Gold Star Serving Tray (Perfect For New Year’s Eve!)

Of all the holiday decor, New Year’s Eve is one of my favorites for sure! All the gold, glitter, and metallics are totally up my alley and when you add in a few glasses of champagne as well, it’s the perfect evening for me! I love entertaining and one thing you can never have enough of around the house are pretty trays to set food and drinks on. I thought I’d make an easy-but-pretty serving tray to ring in the new year with and here’s how you can make one too!

white tray
gold foil liquid paint
gold peel and stick vinyl
-painter’s tape
-clear gloss spray
10 point star template

Tape off the perimeter of your tray (the part that you don’t want to be painted) with painter’s tape.

Place your tray outside on a large piece of newspaper or cardboard. Dip your brush into your gold foil paint and, in a swinging motion, fling your paint onto your tray surface. You may want to wear thin gloves to protect your hands as well. Keep redipping and flinging the paint at different angles and distances from your tray until you have the desired pattern you want. Allow the paint to dry.

Peel off your painter’s tape. Spray your pattern with a clear gloss to seal.

Tape off the sides of your handles and paint the middle with your gold foil paint. Allow to dry, peel off tape, and seal with your clear gloss.

Print your 10 point star pattern and cut your star out with scissors. Use as a template and trace your star on the back of your gold vinyl.

Cut out your star, peel the backing, and place your star onto either the center or side of your tray. Add champagne and snacks and your tray is complete!

Since the paints used on the tray aren’t food safe, make sure to serve your food items on another food safe plate on top of the tray (those two rouge crackers above are just on it for the photo). But you can serve drinks on it and they should be fine. New Year’s parties are some of my fondest memories with friends, and having little touches like new glassware or a pretty tray can make even simple celebrations feel more special. Of course, this is a tray you can use at any party all year long, so don’t feel like its use is over after NYE. I’ve been using mine on top of a dresser with candles and photos on it—so pretty! Cheers to the new year! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • The tray design is great for a party. Love it, perfect for celebrations! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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