beginning of January. So I might be doing this to my wall sometime soon.

  • What an amazing idea! It turned out beautifully. I never would have thought to use a projector, but now you’ve got me thinking about all the possibilities. I told my landlord I would stick to mostly neutrals and personally, I think a moon most definitely qualifies! – B x

  • THIS. IS. AMAZING. I too am obsessed with the moon as of late and this is easily one of the coolest DIYs I have seen!

  • And gold again! I love it!! It’s so simple but elegant as well! Such a good idea with your overhead projector!

    Lots of love
    Tatjana from

  • This is incredible – love to see other people with a similar moon obsession! 🙂 Aren’t overhead projectors the best? I recently borrowed the one at work to trace a California shape out of foam board and sprayed it hot pink for Valentine’s Day. So many options!

  • I’ve been obsessed with moons too!! I have moon fever. I also love stars, so your space face was pretty great (;

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I would love to do something like this to my walls some day when I have my own home.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • What I want to know is what those adorable, pink lockers are being used for?! 🙂

  • WOW! that is AMAZING!!!!!

  • This is beautiful! I love it. I wish I could do this in my apartment, but I’m not sure that would be well appreciated…


  • wow, that’s such a good idea, to use a projector for diy projects! I’ll put it on my shopping list!

  • My god this looks amazing! i want this in my house lol! amazing job love! <3


  • Hi girls, maybe you can blog how you mouth frames on the wall without ruining/destroying the wall itself?

  • Your snake plant pot is killing me. Let’s see some of your DIY moves on that sucker.

  • This looks so artistic and wonderful!

  • I just came across your blogs and I love what I see and read. The good moon is spectacular!

  • YES! All kinds of yes!! I love this so much I’m going to go home and start in on this project right away! Such a great idea.

    xo Denise

  • That is really really pretty! Love the idea and the choice you made with the gold color, it’s fabulous!

  • That is sooo nice idea. I like gold and painting.. So perfect combination. Have a nice day.

  • Such a cool thing to do! Never seen anything like it before – wish I could do things to my walls at uni – were not even allowed to bluetak things!

  • This is so cool, it looks beautiful! xx

  • This is such a great idea. I would have never thought to have a projector handy for a DIY project. The creative wheels are turning.

    Love love love your blog.

  • This is SO amazing- what a wonderfully simple & imaginative idea. Thank you for sharing!

  • This is such a great idea! We’re moving into a new place soon; I might just try something similar 🙂

  • Such a cute idea, and i absolutely love the pink lockers! I’m definitely going to search some for my new flat. And maybe, I’ll paint them pink, too, but I’m not quite sure my boyfriend would be okay with that, haha. 🙂

  • Perfect idea with the projector!

  • This is really cool idea,
    and ilove the things you set infront!

  • This is too awesome! I love the metallic look and the fact that there’s a giant MOON on your wall! Such a cool idea and thanks so much for sharing!
    PS–I’m also totally in love with those pink lockers!



  • This is so creative! It is an inspiring way to add character to a blank wall. Thank you for sharing this idea!

  • Thank you! Great idea for transferring pictures on the walls!
    Fabulous result too!

  • This is stunning! How simple and beautiful! Love the gold, and how fun would it be to try this with silver paint on a black wall! So sweet!

  • I absolutely love this! I currently live with my parents but when I move out i want this done!

  • This is really fun! This would be cool for a kid’s room too!

  • This is absolutely amazing, one of the most beautiful DIY’s I’ve ever seen! Did you use a picture of the moon that shows the same angle as you see it every night?

  • This is such an original idea! I love it, I can imagine it will work also good on a dark wall.


  • Oh my gosh this is soo awesome! Imagine if you did this with glow in the dark paint too? Rad!!! xoxo

  • The wall came out beautiful! Could you use wall paint or would you recommend sticking to the craft paint?

  • This is genius! I love how do-able it seems and what an amazing impact it has! Plus, that giant gold moon goes so well with your pink locker space!


  • This is so awesome! Can I hire you to restyle my apartment? You always have the best ideas!

  • This is AMAZING laura! You have done some of my favorite DIYS here on the blog. Love your inventive spirit! xo

  • I admire your work of art. I’m getting this brilliant idea you have now I must think of something for my room too! 🙂

  • this is so fun! it looks too perfect with your glitter vinyl pillow! what other types of arts/crafts have you been able to use your overhead projector for? thanks for sharing laura xo

  • Oh, I love this idea! Hm, wonder where I’ll can get hold of an over-head though?

  • I love the idea of using a projector for projects like this. The possibilities would be ENDLESS!!! I love the moon and 2014 may finally be the year I embrace the metallic/metal trend 🙂


  • I love this so much!
    Now I need to figure out a way to get a giant gold moon in my apartment without actually painting any of the walls.

  • You’re really making things hard on a girl who has a very tiny bedroom and only a very tiny bedroom to decorate.
    This is incredible, you’ve done it again!

  • Wow, this is beautiful!! I like how the small side table and the smiley face pillow play off the gorgeous gold moon, too. As for using an overhead projector, what a brilliant idea! (It’s a little sad, though, when you think about how kids these days generally aren’t learning off overhead projectors since Promethean boards and projectors connected to computers are really making them obsolete!)

  • I’m slightly obsessed with anything space related especially stars. So this would be right up my alley if I had the wall space. This is a really creative idea and it turned out great.

  • Love it! Awesome job and really nice result!
    Huge wall art is great 🙂
    Thank you for sharing

  • Really effective! Great idea…. I love the size of it 🙂 Would definitely do this in a child’s bedroom or play room…. Maybe in silver on a black wall 🙂

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