Gold Sparkle Shoes // Project ReStyle Week 1



For my first Project ReStyle project I restyled a much loved pair of vintage leather heels. I've had these heels for about a year, but they had gotten too ragged (see the back of the shoe… they were getting to the point of 'unwearable') and I wanted to try to give them a fresh life! I loved the shape of this pair of heels, but the condition of the leather was really poor. I painted them with two coats of indoor/outdoor gold paint and then 3+ coats of glitter paint. Ta-Da! The damages are concealed and they look cuter than ever.♥ It was a fun experiment and I want to make more sparkly shoes for my shop soon! 


Happy First week of 2011! If you still want to join Project ReStyle, find details here

Here are my favorite projects by Project ReStyle participants via our flickr group this week….


A XL men's t-shirt ReStyled into a pair of leggings by Sunnie Fairy.

6a00d8358081ff69e20148c75785a6970c-800wiThis adorable T-Shirt Necklace by A Pretty Penny


This adorable and simple dress ReStyle by Young Captive. L-O-V-E


And this ReStyled dresser by Knack Studios is really pretty! 

I'm so excited about this project. I'll be blogging about ReStyled clothing and decor every Wednesday this year. Thanks for reading…. elsie

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  • Love the dresser! Knack is awesome… checked her site out after seeing this and found my new fav! thanks!

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  • These are all very beautiful, I like very much

  • I like the ideas. The shirt necklace so cute. the XL men’s t-shirt restyle into leggings. cool!!!

  • Hey Elsie, I love your blog long time ago… I put your “new shiny” shoes in my blog.

    Happy new year!

  • Thanks for linking all these fun DIY’s! I made the tshirt necklace…

    I also like your nice-ness, and elsie-ness. I check your blog everyday.

  • The gold shoes look great, I’m surprised by how well it turned out!

    When I was first out of college I interned for Betsey Johnson and they had a bunch of spray painted heels the models wore during fashion week in size 10. Since I was one of the few women with feet that big I got a pair, but the paint scuffed and wore out really quickly.

    Based off of that experience I just thought paint wouldn’t work, but maybe it was just the wrong paint! I have so many old pairs of shoes I could try this on…

  • wow. it is unbelievable. I love it so much . Thanks for your sharing. cool .great. I sure I’ll come back soon.

  • what fanciful kicks those are now! great re-style, i adore this new feature. everyone’s contributions are fab.

  • i have some shoes that i absolutely love, but they are getting to be pretty scuffed up now. maybe i can try this… i wonder if i would have to sand them down a bit. any suggestions?

    by the way, i’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, and i absolutely love it. so please keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

  • Love the concept! Really nice shoes, they can give an outfit just that little bit of extra it needs 🙂

  • I once (a view months ago) restyled this:–ds/TDtCBQcnLfI/AAAAAAAAAf8/nZ7DMVPn-FA/s1600/Zoekresultaten+van+Nog+sorteren.jpg

  • Easily the most incredible pair of shoes ever! I made some gold galoshes in college and wore them every day of my life. Gold just makes everything better, doesn’t it? LOVE!

  • so cool!! This is such a clever idea!
    I saw this via twitter last night on my phone – I thought you had made everything in the post, but your readers made some – that’s so awesome!!! I love the red dress so much!! Good job everyone!!

  • Awesome! This is so timely, as I am currently wearing shoes on my feet that were slightly de-constructed by my pet rabbit. I shall re-style them!

  • I am in LOVE with your new sparkle shoes, I am going to have to go hunt down some uglies and turn them in to pretties! And the dress by Young Captaive is the Bees Knees…great work ladies!!

  • What a smart idea with the shoes. Sometimes I have some that I love, and somehow I’ve managed to keep the soles, etc. in fine shape but the ‘finish’ could use some help. This is a great fix!

  • Gorgeous shoes! ♥ I had a silver pair of suede shoes last spring/summer which I loved and wore pretty much everywhere until they fell apart, and these look like a eco-friendly, budget-friendly replacement.

  • such amazing restyles, they are great! i added my first little one today have a bigger one in the making 🙂


  • Ahh I love the sparkly shoes! I’m taking part in this, but only once a month rather than once a week, I just can’t take the pace! Didn’t realise there was a Flickr group so I’m off to have a look for some inspiration! x

  • Elsie
    what did you put inside the show to ensure you didn’t paint the inside? I’ve used paper and cloth and it always leaks (a lot) to the point of ruining the shoes.


  • I’m so bad at this kind of stuff….I’ve been so impressed with all these projects, they are amazing!

  • did you put a sealant on at all? i painted a pair of shoes gold once but it only lasted a month or two and then it wore off….

  • awesome, thanks so much for posting my dress! the other projects are super rad too. i love how different they all are from each other. i can’t wait to get going on another! wheeeeeeee motivation feels good. ha.


  • Holy smokes, made those shoes look brand new! Lovely!! I am getting super excited. I am gonna attempt my project this weekend…I might try to get a bit of work done tomorrow. I am sooooo’s hoping I don’t butcher some poor innocent vintage gardening dress. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • hello miss elsie!
    my name is felicity, im a senior in college majoring in graphic design. however, im also a lover of all things vintage, handmade, crafty and pretty. including your blog. i would have just emailed you this, but alas, i dont know your email address. i just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me all the time.

    i recently won a poster design contest that was promoting sustainability, handmade, etc. mine was specifically about thrifting! the letterpress print is on sale at etsy and i kinda thought it might be right up your alley, so take a look if you wanna 🙂

    thank you again for being your wonderful self. as silly as this sounds, starting to follow your blog has really opened my eyes to what im capable of and gives me inspiration daily!

  • How much fun these outfits are!! And I’m crushing over that lovely little dresser 🙂

  • Painting your shoes gold was pure genious! I was wondering if you had to sand down the back a little or did you just spray over the fraying? love love love all the restyle designs! xo

  • The shoes really look great! Guessing you masked the heels before all the painting?

  • these look amazing now!!
    i just joined the ReStyle and posted my first one on my blog 🙂


  • Ahh, LOVE the gold glitter shoes! I’m on a metallic/glitter kick right now, so….I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! 😀



  • I die for those shoes…. die! Thanks for sharing your process, I have some tan shoes that need reviving… and glitter is fantastic!

  • Love the shoes! I have so many pairs of shoes I could do this to that would make me wear them again! Great job! 🙂

  • those shoes are AMAZING! what a GREAT idea!!! i love this project restyle, what an inspiration!


  • Thank you so much for the shout-out! I’m so excited about Project ReStyle, and can’t wait to see all your re-works roll out 🙂 Those gold shoes are a fantastic start!

  • hi! thanks for all the kind words!

    Ayah, i didn’t seal them. I was afraid that if i did more they might crack. As they are the leather moves really well, but I wouldn’t wear them in the rain. 😉

  • Too much greatness here!! :> Gotta give it up for that tshirt necklace…so original!

  • These look so awesome! Did you have to seal them with anything after the glitter paint?

  • love the shoes! there are some talented ladies out there in the blog world, who would have thought to turn an old mens shirt into leggings…clever, clever!


  • Love those shoes! When I saw your outfit post, I had no idea you made them…they are amazing! Great thinking, as always Elsie! 🙂

  • you shoes turned out awesome! good job! now when i go to the thrift store i can eye all those shoes with amazing possibilities! i love that dress with the peter pan collar oh so cute!


  • How incredibly inspiring?! Thank you for sharing. One of my favourite blouse got torn in the wash today so instead of crying over it I am going to restyle it!

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